25 Landscaper Website Design Examples for Inspiration

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As a professional landscaper, you know how important it is for your business to stand out in this competitive industry. Having a well-designed landscaping website is a great way to do just that.

An excellent website can help your business rank higher in search engines like Google, attracting more potential customers.

You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to have a high-quality website. You can build an excellent website with high-quality photographs from previous projects and access to the right tools.

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Landscaping Website Examples

We put together a list of amazing landscaping websites with unique features and design elements. Use these sites to get a rough idea of what you might want to include or avoid when building your site.

And if you’re looking for more web design inspiration, please see some of our other showcases like farm websites, florist & flower shop websites, and home builder websites.

Green Options

Landscaping Websites - Green Options

Green Options offers landscaping, sports turf, and irrigation services throughout Australia. Their website uses a practical green-and-white color palette, with key items highlighted in green.

The home page opens with a large header with changing graphic design elements and large text. Potential customers can find the large contact button in the top right corner or use the contact page to fill out a short form and get in touch.

VIC Turf & Landscape Solutions

VIC Turf & Landscape Solutions

VIC Turf & Landscaping Solutions is a team of landscaping professionals in the Melbourne region. They offer irrigation, maintenance, and landscaping services.

Their site’s home page includes a contact form and information about them and their services. We can use the sticky top menu to navigate the site or the detailed navigation menu in the footer.

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is a lawn care service with over 50 years of experience. Their website features well-organized text content and quality photography.

The large header image showcases their high Google rating and has a short form to get a free estimate. The top navigation menu bar displays their contact number in bold green on top of the white background.

The site also features pages dedicated to each service offered and pages to learn more about the company and its approach to lawn care.

Gibbs Landscape Co.

Gibbs Landscape Co

The next landscaping business has stunning images and elegant designs. Gibbs Landscape Co. lets its work speak for itself. Visitors are greeted with professional photography from previous landscaping projects.

Potential clients can find contact information and a navigation menu at the top of the page, along with quote and payment action buttons. They also feature blog and gallery pages with consistent branding style.

Sparta Lawn Care

Sparta Lawn Care

Sparta Lawn Care is a Columbia, SC lawn care and landscaping business. They have a well-designed website with plenty of content and graphic design elements that make for a unique experience.

The home page opens with a full-width auto-playing header with neutral-colored call-to-action action buttons. Potential clients can view the services offered, read Google reviews, and find contact information as they browse the site. 

Hess Landscape Architects

Hess Landscape Architects

Hess Landscape Architects is a landscaping architectural design firm. They use beautiful photography and minimalistic elements, making for a stunning website example. Their home page is a slideshow with professional photography that auto-plays when the page opens.

We can find the off-canvas menu in the top right corner of the page. This menu includes shortcuts to navigate to a gallery featuring past landscaping projects and a page dedicated to learning about their team. We can also find all contact information and social media icons in the menu pop-out.

All Year Lawn

All Year Lawn

The next landscaping website design example we have is All Year Lawn. Their site makes it easy for potential clients to get an estimate or learn more about their services with large action buttons.

Their color palette is bold, with green as their primary color and purple accents. From the home page, customers can view their Google rating or fill out their contact form for a free estimate. We can find contact information on the site, no matter where we are.

Mulkern Landscaping & Nursery

Mulkern Landscaping & Nursery

Mulkern Landscaping & Nursery is a team of landscaping experts in Oahu. Their website uses high-quality images to showcase their previous works and what they specialize in.

The top navigation menu includes links to travel to their portfolio, read more about their services, and learn about the nursery.

We can find contact information and social media icons at the bottom of each page in the footer. Their contact page has an interactive Google map and a short inquiry form.

Highlands Landscaping

Highlands Landscaping

Highlands Landscaping offers professional landscaping services in Denver and surrounding cities. Their website uses a generous amount of white space, keeping primary content front and center on the page. The home page features high-quality photography and well-organized sections.

