23 Money Fonts for Financial Designs (Banknotes, Currency)

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Having access to the right fonts can make or break your design projects. If you’re working on ideas for a money or financial-themed design, you’ll need a font with the right character or personality. Here, you’ll find the best money fonts to give your designs the look you’re after.

While these may not be the most versatile fonts, they’re perfect for use in certificates, official documents, posters, book covers, and any designs intended to resemble currency or banknotes. You can even use them for some political designs and projects.

The Best Money Fonts

Here you’ll find a variety of money fonts and typefaces that are perfect for your financial designs. Several styles are represented here, but they all have a certain money or bank inspiration.

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1. National Currency

Money Fonts - National Currency

Our top-ranked money font, National Currency is a vintage font with Victorian and Baroque influences. The letters are based on the typography found on old stock certificates and money designs. It’s perfect for designing certificates, banknotes, and other official documents.

There are five different fonts in the family. The shadow variation is perfect for layering with the other fonts (as seen in the image above). As a bonus, the download also includes a collection of patterns, backgrounds, and other elements that can be incorporated into your designs.

Overall, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful money fonts you’ll love having in your arsenal.

2. Bankster


This all-caps font is ideal for designing financial, official documents, and other financial projects. Whether designing a poster, a certificate, or play money, you’ll love using Bankster.

The Bankster family includes six styles of font (complete, hatchline, shadow, outline, solid, and hatches). The variations can be layered in virtually endless combinations. You can even use different colors when layering, as shown in the image above, to create a dynamic look.

3. Bank of England

Bank of England

The Bank of England font was inspired by the intricate blackletter style of the text on Series F English twenty-pound banknotes. This realistic money font is perfect for incorporating into your designs.

There’s only one font in the family, but additional features are available if you’re using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or another program that supports OpenType fonts. These features include swash versions of the uppercase letters, alternate versions of several lowercase letters, and a set of decorative flourishes.

4. Dollar Stencil

Dollar Stencil

Dollar Stencil is an all-caps dollar font inspired by the stenciled text on banknotes. While it’s certainly useful for your financial and money designs, you can also use it whenever a stencil font is appropriate.

There’s one font in the family, which comes in OTF and TTF formats. Numbers and punctuation are included in the download files.

5. Dollar Bill and Dollar Bill 2

Dollar Bill and Dollar Bill 2

This download includes both the Dollar Bill font and Dollar Bill 2. These fonts are perfect for posters, movie covers, album covers, and merchandise.

Dollar Bill and Dollar Bill 2 were created by the same designer as Dollar Stencil. Dollar Bill is a relatively simple font, but Dollar Bill 2 includes more styling and some OpenType features, like alternate characters.

6. Brim Combined

Brim Combined

Brim Combined was inspired by the antique wood type of the 1800s, but it also resembles a money font with horizontal lines. It’s a beautiful all-caps font that works well for headlines, posters, packaging, certificates, official documents, and other classic designs.

There are three variations of the font. Two of the variations feature a drop shadow for a 3D appearance. The product includes numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual characters.

7. Mondia


Modia is a beautiful serif typeface that works well for financial designs and other projects that require an elegant, sophisticated font. Use it for magazines, editorial designs, and other headlines. It’s perfect for financial publications, bank documents, branding, and more.

This is a large font family that includes 18 fonts (nine weights plus matching italics). It comes with impressive OpenType features like stylistic alternates, ligatures, old-style figures, superscript, subscript, and more. It also supports more than 200 languages, making it extremely versatile.

8. Gram


Gram is an elegant display font that can be used for a variety of projects, including your or money-inspired designs. It’s an all-caps font that would work well on currency and banknotes.

This layered font family includes the main font plus two layering options. Use your creativity and experiment with the different possible combinations of this currency font.

9. Dirty Money

Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a novelty font that aims to replicate the lettering on U.S. currency. With fat letters, horizontal stripes, and a drop shadow, this font will surely give your designs a money or financial feel. While it may not be the most versatile font, Dirty Money can be handy in the right situation.

