Macro Photography: 25 Inspiring Examples

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Macro photography, the art of taking close-up photos, can produce incredible results that show us the world in a different way than we normally see it through our own eyes. The details in macro photos can be stunning as you will see below.

In this post, we’ll showcase 25 different examples of macro photography from a variety of photographers.

Insect - Macro Photography
Photo by twenty20photos via Envato Elements
Closeup of bubbles
Photo by manfredxy
Sparkles and a feather
Photo by zdenkadarula
Photo by Rawpixel
Flying insect - macro photo
Photo by aissahaffar
Inside of a flower
Photo by IciakPhotos
Water droplets on a plant
Photo by rozum
Baseball stitching closeup
Photo by njnightsky
Orange and green lead
Photo by rozum
Photo by vadymvdrobot
Bubbles - Macro Photography
Photo by manfredxy
Top of a dandelion
Photo by catolla
Abstract Macro Photo
Photo by nanihta
Photo by jirkaejc
Photo by Rawpixel
Leaf lines
Photo by oleghz
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