32 Fresh Modern Fonts for Cutting Edge Brand Design

Searching for the perfect modern font for your brand can be quite exhausting and overwhelming with the incredible amount of font collection websites available. It does help if you have some specifics lined out first, such as the look you want your font to portray, and of course as a brand, you will also need a font that comes with a commercial license. Some fonts come with a huge family from which you could create everything, including your logo, headings, and body text. Or you may want to stick with a very stylistic logo or headers but use a normal everyday font for your body text.

No matter the look you need, the following 32 modern fonts include a huge variety for different brands. They are also all new fonts, meaning that they have arrived on the web within the last 60 days. Remember, too, that modern fonts are any fonts that fit the current trend, and right now the design trend is usually clean, large, and often sans serif in several styles, including handwritten fonts, bold fonts, authentic vintage or Gothic fonts, and futuristic fonts.

The following modern fonts also include ones that are completely free as well as ones that cost. Just be sure to always read through a designer’s license, even if commercial use is specified. Sometimes a font may be available for commercial print but not on the web, although this is becoming less common. And definitely be sure to help the designers of free fonts out by sending out some love via your social media or web pages.

Paid Modern Fonts

Plathorn Medium by insigne

This completely free OTF and WOFF comes with a complete list of glyphs that includes basic upper/lower case letters, along with language variants, numbers, and symbols. The bold look stands out well, and the unique shape of the letters gives it a Gothic feel. This modern font is an excellent brand font for any company needing a unique, stylistic look yet also want to instill a sense of legacy.

Conto by Nils Types

This striking, sans serif typeface family is clean and modern, no matter the weight. While some of the weights do come with a price tag, the DEMO Thin, DEMO Medium, and DEMO Black come with upper/lower case letters and number for free. They all three come in OTF and WOFF, so brands can easily use these fonts for title or logo fonts. Elegance and strength are both looks that can be achieved with this font, which makes it a perfect family for corporate use.

Voga Medium by CDType

This modern font is part of a condensed Didone typeface family and comes with other options at a price, although this medium weight is completely free. Elegant, sexy, glamorous, Voga works best as a display font, such as for brand title or logo lettering. The glyphs set is enormous and comes with different language glyphs, symbols, fractions, and so much more, and is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF. Brands needing to provide a stylish, New York-esque, or newspaper look and feel may find this font to fit their needs very well.

Calling Cards by Ana’s Fonts &ct.

This complete font is available commercially for $25 and has between 246 and 256 glyphs, which includes all upper and lower case, numbers, accents, punctuation, ligatures, and stylistic alternates. It also comes with 3 styles: bold, italics, and regular. A simple sans serif font, this one would be excellent for a brand needing a clean, no-nonsense look, reminiscent of Dick Tracy.

Punk Machina by fopifopi (Red Studio)

This custom typeface is available for $15 and comes with a bonus vector pack and texture. Plus, it has 4 styles as an OTF: rough, rough italic, regular, italic. Punk Machina would be perfect for any brand related to cars, bikes, punk, retro, grunge, and more.

Schoolmarm by Red Rocket Rebellion

This bold slab serif font was designed to look like writing on an old-fashioned schoolroom chalkboard. The designer describes the font look as “serious but not too strict.” For only $10, this modern font comes with quite the large package of glyphs, including accents and lots of symbols, and it’s available in both TTF and OTF. The 2 styles include regular schoolmarm and rough, which give the font a much wider range of uses, including grunge, playful, educational, and even arts and crafts brands.

Sandman by Tyler Thorney

The Sandman font comes with 2 standout styles: fill and outline. As a handmade sans serif font, it has a lot of personality for brands needing a grassroots, homemade, or earthy look and feel. Glyphs include all caps, numbers, and other symbols. This font is available in TTF and OTF and costs only $12.

Dejavu by bythanissweet

The Dejavu font comes in 4 styles: light, regular, bold, and even outline. As a geometric sans serif font, it would be perfect as a display font for musicians, technical brands, or any company needing a modern, techno look and feel. Dejavu comes with uppercase and lowercase, and the different formats include HTML, WOFF, TTF, OTF, and EOT. The launch offer is 50% off for $39 instead of originally $78.

Wacca by One Fonty Day

As a cross between Humanist slab and Contemporary serif, Wacca would fit well with brands that want to look personal and friendly yet professional and confident. It comes with a full set of glyphs, including numerals, accents, alternates, ligatures, and fractions. Styles include light, light italic, italic, regular, and thick. Wacca comes as an OTF and is available for only $40.

