Hiveage: Elegant Online Invoicing for Designers

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Invoicing is not the most exciting part of a designer’s job, but at the end of the day, it’s what brings the money in. Keeping your projects on track, and making sure your cash flow is managed well, is essential for the success of your design business.


Using professional invoicing software like Hiveage can be a great way of easing this burden. Trusted by more than 50,000 small businesses and freelancers from 140 countries, Hiveage has everything you need to send elegant invoices and get paid online. It also lets you prepare professional estimates, set up recurring and subscription billing for regular customers, track time, expense and mileage spent on client projects, and much more.

The first thing you notice when using Hiveage is its well-designed user experience on both web and mobile, thanks to its responsive UI. All the important features are easily accessible, with simple workflows that let you get the job done quickly. Since Hiveage is cloud-based, your financial data is always at hand whenever you’re online.


With Hiveage, you have the option of creating both one-time and recurring invoices. The design of the invoice is sleek and elegant, with the option to add your own branding and custom fields. You can also use your own domain with Hiveage (e.g., for added authenticity.

Hiveage supports more than a dozen popular online payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe and Braintree. Enabling online payments is a great way to reduce the hassle for your clients and eliminate late payments, improving your cashflow. On the other hand, if you prefer to accept payments via cash, check or bank transfer, Hiveage has a convenient offline payment feature for recording these.

Once you send an invoice, Hiveage tracks its status: sent, viewed, partially or fully paid. You can send manual or automatic payment reminders to gently nudge those clients who are late with their payments. Once they do pay, you can acknowledge this with a manual or automatic payment receipt.


Every design project starts with an estimate or quote: Hiveage lets you create professional estimates with ease and get your client’s acceptance online. Converting an accepted estimate into an invoice is just one click away.

Once you start a project, you have to keep track of the time and expenses spent, so you’re properly compensated for the work; this is where Hiveage’s excellent time, expense and mileage tracking features come in handy.


If you are billing the client by the hour, every minute needs to be tracked diligently. Start the timer inside Hiveage when you start working on a project, pause it when taking a break, and continue this workflow until you finish your task to finalize your entry. Come billing time, you can easily convert these time entries into invoices.

Tracking expenses and mileage for your own records, and charging clients when required, is simple with Hiveage. For expense entries, you have the option of attaching files: just snap a picture of a receipt, attach it to the record, and let Hiveage keep things organized for you in the cloud.


Hiveage is great for agencies and studios, too: teams of up to 20 can be managed easily with a single account, letting your colleagues collaborate on project finances. You can selectively grant access to information on Hiveage, so even external contractors can come on board without any risk to confidential data.

But what if you have multiple ventures, such as freelance photography alongside a design studio? With a single Hiveage account you can manage multiple businesses, so all your finances can be neatly organized while keeping them independent of each other.

And finally, there’s the all-important question of security and reliability. Hiveage uses 256-bit SSL encryption, so all information communicated between your browser and Hiveage is protected from third parties and eavesdroppers. This is the same level of security used by online banks. Hiveage also maintains a 99.9% uptime on average, with various security and reliability measures taken with its cloud hosting partner Rackspace.

All these features, together with excellent usability, make Hiveage a great choice for designers. Every account comes with a 14-day full-featured free trial, so you can take it for a spin without any obligations. Hiveage plans start at just $15 per month, and can scale to fit from small one-person studios to large teams. Sign up for a Hiveage account today for painless invoicing and billing!

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