Magic 3D Photoshop Action

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Today we have a free Photoshop Action for easily creating 3D effects. The action was created by Damian Watracz for the readers of the Vandelay Design blog. With the help of the action, you can easily give 3D effects to layers, vector shapes, and text. One may combine different features of the photoshop to create a stunning action. You have to combine those features in the right pattern so that you may achieve three-dimensional effects that appear to be light, colorful, movable and magical. The user who is quite familiar with all the different photoshop features can mix all the different magical options to create a stunning 3D effect.

Photoshop actions refer to the set of special effects applied in accordance with each other and to enhance the quality of the overall image. You can download different photoshop actions and use them in a creative manner and alter the image creatively to depict a particular stance, incident or phase. You can create a sequence of actions to create a moving graphical impression or something like a GIF or video. Photoshop actions are useful assets for logo designers and graphic designers looking to impress their clients with their outstanding skills.

Damian has also created a video to demonstrate how to use the action.

Download the action and associated files (1.3 MB zip file).

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Magic 3D Photoshop Action

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