We can use their dedicated page to read concise descriptions of their services, from landscaping to lighting. They use the top menu bar and the footer to display contact information, with their address, social icons, and phone numbers listed.

JT’s Landscaping

JT's Landscaping

The next site we have to showcase is JT’s Landscaping. This site has many features, from actionable buttons and contact forms to engaging videos.

The home page opens with a large full-page header image with minimalistic text and action buttons. The white background helps bring attention to the high-quality images spread throughout.

Once you scroll, the top menu changes from transparent to white, making it easy to read. They display contact information, social icons, and a detailed menu in the footer for easy navigation.

Pearl Landscaping & Patio Co.

Pearl Landscaping and Patio Co.

Pearl Landscaping & Patio Co. is a family-owned and operated landscape and hardscape company. Their website features high-quality photos and a modern-style layout.

The home page shows off their many positive reviews and graphics showing their services. We can find their social media icons in the footer, along with a contact form and location information. 

Twisted Oak Landscaping

Twisted Oak Landscaping

Twisted Oak Landscaping is a professional landscaping business in Toronto. Their website presents a modern design with a dark color palette.

The dark background and orange accents do a great job of bringing attention to primary and actionable elements.

We can read customer testimonials, read about the services, and view their portfolio without leaving the home page.

Ryan Lawn & Tree

Ryan Lawn & Tree

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers services from landscaping to pest control. This site includes powerful features, like its auto-playing header video. This video is eye-catching and can show potential and current clients what working with Ryan Lawn & Tree might look like.

They use an eye-catching red to bring attention to action buttons throughout the site. We can find contact information or sign up for their newsletter using the footer or top navigation bar links.

AMC Nursery & Landscaping

AMC Nursery & Landscaping

The next nursery and landscaping company we have creates a compelling experience with its well-designed website. Their home page presents parallax scrolling effects, client testimonials, and a short mailing list sign-up.

Potential clients can view the wide range of services by browsing the organized home page or navigating to a dedicated services page.

The site also has a notable element for current clients to pay their bills with their user-friendly online bill pay.

LiveWell Outdoors

LiveWell Outdoors

LiveWell Outdoors offers services from luxury backyard design to pools and garden layouts. Their website showcases amazing photos of their previous landscape projects throughout the home and portfolio pages.

Potential clients can always use their easy-to-find and clickable phone number in the top navigation bar or the site footer.

The site also includes a page detailing their process, with interactive content that creates an immersive experience for the visitor.

Flores Artscape

Flores Artscape

The first noticeable feature of Flores Artscapes lawn care web design is the engaging pop-up once the page loads. This pop-up allows visitors to sign up for their mailing list, which has been shown to increase returning visitors.

The home page opens with a header image with action buttons filled with contact information. The large navigation bar at the top of the page stays as you scroll for easy navigation.


One Abode

The next landscaping website design we have is OneAbode. Their website uses bright colors and parallax scrolling features, creating a modern feel.

The top navigation bar is minimalistic, with options for their portfolio, services, and contact pages. We can find a short inquiry form, social icons, and phone and email information on the contact page.

Gold Standard Gardens and Design

Gold Standard Gardens and Design

Gold Standard Gardens and Design offers professional services in Duncan, B.C. Their website features consistent branding with illustrations and a unique color palette.

The royal blue background with gold accent colors is memorable and consistent throughout the site.

Potential customers can use one of the many action buttons on the home page to learn more about the services offered or to get in contact. We can also find all contact information in the top navigation menu and the site’s footer. 

Carrington Lawn and Landscape 

Carrington Lawn and Landscape

Carrington Lawn and Landscapes offers landscaping, maintenance, and commercial snow and ice management services in Middleton, WI.

Their website opens with a stunning header with quality photography and a unique cut-out text effect. Potential customers can learn about their services and find contact information without leaving the home page.

The site also includes a user-friendly payment portal, a career page, and a free estimate inquiry. 

