50+ Beautiful Minimalist Wallpapers

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Sometimes the best desktop wallpapers are simple. By using a minimalist photo as your desktop background, you’ll have room for your icons without creating a cluttered look.

If you’re looking for minimalist desktop wallpaper that you can download, you’re in luck! This page showcases more than 50 beautiful options. When you see something you like, simply click on the image and you’ll be led to a page where you can download a high-resolution version of the image and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper

Seascape by Jeremy Bishop


Sky Gradient by César Couto


White Wavy Texture by Sumner Mahaffey


Minimal Hike on the Dunes by Matt Le

Mnimal Hike on the Dunes

Sunflower in the Sky by Martin Adams


Lone Star by Amy Humphries

Lone Star

White Shoes by Christian Chen

White Shoes

Lost in Light by Martin Sanchez

Lost in Light

Triangular Building Edge by ????? ?????????

Triangular Building Edge

Pointy Skies by Andre Benz

Pointy Skies

Tower by Mateusz Majewski


Pattern by Luca Bravo


Absolute Avenue, Mississauga, Canada by Scott Webb


Peterson Automotive Museum by Denys Nevozhai

Peterson Automotive Museum

Liege-Guillemins, Liège, Belgium by Daniel van den Berg


Monochrome London Eye by Bruno Abatti

London Eye

Park Ride by Clem Onojeghuo

Park Ride

Balloons Over Bavarian Inn by Aaron Burden


Withered Tree by Fabrice Villard

Withered Tree

Two Hydrangea Vases by Maarten Deckers


Still by Sarah Dorweiler


Plant by Pawe? Czerwi?ski


Among Colors by Alex Jurj

Among Colors

Flower on Black by Vladimir Malyutin

Flower on Black Background

White Gear on Pink Flatlay by LUM3N

Pink Flatlay

Lamp by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti


Lemons by Lauren Mancke


Sliced Avocado by Thought Catalog


Closeup of Cactus by Ugur Akdemir

Closeup of Cactus

Yellow Flowers by Kari Shea

Yellow Flowers

Green Plant by Kara Eads

Green Plant

Leaf by Vlad Kutepov


Grow by Dose Media


Brown Plant Pot by Scott Webb

Brown Plant Pot

Mug by NordWood Themes

NordWood Themes

Minimalist White Table by Bench Accounting

Minimalist White Table

Orange Chair by Rabie Madaci

Rabie Madaci

My Bedroom-Simplicity by Samantha Gades

Minimal Wallpaper

Minimalist Pencils on Yellow by Joanna Kosinska


Watch by Daniele Levis Pelusi


Raindrops on Skylight by Mike Newbry


Cactus Gems by Scott Webb

Cactus Gems

Minimal Details by Silvana Amicone

Minimal Details

Sliced Apple by Nikolai Chernichenko

Sliced Apple

Fuerteventura Plant in Sand by Jill Heyer

Plant in Sand

Mug from Above by Jakub Dziubak

Mug From Above

Skateboard Near a Wall by Imani Bahati


Street Basketball Hoop by Fulvio Ambrosanio

Street Basketball Hoop

Water by Tim Johnson


Pelican Formation by Robin Spielmann

Pelican Formation

American Flag On a Pole by Thomas Kelley

American Flag

All photos in this post are available under the Unsplash license.

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