William Wallace by Steve Cloutier

The William Wallace font comes with only a few glyphs (uppercase alphabet, symbols, 3 icons, and accents), but the design is quite unique and comes in both TTF and OTF. Free for personal use or $15 for a commercial license, this font would be perfect for any historical, grunge, or patriotic brand. Many artists and musicians may find this font excellent for their earthy or vintage look.

Mathematical by Nathan Thomson

Inspired by the Adventure Time DVD packaging typography, Mathematical is a tall narrow condensed sans serif TTF that comes in regular and bold styles. Included in the glyphs are upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation for only $12. Accounting, finance, and other similar fields would benefit from the modern yet no-nonsense look of this font. Other brands that may find this modern font useful are male fashion or even scholarly brands, since this font seems to imply the ability keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Manifold by Connary Fagan Typography

This OTF sans serif font family was made for on-screen use but also looks amazing in print. It comes in 5 weights with lots of extended forms, including CF, CF extended, regular oblique, demi bold, demi bold oblique, and much more. The Manifold font implies strength and consistency, so is perfect for construction companies, banks, finance companies, and other brands that want to show their steadfast heritage. It is available for only $25 for a limited time, and then the price goes up to $125.

Venti by Connary Fagan Typography

This modern font is geometric-based, but lots of rounded edges give it a warmer feel than most similar fonts. Excellent for both screen and print, this OTF comes with ligatures, upper and lower case, fractions, old style figures, lots of accents for different languages, and even Euro and Cyrillic support. The 7 weights include thin, oblique, medium, bold, demi, and more, which makes it an excellent font for a branding wanting a consistent font look for everything from logo and titles to body text. Brands needing a techno yet personal look and feel, such as banks or web development agencies, would be a perfect fit for the Venti font. This one is available at $30 for a limited time, but then the price goes back to $150.

Porter by OnTheSpotStudio

This modern font was hand-lettered using a felt tip marker, which gives it a very artistic and “hippie” look and feel. It comes in 4 weights: light, normal, semi bold, and extra bold. Porter is available in OTF and includes numbers, punctuation, and uppercase letters for $12. Earthy, natural, or artsy brands would be a perfect fit for this font, such as organic body or food products, restaurants advertising natural or “down home” cooking, or even handmade products or a fine arts brand.

Hipsta by Unicorg

This vintage handlettering-inspired script font includes 10 illustrator brushes and is updated regularly, so expect more characters soon. It comes in OTF and WOFF for only $15. Hipsta is an excellent font for brands wanting a free flowing appearance with an old-fashioned feel.

Father by Adhreza

Inspired by retro restaurant fonts, this slab serif also has some modern touches that make it an excellent fit for masculine brands that need to emphasize a legacy. It comes in plenty of different styles for a complete brand design: regular, italic, 3D, distort with italic, and more. For only $15, this TTF has basic glyphs of lower/uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Night Still Comes by Ana’s Fonts &ct.

For only $50, this serif font is well-priced with 2 styles-regular, italic-and 2 weights-bold and bold italic. It comes with small caps, ligatures, fractions, superscript/subscript, oldstyle and lining numbers and is available in both TTF and OTF. The look is reminiscent of novels or even newspapers or newsletters, so it would work well for brands wanting a strong story emphasis or anything related to the language arts.

Tolyer by Typesketchbook

Tolyer Font

The Tolyer font is a family of 50 fonts and includes lots of regular and stylistic fonts: thin, light, bold, 3D, outlines, wood, monster, and much more. A TTF, sans serif font, Tolyer is perfect for clothing, fashion, or accessory brands that may need a variety of masculine styles.

Donna Lena by Eurotypo

Donna Lena

This modern geometric typeface comes as an OTF and webfont and includes two fonts – regular and italic – with both available for $19 each. Or you can purchase both together for $35. A full range of glyphs include Euro, symbols, numbers, upper and lower case, and more. The imperfections give it a look similar to handwritten fonts. Because the old-fashioned typewriter look gives this font a rustic feel, it is perfect for any brand wanting an authentic, natural vintage look and feel, such as clothing brands or antique stores.

Free Modern Fonts (Mostly)

Big Tracy by CreativeBrainiacs

This handwritten font is an outlined typeface, and it’s listed in the “free fonts” section because the price tag is so low. Come on, $4 is practically a give-away! It is available as a TTF and comes with a webfont pack. The Big Tracy glyphs include upper and lowercase alphabet, numbers, and symbols. Brands needing a playful and personal look and feel could use this font as a logo or title font.

