How to Install a WordPress Theme

The design of your website is an extremely important decision that oftentimes is overlooked or rushed novice web designers. The look of your site conveys a lot about the company culture of your business, so obviously, it’s imperative that your site has a cohesive, professional appearance on every page especially since oftentimes the first page organic visitors see is any page but your homepage. Plus, a consistent design throughout your site allows your visitors to focus on the content of your site instead of the design.

When I first started the Vandelay Design blog, I knew the design of my site needed to be top-notch in order to attract new design clients. But as many site owners with limited coding knowledge, I was extremely intimidated by the process of customizing the design of my website. I thought it would take hours of my time or thousands of dollars if I outsourced the work to someone with more coding experience. But that’s when I discovered the key to customizing my site quickly, efficiently, and affordably–Wordpress themes!

With WordPress themes, you can customize the look of your website in literally less than 10 minutes. In addition to controlling the look of your website, themes can also control how your material is presented on your site. Themes can include custom templates, images, CSS style sheets, and PHP code files.

So the first step in this process is to select the WordPress theme that best suits your website or blog. Themeforest is one of the best resources I’ve found for WordPress themes. They have thousands of really nice, professional themes to choose from, and they’re priced affordably. Before deciding on a theme, you’ll want to evaluate the effectiveness of each blog theme you’re considering. After you’ve found the theme that best fits your business, it’s time to put it to work.

Install a Theme in WordPress

If you’ve download a theme already, you’ll need to upload it to your site.

  1. To upload a file to your site from your Wordpress dashboard, hover over Appearance in the left sidebar of the dashboard, and then click Themes.
    Install WordPress Theme
  2. Next click the Add New button. This will bring up a page with a Browse button. Click the Browse button, and select the zip file of the theme you wish to upload. This should start your upload.
  3. Once your theme has finished uploading, you should see a screen with a link for Activate. Simply click this link to Activate your new theme.

If you are planning to use a WordPress theme from the WordPress gallery, you will set your theme up a bit differently.

  1. Again from your Wordpress dashboard, hover over Appearance in the left sidebar of the dashboard, and then click Themes.
    Install WordPress Theme
  2. Next from the Appearance section, click Add New Theme. From here, you can choose from a number of WordPress themes and select the one that fits your site best.
    Add a WordPress new theme
  3. After you’ve chosen a theme, select click Install Now.
  4. Once the theme is fully installed, click Activate.

That’s it! After that, your site should reflect your new theme. Did you ever think that creating a website with a unique look and feel could be so easy?

If you’re interested in making changes to your theme, our article Customize Your Own WordPress Theme is a great resource for getting started.

Now that you have your website set up and customized, the next step is to add content. The content takes a bit longer to create, but it doesn’t have to take hours of manpower to accomplish. Tomorrow I’ll let you in on the secret to streamlining your content process so you can get your complete site up and running with fresh content in less than a week. Stay tuned…