7 WordPress Plugins That Will Turn Your Blogs Into Powerful Lead Generation Tools

A solid content strategy can help you turn casual blog readers into qualified leads.

Your content strategy should never be without lead generation tools. Lead generation can be quite tricky. According to a recent study, “the biggest challenge that 61% of B2B marketers face is “generating high-quality leads.”

If you don’t have a good system, you might struggle for years to grow your email list. But successful bloggers already know user behaviors. Behaviors that stem from their needs.

When you understand users, you’ll be able to create the right content, tailored to meet their needs.

This is the true essence of content marketing, and why a lot of digital marketing companies use it. Data from Content Marketing Institute shows that 83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation.

 content marketing B2B

This might be harsh but true: If you don’t have an email list of qualified leads, and no definite plan to continually add new leads to your business, you don’t have a business at all.

It doesn’t matter when you started blogging, without an email list, achieving success with your blog will be difficult. Worse: impossible.

As a WordPress user, you’re open to the best opportunities through blogging. There are tens of thousands of essential plugins that can elevate the performance of your blog and increase your revenue.

However, here are 8 WordPress plugins that will turn your blog into a lead generation powerhouse:

1.    Icegram

Icegram is described as the ultimate WordPress plugin for turning casual blog readers into ardent customers and loyal readers. It comes with popups, footer bars, notifications, messengers, etc.

Icegram wordpress plugin

Onsite engagement begins when you understand what your readers want and give it to them.

In reality, this is how popular blogs are built. You need a tool that not only helps you capture email leads, but also engages people in a special way.

No matter what you plan to do with your email list, this plugin gives you the upper hand – that’s why it’s my number #1.

2.    OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a fairly popular WordPress plugin. Since I installed this on my personal blog, I’ve seen a huge lift in lead generation.


It’s actually a simple but flexible plugin that enables you to convert visitors into subscribers.

One good thing about this tool is that you can create different versions of an opt-in subscription form, and run A/B Test on them. This gives you clarity on what design to adopt, and what to ignore.

This plugin is useful if you’re a developer. But even if you’ve zero knowledge or experience with coding, you’ll enjoy using OptinMonster.

The basic plan starts at $9 per month and is $29 per month for the pro package, which offers features you need to get huge results fast.

3.    Popup Domination

This was developed by Michael Dunlop, the founder of IncomeDiary and Retireat21. As a successful blogger, Michael understands the importance of building an email list.

At one time, he said that an email list is the reason why his business generates 6 – 7 figure income annually.

PopUp Domination was one of the first professional pop-up lead generation WordPress plugins. If you’re ready to display great looking opt-in forms on your WordPress site that will be less intrusive, you may need this.


With this plugin installed on your blog, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your email list subscribers. It’s optimized for all devices including smartphones and tablets.

4.    SumoMe

SumoMe is another powerful lead generation tool that works and was originally developed for the WordPress platform. SumoMe was developed by Noah Kagan, the ex-facebook employee who lost so much money, and started from scratch.

sumome wordpress plugin

Thanks to email marketing, Noah Kagan doesn’t just tell you to build an email list. It’s something he’s actively been doing it for as long as I can remember. Now his email list of qualified leads runs into 1,000,000+.

Aside from the leads, you can drive more traffic to your site using SumoMe as it’s equipped with relevant tools like List Builder, HeatMaps, Share, Content Analytics, Smart Bar, Welcome Mat, and more.


5.    PlugMatter feature box

“Above the fold” is the section at your blog that’s first seen by the user. The question is, what are you putting there?

With the PlugMatter feature box, you can easily create an Opt-in Feature Box for Your WordPress site in seconds without writing a line of code or script or using any special design tool.

optin feature box

Smart bloggers capitalize on this to capture more targeted leads. Instead of leaving the “above the fold” section bare, they hire a web developer to create a subscription form that fits perfectly.

You can imagine how much money that requires, and the skill set needed to get this perfectly sorted out. But with the PlugMatter feature box, you can integrate an email subscription box into your blog’s “above the fold” section – and start capturing email leads.


6.    LeadPages

LeadPages is a complete marketing automation system. Use it to create, collect, and convert more leads and make more sales. More than likely, you need to automate leads generation for your business if you want to thrive – especially in the heat of intense competition.


Marketing automation will skyrocket your lead generation. That’s why majority of pro bloggers collect over 10,000 email leads per week, whereas beginners still struggle to get 20 email subscribers in a month.

According to Statista, “marketing automation software has generated twice as many leads as email marketing software in 2015 so far.”


7.   List Eruption

List Eruption is the brainchild of Mark Thompson. This tool was primarily designed to help internet marketers capture leads using high-converting landing pages. But there is a WordPress version, which makes it awesome.

list eruption

As a viral WordPress plugin, it gets you more leads with less work. In other words, when you put in the work once, your list building could snowball- bringing in 10, 20, 50 or even 100 new subscribers per day to you.

Of course, you need to put in the time. But the time you put into a viral WordPress lead generation plugin will pay off in no time.


Part of your responsibility as a blogger is split testing your opt-in forms, to determine the right position, color, shape, copy, and call-to-action that will yield the best results.

That said, building a funnel that captures email leads, nurtures that casual relationship into a business-centered relationship is the only way to create a business of your dreams.

Take lead generation seriously. Because leads are the lifeblood of your online business – and your blog is simply a gateway, a tool, and a platform for making a strong impact with your ideal customers.

Which of these WordPress lead generation plugin have/do you used, and what results did you get?

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