25+ Tutorials for Working with Shapes in Illustrator

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in this post we’ll feature 40 Illustrator tutorials for working with shapes in various ways and for a variety of purposes. As you’ll see in these tutorials, shapes can be used for plenty of real-world purposes in every day design.

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Change the Size of a Rounded Rectangle After Being Drawn


Creating a Rotatable Globe in Adobe Illustrator

Rotatable globe

Illustrate a Vector Lifesaver from Scratch

Lifesaver in Illustrator

Simultaneously Expand When Creating Compound Shapes

Compound shapes

Extract Paths from Mesh Shapes

Mesh shapes

Blending Shapes & Colors

Blending shapes

Drawing Basic Shapes

Drawing basic shapes

The Perfect Diamond


Illustrator Shapes Tutorial

Ai shapes tutorial

Swingin’ Retro Look in Adobe Illustrator

Retro look

How to Make Realistic Skate Wheels in Illustrator

Skate wheels

Working with Orthographic Projections and Basic Isometrics

Orthographic projections

How to Create a Magic Wand Icon

Magic wand

Make a Shiny Gum Ball Machine with Mesh Gradients

Mesh gradients

Adobe Illustrator in 3D

Ai in 3D

Creating 3D Shapes in Illustrator (video)

Creating 3D shapes

Crazy 3D Shapes in Illustrator (video)

Crazy 3D shapes

Using Photoshop Path Shapes for 3D Effect in Illustrator (video)

Path shapes

Spacing Boxes in Adobe Illustrator (video)

Spacing boxes in Ai

Spin the Bottle with 3D Revolve

Spin the bottle

Design a Vector Audio Speaker Icon in Illustrator

Audio speaker

Making a TUTS Style Shield in Illustrator


How to Make a Delicious Vector Orange in 9 Decisive Steps

Vector orange

Design Gift Boxes Using Illustrator’s 3D Tools

Gift boxes

Creating a Can of Beans by Mapping Vector’s to a 3D Object

Can of beans

Create a Vector RSS Icon with illustrator

Vector RSS icon

Make a Perfect Triangle Path in Illustrator

Triangle path

Complex Circular Design Techniques

Circular design

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