50+ Sets of Free Social Media Icons

What are social media icons?

Social media icons are high-quality sets of graphics that feature popular social media channel logos. These icons are available as direct links to a site’s affiliated social media accounts. One should always check the terms and conditions before using social media icons in their work.

Designers love free icon sets. Having quality icons can help to make a site’s design look complete, and can also help with the usability of the site. Social media icons are some of the most commonly used icons, especially in blog design.

Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality sets of free social media icons. In this post we’ll feature over 50 social media icon sets that we’ve found to be our favorite from various designers from around the world. Click on the links to be led to the source where the icons can be downloaded.

Updated Instagram Logo


Instagram’s got a brand new look! If you are interested in using a vector image of this brand asset, be sure to download it here.

Free Social Media Icons by Vecteezy

This package contains each icon saved and organized in folders by file type. The file types include SVG, EPS, & PNG. They also have a lot more types and styles available here.

Free Flat Icon Social Media Set

Over 20,000 social media related icons from flaticon. This set includes many social media logos in different formats, plus some multipurpose user icons that could be incorporated into your design for a cohesive look.

Vector Circle Social Icons

30 free vector social media icons. This set is simple and elegant and would be right at home for any purpose you might need them for. Maintaining each icon’s signature color scheme makes them instantly recognizable.


Social Media and Contact icon set

It contains 50 social media and contact information icons using a rounded line art style. Icons are in vector (SVG) format.



Social Media 3D Buttons

These icons offer a little bit of pop on the page as three dimensional buttons. A nice alternative to the flat icon or super clean line options.

Hand Drawn Color Icons

This set of hand drawn icons and logos is professional with a personal touch. Slightly muted colors and hand drawn outlines make this one of the more unique social media sets on the list.


Social Media Icon Sticker Tabs

Social media icons on a bookmark tab shape make for a dynamic, unique shape element on the page. Bright, bold, professional and eye catching.


Free Social Media Vector Icons

No muss, no fuss. This set of vector icons are just what you need, straight up, no more, no less. This is a great set of vector icons that visitors will recognize instantly.


Social Media Icon Circle Set

When your design calls for a dark, uniform look, these white icons set on a black circle background are perfect. Set includes 16 vector icons.

Dotty Social Media Icons from icons8

These pixel perfect social media icons are available for download in png and vector format. Each icon incorporates dotted line elements for a charming look. The dots could also read as stitches, making this a great option for websites selling crafty or handmade items.

Free Social Media Icons

This set offers a wide selection of social media icons in color, black and white, circle and square formats. These icons may be used to promote your business on your site and at many different places on your site.

Long Shadow Square Vector Icon Set

Social media icons are placed on a rounded corner squares casting a long shadow to the bottom right. The effect is elegant and adds a satisfying depth to your overall design.


Simple Flat Color Vector Icon Set

Simple and flat color, but beautiful social media icons which will give the classy and professional look to your site. There exists a beautiful contrast between geometrical shape and the icon placed inside it.

Clean Green Social Media Set

These social media icons are surrounded by beautiful two tone teal circle completed with a subtle drop shadow.


In the Clouds Social Media Icons

Social media icons float among the clouds in this cute icon set that feels straight out of a story book. These illustrated icons are on blue sky, cloud shaped backgrounds. Fun and lighthearted.

Social Media Bubbles

Social media icons in hand drawn illustration style featured in front of pastel colored bubbles in this set from icons8. Click the link and keep scrolling for famous memes, messenger icons and more  in the same style.

Minimal Thin Line Social Media Icons

36 free vector (SVG) social media icons and logos set. Minimal line style icons with small gaps and decorative dots where lines meet create a small detail that makes this set stand apart in a simple but interesting way.

Filled Outline Blue Icon Set

The social media icons are placed inside the a rounded corner square, outlines in a cool green blue color, filled with a slightly lighter shade. Great set for a cool color scheme.

Shiny Round Button Social Media Icon Set

Add some pop to your design with these cute shiny round button social media icons. Free set includes 23 vector icons. Icons are presented on a solid color round button shape with an inlaid shadow and satisfying white highlight at the top right.


Internet 2020 Icon Set from Iconfinder

This set includes 20 free vector icons within a rounded shape outline.The lines are colored with a nice gradient which, in addition to making this group especially colorful, creates a nice element of dimension.

