Free Valentine’s Day Vectors for Download

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When you’re creating your Valentine’s Day themed designs, you can save a lot of time with the help of free vectors that have already been created for you. And not only will you save time, but you’ll also be able to create beautiful results.

Free Valentine’s Day Vectors

While there are a lot of free Valentine’s Day vectors available, not all of them are high-quality. We’ve put in the time to find the best free options so you won’t need to browse through a lot of low-quality options in order to find the good ones.

Vector Valentine’s Day Cards by Vecteezy

Vector Valentine's Day Cards

Vector Valentine’s Day Cards 2 by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Card Templates

Vector Valentine’s Day Cards 3 by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Cards 3

Vector Valentine’s Day Cards 4 by Vecteezy

Vector Valentine's Day Cards 4

Vector Valentine’s Day Cards 5 by Sketchepedia –


Doodled Valentine’s Day Cards by Vecteezy

Doodled Cards

Hand-Drawn Cards by Vecteezy

Hand-Drawn Cards

Hand-Drawn Cards 2 by Vecteezy

Hand-Drawn Cards 2

Love Frame by alicia_mb –


Valentines Background by Freepik


Valentine’s Background 2 by Freepik


Valentine’s Day Labels by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Labels

Valentine’s Day Labels 2 by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Labels 2

Valentine’s Day Labels 3 by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Labels 3

Valentine’s Day Labels 4 by Vecteezy


Valentine’s Badges by Freepik


Vector Watercolor Hearts by Vecteezy

Vector Watercolor Hearts

Illustration by Vecteezy

Vector Illustration

Love is in the Air Hearts Pack by Freepik

Hearts Pack

Pink Hearts Pack by Freepik

Pink Hearts

Flat Line Icons

Flat Line Icons

Valentine’s Day Icons by Vecteezy

Valentine's Day Icons

Valentine’s Day Icons 2 by Vecteezy


Flat Icons by Vecteezy

Flat Icons

Vector Elements by Vecteezy

Vector Elements

Hand-Drawn Hearts Pattern by Vecteezy

Hand-Drawn Hearts Pattern

Seamless Patterns by Vecteezy

Seamless Patterns

Seamless Patterns 2 by Vecteezy

Patterns 2

Seamless Patterns 3 by Vecteezy

Patterns 3

Seamless Patterns 4 by Freepik


Seamless Patterns 5 by Freepik


Seamless Patterns 6 by Freepik

Seamless Patterns

Vector Heart Background by renata.s –

Heart Pattern

Doodled Hearts Pattern by Vecteezy

Doodled Hearts Patterns

Heart Background by Vecteezy

Heart Background

Grunge Illustration by Vecteezy

Grunge Illustration

My Love Vector by flatart –

My Love

Vector Background by Vecteezy

Vector Background

Vector Balloons by Vecteezy

Vector Balloons

Vector Badges by Vecteezy

Vector Badges

Polka Dot Heart Backgrounds by Vecteezy

Polka Dot Heart Backgrounds

Retro Valentine’s Day Illustration by Vecteezy

Retro Valentine's Day Illustration
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