The 10 Most Influential Design Studios With Global Reach

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If you are looking to start your own design studio, desire a new career, or want some inspiration as a freelancer, take a look at the most influential design studios worldwide.

Design studios are bringing together creatives from all corners of the globe, and these studios are working on some unbelievable projects, game-changing styles, and beautiful designs.

Most Influential Design Studios

Here are some of the most influential design studios around the world:


made thought

Location: United Kingdom

Started in the UK, this design studio has maintained a strong reputation in the European design scene since 2000. They focus their attention on brand identity and development. Nike, Samsung, Adidas Women, and David Beckham are just a few of the familiar names they’ve worked with as a studio. MadeThought’s status as an iconic UK design studio ensures consistent work from across the globe.



Location: Norway & USA

Based both in Norway and the US, Non-Format is focused on delivering bespoke design solutions. These solutions allow the opportunity to define client identity and develop a unique brand message. This company does this well with customers in both brands and advertising, including Coca-Cola, Adobe, Fiat, GAP, and much more. The use of custom typography draws Non-Format apart from other design agencies. Combined with their story, this makes them truly influential in both Norway and the US.

Flux Design


Location: Indonesia

Based in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, Flux Design is a premier design agency specializing in graphic design. They have a significant portfolio for their location with clients like Citibank, Bank of China, GE, Bank Indonesia, and Bank of Tokyo. They are well-known for their high-quality finish and focus on continuous improvement.

Saffron Brand Consultants


Location: Spain

Famed for their work with Verbling airlines, Saffron Brand Consultants operates a natural approach to developing a brand and identity. They’ve recently worked on the Asda re-brand in the UK, bringing them closer to their parent brand: Walmart. Saffron Brand Consultants have had some amazing clients from across the world, including KPMG, British Council, Early Bird, Coca-Cola, and even Baker & McKenzie. They have a video on their Vimeo to explain the company’s brand process, which is impressive.



Location: USA

Landor is a brand consultancy firm that has been around since the early 1940s, working to pioneer the space in San Francisco. Landor works with global brands in a similar way to Saffron, but Landor sets itself apart by working with newer, up-and-coming brands. Holler & Dash, a new restaurant chain based in the southern US, has worked with Landor on their business campaigns. Landor has worked with top brands like Nike, 20/80, Etihad Airlines, and many more.



Location: Romania & Singapore

Based in Singapore as well as the Romanian capital, Bucharest, this award-winning brand agency offers services in strategy and design. They have deep roots in the Eastern European market, and they reflect those roots through their work. While they have a strong following in Eastern Europe, they’ve managed to make a strong name for themselves in the global arena as well. Brandient has worked with Vodafone, Rugby Romania, eMag, and Volvo Trucks.

Man vs. Machine

man vs machine

Location: United Kingdom

Man vs. Machine is a UK-based brand agency delivering impressive work for global brands. In a recent piece, they developed a video for Nike’s new Flyknit line of running shoes. This ad showcases the high-quality performance of Nike’s shoes. Man vs. Machine has also been involved with numerous other projects of this magnitude. Past clients include companies like ITV, Film4, BT Vision, Sky Arts HD, Syfy, and Nokia.

Litmus Branding


Location: India

Litmus Branding is an Indian-based brand consultancy with tremendous potential. They are headquartered in the city of Ahmedabad in the western part of India. Their clients mainly reside in Ahmedabad; however, they have been very influential as a design studio by acquiring top Indian clients such as Quickwall, C3, and Royal Crown. Recently, they have been working with Paramount Software Solutions in the US to develop a brochure for prospective clients. They are a fast-moving company and continue to grow their clientele.

Hingston Studio

hingston studio

Location: United Kingdom

Another UK-based design studio that is influential in the space. Located in London, they opened their doors in 1997. In the 19 years since their inception, they have been working with very influential brands such as the BBC, Bentley Motors, the New York Times, Nokia, Warner Bros, and Wallpaper* magazine. Their portfolio of work is impressive, and they have made efforts to develop a unique style for their clients.

George and Harrison

George & Harrison

Location: The Netherlands

Last but not least, George & Harrison is a Dutch design studio focusing their attention on graphic design. Their client list is growing, as they have an adamant style and have begun impressing a lot of Dutch brands across the country. Their work with Dreamland, an exhibition at Europe’s largest skate park, showcases some of their most impressive work. They also work commercially on websites, through which they illustrate their clear and straightforward style. A good example of this style is their site for EVA International. Their works reside mainly with art-based projects and a smaller client list, but they prove influential nonetheless.

While these design studios are different from one another, they all focus on a high-quality experience for their customers. They all have a unique style that inspires and influences the design industry. Whether you are a student or a professional, great work and influential studios can inspire you in your own projects, too.

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