Red Storm by Henryvdwal

Another nearly free at only $9, Red Storm comes with quite a bit for the price: numbers, punctuation, some accents, upper case, and extra characters. Available as a TTF, this futuristic font has a retro geometric look to it and is perfect for brands needing a youthful, edgy feel, such as youth clothing, accessories, extreme sports, or even design companies.

Wabroye by Gluk

This decorative font is amazingly public domain, which means it’s free to use commercially. Glyphs include a full upper and lower case, numbers, symbols, contextual alternates, accents, and Euro. With a medieval or old-fashioned look and feel, Wabroye is available in OTF and TTF. This font would be perfect as a novel title, vintage or gothic clothing brands, or any art or accessories store, especially one selling wizadry, magic, celtic, or druid items.

Dynamo by Peter Wiegel

While this font is 100% free, the designer does ask for a donation if you feel inclined to do so. This TTF includes all basic glyphs and upper/lowercase letters. With a cartoonish yet bold look, this font would work well for brands for children, comics, youth, or even an artist wanting a comic book look.

Ether Cute Poison by dcoxy

This font is free for personal use with a request for users to contact the designer for commercial use. It comes as a TTF with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and lots of symbols and accents. True to its name, the font has a mystical and playful look with a hint of trouble. Ether Cute Poison is perfect for a feminine, cartoonish look, or any brand wanting to give a whimsical, mysterious impression.

Uchiyama by Typodermic Fonts

This handwritten font was created in the style of Japanese matchbook covering lettering in the mid-20th Century. The best part of this font is that when using open type applications, the font variations will automatically shuffle to further give it a hand drawn look. The desktop version is completely free, or you can add a web license for just an extra $10. This font has a slight comic book feel, along with an organic, grass roots look. Therefore, organic brands, youth brands, or any company wanting to provide a personal and natural look and feel would benefit from the use of Uchiyama.

Rakesly by Typodermic Fonts

This modern font family comes with 12 different styles completely free, so there’s lots of looks to choose from. Ultimately, this is quite the straightforward OTF, created in the image of headliners from the 19th Century. The free version only comes with a desktop license, but individual styles are only $10 each or $20 for the entire pack for a web license. With a unique “R” and lots of alternatives along with a complete glyphs list, this font family would be perfect for brands needing a no nonsense look, with only a slight bit of personality.

Aventura by Jimmy Kalman

This creative bold font comes with upper case letters, numbers, and punctuation completely for free. While the glyphs are limited, it is an excellent font for a brand that needs a bit of stand out creativity. This OTF presents a bold, forest-like, adventure look. Outdoor brands or any brand wanting to give the impression of natural strength would do well using this font as a logo.

Docker by Slava Krivonosov

Docker is actually a family of three fonts – regular, inline, and pseudo 3D – and all for free. The glyphs are limited to only latin, cyrillic, numbers, and symbols, but is certainly complete enough for titles, creative subheadings, and logos. A brand could mix and match the styles for quite a creative look or use only one, such as the regular, for a more straightforward look with a creative twist.

Nexu Rust by Fontfabric

This modern font collection is amazingly-made, available for free for commercial use, both desktop and web. Nexa Rust comes with extra symbols and 4 styles: slab black shadow, sans black, script light, and handmade extended. Available in OTF, this font also comes with the option to purchase more versions in various packs. All of the styles have a nice, stylistic look to them, with the script light and sans black being a bit more straightlaced. For grunge brands wanting a bold look for their title font and a lighter, more carefree look for an accompanying subheader, this font is the perfect fit.

Lovato Light by Philatype

Delicate, feminine, and clean, this font would work great for brands that want a lighter yet more straight-forward, honest look. This OTF serif comes with a web and desktop license for free, and other font versions are available at a price: regular, demi, bold, and black.

Questa by The Questa Project

The three individual fonts Questa, Questa Grande, and Questa Sans are all available for free in regular weights for each; or purchase the complete Questa collection or extra styles individually for varying prices. This set of regular Questas include small caps, four sets of figures, ligatures, and extended language support in OTF and webfonts. Tone down the style for a more clean, masculine, modern look with only a hint of Old World with the regular sans. Or emphasize the Old World look with the Questa and Grande styles. All of the fonts are reminiscent of sea voyages and would be perfect for brands related to sailing or other similar fields.

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