27 of the Best Jersey Number Fonts

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Jersey number fonts are a crucial element of any team’s jersey design. Not only are they a way of identifying a player during a game, but they are so much more. They can also be a source of pride for players and fans alike. They can become a badge of honor, a declaration of allegiance, or simply a way to show support for your favorite sports team and player.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the font for your jersey numbers. They must be easy to read from a distance, complement the overall jersey design, and be appropriate for the sport. Choosing the right jersey number font is essential in creating a jersey that looks good and functions well.

The Best Jersey Number Fonts

With so many factors to consider, it’s no wonder that choosing the perfect jersey number font can be such a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best jersey number fonts to make that job so much easier. With one of the 25 jersey number fonts on this list, your jersey design will be a home run!

From classic athletic-style block letter fonts to sleek and modern sans-serifs, there’s a jersey number font on this list for every team. You’ll score the perfect number font for your jersey with this collection.

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Redig – Condensed Display Typeface


Redig is a bold, condensed font with that athletic style. It’s meant to be shown in a large size, so it’ll be perfectly at home on the back of a jersey. In fact, it comes with both standard and tabular numbers — better suited for reading from a distance.

This one is a solid choice if you’re looking for a classic block letter for your baseball team. It also includes an entire alphabet and punctuation.

Touchdown Slab – Jersey Number Font

Best Jersey Number Fonts - Touchdown Slab

Give yourself a competitive edge with this cool font! Touchdown is a chunky slab serif all-caps font that comes in two styles — clean & crisp and grainy & textured.

The numbers are a perfect choice for football team jerseys. And then why not use the font to create a matching apparel design?

Union Made – Timeless Jersey Number Font

Union Made

Union Made is an all-caps sans-serif inspired by vintage lettering. It’s got a timeless, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done vibe. If you’re designing a jersey for your beloved home team or if you want that retro look, this is one to consider.

This font comes with uppercase letters, punctuation, and numbers.

Courage Union – Athletic Slab Font

Courage Union

Inspired by vintage sportswear, Courage Union is another slab serif with that classic style that immediately makes you think of athletics.

This font comes in regular and outlines with smooth, rough, and halftone varieties of each version, giving you tons of options. It’s a great choice for designs for football uniforms.

Scout – Athletic Typeface

Jersey Number Fonts

Scout is a bold and sharp typeface created specifically for sports-themed design. The numbers are crisp and easy to read on jerseys, in print, or as part of digital designs.

The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. You’ll get it in OTF and TTF formats, plus a WOFF (webfont) file for use online.

Winner Numerals

Winner Numerals

If you’re unsure what style of numbers you want to use in your jersey design, here’s your chance to try several different ones! From classic chunky slab to shadow, to outlined and stencil, to more modern-style numbers,

Winner Numerals has 13 different kinds of high-quality numbers created just for sports. You’ll also get Winner Sans Condensed Medium for the alphabet and punctuation.

Camphound – Jersey Number Font


Camphound is one of the best jersey number fonts, but it’s also excellent for other purposes. You can use it for bold headlines, titles, posters, branding, product packaging, and more.

You’ll get lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. In addition to the OTF and TTF files, you’ll also get webfont files (WOFF and WOFF2 formats).

Sporty Varsity – Stencil Jersey Font

Sporty Varsity

When you want to make your field debut with a brand new look, that’s where this jersey number font comes in. You can see it’s inspired by classic athletic design with serifs but with a totally different, modern twist.

Use the sporty all-caps lettering on the jersey front and add a custom jersey number on the back. Score!



Simple, sharp, modern, sleek. While most people think of chunky, vintage, and blocky lettering when looking for sporty numbers, consider Drugsther to bring your team into the new millennium.

This font is a solid choice for a custom baseball jersey or biking and fitness teams. Try it on a black jersey to maximize the modern look.

Groundout – Baseball Uniform Font

Groundout - Baseball Uniform Font

Groundout was inspired by baseball. Naturally, it’s an excellent option for baseball uniform numbers (but it could also work well for other sports). The letters and numbers include extra detail that distinguishes Groundout from other jersey number fonts.

This beautiful all-caps font includes numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

Sackbones – Sport Font


Sackbones might have a silly name, but it’s a seriously great choice for custom team jerseys! You’ll love the unique look of the numbers that come with this modern font. It has excellent legibility from afar but enough personality to keep it interesting.

Even though Sackbones is more of a football name, try this one with your basketball jersey designs.

Blockhead Nova – Sporty Font

Blockhead Nova

The designer who created Blockhead Nova said it was made “to draw attention” — and that’s exactly what you want your jersey numbers to do.

This cool half-sans/half-slab-serif would make a fantastic font for your hockey team jerseys because of that blade-like serif at the top of each letter. Kind of reminds you of a hockey skate, doesn’t it? You’ll get three fonts — light, regular, and bold.

Diesel – Classic Jersey Number Font


If you’ve already got a design that calls for the perfect slab serif, check out Diesel. It’s a classic, sporty slab with a more dynamic personality than most. Notice the angled serifs? Diesel will give your jersey the authentic look you’re going for but with a slight difference in design.