Broken Line Social Icon Set

21 free vector icons with a broken line illustration style. Blue line icon sits on top of a contrasting orange line icon.

Social Media J.02 Gold icon set

Two tone gold social media icons on waving flag shapes. This set contains 22 free vector icons.

Big Pack of Big Icons

This set includes over 60 free social media icons. The icons can be downloaded in png or svg format in sizes ranging from 16 to 512 pixels.

Calendar Social Media Icons

These icons are featured on a nice little calendar page with the bottom right corner bent up. Set includes 23 vector icons.

Circle Dotted Social Media Icons

Colorful circles with a white dotted border surround the icons in this set. 21 vector icons included.

Golden Button Social Icon Set

This icon set is worth its weight in gold. A lush looking gold gradient, with shine and shadowed bevelled edges give these icons warmth and depth.

Black and Red Scribble Icon Set

This set has each icon in red featured on a scribbly black shape. The effect is bold and slightly 90’s grunge.

Social Media Tab with Username Space

Rounded username tab extends from each social media logo in this set.

Social Media Tab with Username Space Vol. 2

This set included icons in color and black and white. Bevelled corners and a slanted divider create a sharp look and crisp edges.

Blue Angled Social Icon Set

This set features social media icons in a nice blue gradient set at an angle, creating a sharp three dimensional look.

Angled Icon Set

Similar in style to the previously listed set, but with each icon in its standard color scheme.

Cool Social Network Icon Set

An artsy take on the social media icons, this set includes 30 icons in a hand drawn, dark gray square with offset outline and little bubble details.

Neumorphic Social Icons

This set includes a variety of social icon treatments in the neumorphic style, which means the transparency of the icons will allow them to blend in subtly with your UI elements. This creates a soft visual that stays consistent throughout.


Windows 10 Social Media Icons

Simple Windows 10 style social media icons. 71 free icons in SVG or PDF format.

Cute Outline Icon Set

Simple and cute outline style social media icons. Clean and dashed lines add charm  and character to this set of icons.

Clean Flat Illustrated Icon Set

In color and black and white, this set has icons that are both clean and cute. The icons are professional and sleek while also having a personalized and cute element to them.

Floating Button Social Icon Set

Double layer drop shadows give these icons the appearance of floating badges or buttons. They provide a clean and sophisticate way to add depth to the page.

Smooth Round Social Media Icon Set

This pack of smooth round icons look as yummy as hard candies. The shadow and shine is soft yet distinct.

Blush Social Media Icon Set

A set of social media icons in a soft pink, watercolor texture.

Minimal Social Icons

These icons are white with a thin, rounded corner square outline filled with a color or gradient. Minimal design, maximum impact.


Free Rounded Social Media Icons

Rounded corner social media icons. This set could work for pretty much any design need you had.

Circle Dot Social Media Icons

Round social media icons are encircled with a thin line and finished with a small dot on either side. It’s simple, but unique.

Social Media Icon Shape Set

When you want something elegant, but not the typical circle or square icon set, these are a nice, sophisticated alternative.

Swirl Social Icons

This set of social media icons is featured on a circling swirl or circular saw shape.

Modern Two Tone Social Media Icon Set

This is a fun set of social media icons in black on a two-toned white and pink, or white and blue circle. The varying colors and diagonals really make them look great and dynamic as a group.

Abstract Shape Social Icon Set

This set includes a variety of rounded abstract shapes framing four up to date social media icons.

Pin Drop Social Media Icons

These icons are set within a round drop pin shape. The circular logo area has a very faint two tone detail of white and light gray.

Lineal and Lineal Color Social Icon Set

60 social icons available in outline and line and color options. Icons are modern and recognizable, but have the charming drawn and hand colored element.

Social Media Variety Pack

This pack includes flat, filled and outline icons for a total of 50 free icons in vector icon (SVG & EPS), PNG, PSD and Iconfont download formats.

Social Media Circle Ring Pack

Circle icons with ring details add a little something extra to this pack. Download in png and eps formats.

White on Gray Social Media Icon Set

Great for a non-white background, these social media icons are shown white with a gray drop shadow making them stand out.


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