Just Right Lawns

Just Right Lawns

Just Right Lawns is an experienced landscaping specialist in Texas. Their home page opens with large contact information highlighted in green color and impossible-to-miss action buttons.

The bottom right corner shows a pop-up contact form to send the company a quick message, or we can view their contact page for a free estimate.

Customers can read reviews from the top navigation menu or by viewing the small pop-up element in the bottom left corner of the page.

Kodiak Snowblowing & Lawn Care

Kodiak Snowblowing and Lawn Care

Kodiak Snowblowing & Lawn Care is a landscaping company that offers services like lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Their website features a memorable green color palette, using multiple different shades.

They display their different services on the home page with an action button associated with each, making for easy navigation. We can find contact information at the top and bottom of each page, with a clickable phone number and link to a free estimate form.

Best Bet Lawn

Best Bet Lawn

Best Bet Lawn is a family-owned and operated landscaping business with over 15 years of experience. Their website has image action buttons and a simple green-and-white color palette.

Potential clients can find contact information in the top menu or navigate to the footer, where it’s shown alongside social media icons.

Their site includes a gallery-style portfolio page, a quality blog, and a page dedicated to showcasing their positive client testimonials.

Garden Club London

Garden Club London

Garden Club London is dedicated to building luxury gardens and landscape experiences. Their website reflects that luxury feeling with gorgeous photography and a modern website design layout.

The home page of their site opens with a full-page header image of a previous project they’ve completed. The off-canvas menu can be accessed in the top right corner for easy navigation, or we can use the action buttons throughout the home page.

Tomlinson Bomberger

Tomlinson Bomberger

Tomlinson Bomberger offers residential and commercial landscaping, pest control, and tree care services. Their content-heavy website opens with a large interactive contact form and bold action buttons.

The home page includes a section where potential clients can click through previous client reviews from Google, showing off their 4.4-star average. We can navigate the site using the menu bar at the top of the page or the detailed footer menu.



Brizscapes is an award-winning landscaping service that was established in 2007.

Their website opens with an auto-playing header video showing off their previous projects. The text shown on top of this video can be difficult to read for some scenes, increasing the size or changing the text color could help with visibility.

Their home page displays their many YouTube videos that you can watch on their site and has a section dedicated to showcasing their awards.

What Does My Landscape Website Design Need to Include?

Not sure what content and sections to include as a part of your site? Here are the most important elements.

Description of Your Services

New and returning clients will visit your website for information about your services. Displaying your services in an organized way with concise descriptions is necessary. You can show your services and their descriptions on your home page or a separate dedicated page. 

Call to Action

A great call to action can be a contact form or a bold action button on your site. They allow online visitors to easily start a conversation with your business. Listing calls to action alongside each of your service descriptions greatly increases the chance of your customer pursuing those services. 

Photos of Your Work

Displaying professional images of your work can show clients your skills and what they can expect when hiring you. It’s worth the investment to get professional quality photography taken to showcase on your website, whether for elements on your home page or to display in a portfolio gallery. 

Contact Information

Customers should be able to find all contact information and social media links on your website. It’s great to display a phone number, email address, and location services on a contact page, your website footer, the top navigation bar, or the home page. Displaying this information in these places is a great way to guarantee online visitors see it.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Displaying your site’s online reviews and customer testimonials is a great way to build customer trust. Studies show that most customers read online reviews and testimonials before purchasing a service. Use your honest, positive reviews from past clients to your advantage and promote them on your site.

Company Bio

One of the key features of a successful landscaping website is an excellent company biography. Having a space to tell the story of your business to your customer is a great way to build trust with your customers. You can use this page to share photos of the landscaping team and explain why you love what you do. 

Final Thoughts on Landscaping Websites

While brainstorming for your landscaper’s website design, think like your customer. What primary features do you want your customer to see?

A well-designed lawn care website shows potential customers what to expect when working with your business and how to start that process.

I hope you’re inspired and that these sites have your mind filled with design ideas. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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