It comes in 6 styles — light, regular, bold, and italics of each.

VTF Redzone Classic

Jersey Number Fonts - VTF Redzone Classic

Say goodbye to awful uniforms. This font was created with sports in mind. The razor-sharp terminals and angled serifs give it an aggressive feel that’s right on trend.

The new oblique version makes it feel even more assertive. This is another great choice for hockey, basketball, and volleyball sports jerseys.

Bucktooth – Vintage Jersey Number Font


Bucktooth is a throwback to the good ol’ days of collegiate sports lettering. It was named after (and inspired by) the 1967 Oregon State football team! Use this font when you want to create a truly authentic vintage design.

You’ll get two sets of letters, numbers, and symbols – one set with 90-degree angles and the other with 45-degree angles for added character.

Redwing – Athletic Block Typeface


Inspired by blocky athletic fonts and bold industrial typography, Redwing is a heavy-duty, solid, confident font design for any custom team jersey.

It comes with 8 weights from hairline to black, so you’re sure to find the numbers that are easy to read from the stands. (Hint: it isn’t hairline!) The timeless lettering would be helpful for any other sports-related designs you’re working on, too.

Ballocs – Sport Typeface

Ballocs Sport Typeface

This bold, blocky, sporty sans-serif has that powerful, confident look that screams sports. Use it for any football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, insert-sport-name-here-ball custom jersey design you’re working on. You’ll knock it out of the park! It’s a good choice for your team’s logo design, too. 

Avega – Modern Jersey Font


Avega, with its modern aesthetic and dynamic slant, would be a great choice for racing jerseys, cycling teams, baseball jerseys, softball, soccer, lacrosse, or track & field team jerseys. The sleek style and angled letters give it that action vibe that’s perfect for sports.

This all-caps design comes with four font variations and web fonts.

Vintage Varsity

Vintage Varsity

If you’ve ever seen a vintage letterman sweater with fuzzy letters and numbers, you immediately knew Vintage Varsity’s inspiration. This is a great choice for making alternate jerseys in the old-school style. It looks most authentic when you fill it with one color and stroke it with a contrasting color. Try it and see! 

Dagger – Stylish Jersey Number Font

Jersey Number Fonts - Dagger

A “dagger” in basketball is a shot that puts the team ahead in the closing moments of a game. Dagger, in this case, will put you ahead of the game regarding your jersey design.

The sharp edges, angled serifs, and aggressive design make it a perfect choice for sports design. The bold numbers are available in regular and oblique, which would look stunning on the back of a jersey.

Helofone – Sport Font

Helofone Sports

Here’s a sporty slab serif that’ll give you a competitive edge. And when we say “edge,” we really mean it — there are no circles or rounded edges anywhere. This font is all straight lines with 90- and 45-degree angles, giving the numbers and letters a unique and memorable look.

Should you choose to use the entire character set for your design, it includes alternates that make it really fun for creating logos.


Best Jersey Number Fonts - Rufner

With its dynamic forward tilt, modern cutouts, and sleek curves, Rufner gives off the aesthetic of power and speed. Those are two traits any athlete would be proud to be known for. This modern style will stand out among a sea of chunky block letters.

Try it if your team is looking for a different style than what most teams use on their jerseys.

Fanatix – Athletic Font Family


Fanatix is a classic sports font family based on the classic slab serif style that defines the collegiate look. You’ll get a wide choice of weights from thin to heavy, giving you plenty of options for use.

However, this family of fonts also comes with two unique creative styles, Inline and Triline. The Inline version is a particularly great choice for baseball jersey numbers.



Biguers, with its rounded, square, sans-serif letters, is taking athletics lettering into the new era. Gone are the days of vintage slab-serif throwback letters. Modern sports fonts are sleek, smooth, and no-nonsense. Baseball, racing, and bicycling teams are the first to make this design transition. Will your team be next?

Knucklehead Slab

Knucklehead Slab

Here’s another font that was inspired by American sports culture. It’s impossible to ignore the vintage touches in this one — the 45-degree angles and the slab serifs. But you can also see modern influences in this unique typeface.

This download comes with 10 fonts, including a sans-serif version of the font, too.

The Sporter


The Sporter, as the name would indicate, is a sporty, powerful, bold display font created for athletic-inspired designs. The strong numbers are a solid choice for football, volleyball, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and any other team jersey you’re designing. Sporter includes multilingual support and a web font, should you choose to use the rest of the alphabet for your design, too.



And last but certainly not least, we have another one of the more modern-style sporty typefaces for your consideration. Consider this one for automotive, cycling, or tech teams, although it’s a great one for any sports team.

Pair this one with bold, bright colors on a dark jersey for a modern twist, or try a metallic gradient if your printing style allows it.

Final Thoughts on Jersey Number Fonts

The jersey number fonts in this collection may all be slightly different, but they all have one thing in common — the numbers are all easy to read from a distance. That makes them all perfect for sports jerseys. Now, you just need to choose the one that best matches your sport and complements the design of the rest of your jersey! Choose wisely, and you’ll hit it out of the park!

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