The family has only one font, and the package includes uppercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

10. NS Mudolf

NS Mudolf

NS Mudolf is an impressive font family inspired by vintage lettering. You can use it to design certificates, official documents, and other financial-related projects.

The family has five fonts: one script font, one serif font, and three sans serif fonts. They’re perfect for using together, making it easy to find a winning font combination. You’ll also get stylistic alternates, ligatures, and washes for creative designs.

11. Billy Money

Billy Money

Billy Money was inspired by Victorian-style text on paper money in Bali. You can use it for a wide range of projects like designing certificates, banknotes, posters, labels, greeting cards, product packaging, and more.

There are two variations of the font: regular and shadow. The download includes files for each font in OTF, TTF, and WOFF format. Swashes are included if you’re using a program that supports OpenType features. Alternates and glyphs are PUA-encoded, so they can be used in any software.

12. Dead Presidents Font

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents is not a traditional font, but it helps create text for posters, book covers, and other projects.

This cash font provides PNG versions of each letter. The letters were created by folding and photographing dollar bills, giving them a genuine and realistic look. You can arrange the letters in your designs to create unique text.

13. Cavaliere


Cavaliere was inspired by the font Chevalier, with an updated look. There are two versions: regular and gray (gray includes the horizontal stripes on the letters). It can be used as a font on money of for business cards, documents, letterhead, etc.

14. Moneymachine

Money Machine

Moneymachine was inspired by money printing and the typography found on certificates. It’s a unique font that’s definitely worth adding to your toolbox. You can use it for designing posters, certificates, banknotes, and more.

There are six fonts included in the family (serif, sans serif, white, black, regular, and invert). The regular font includes a smaller version of the text over the inset, as shown in the image above. It comes with OpenType features like alternates and ligatures.

15. Smackeroo NF

Smackeroo NF

Smackeroo NF is an all-caps font that was inspired by early 1900s typography. It has a familiar money font look with horizontal lines and a drop shadow.

The package includes uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and an extensive set of multilingual characters.

Free Money Fonts

In addition to the premium fonts showcased above, you can also find some free money fonts. While many of these freebies are very good, checking the license details is always important. Many free fonts are free only for personal use.

16. Radiant Antique

Radiant Antique

This font for money is based on Victorian lettering. It’s an all-caps font with numbers and basic punctuation included.

17. Five Dollar Font

Five Dollar Font

Five Dollar Font resembles the typography found on American money but with a more playful feel. It includes uppercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

18. Money Money

Money Money

This free money font is hand-drawn, with familiar horizontal stripes on letters. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

19. Cash Currency

Cash Currency

Cash Currency features a subtle 3D look thanks to an offset outline. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters (the lowercase letters are smaller versions of uppercase letters), numerals, and basic punctuation.

20. Dollar Bill Font

Dollar Bill

Earlier, we showcased a package of Dollar Bill and Dollar Bill 2. The free version of Dollar Bill Font can be used for personal projects. If you need it for commercial use, you can download from Envato Elements.

21. United States

United States

United States is a blocky all-caps font that resembles the text from currency.

22. Bad Guy Black

Bad Guy Black

Bad Guy Black is a vintage style font that looks like the text on old money. Numbers and basic punctuation are included.

23. Federal Font

Federal Fonts

Federal is an interesting font that features images from U.S. currency inside the letters.

What Font is Used on Money?

Different countries use different fonts for their currency. In many cases, the banknote font you’re looking at is actually hand-lettering created specifically for that design, as opposed to a font or typeface that can be used for other purposes.

What Font is Used on U.S. Currency?

The stylized text on U.S. currency is hand-lettering rather than a full font. Many fonts, like those showcased in this article, were created to provide a similar look. So if you want to use the U.S. dollar font in your own designs, you can pick the font that provides the look or style you’re after.

What Font Do Banks Use?

Banks use a variety of fonts for branding and documents. However, one font has been the standard for routing numbers and account numbers on U.S. checks since the 1950s. The font is named E13B and it’s a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) font used throughout North America and Asia. (A similar font, CMC7, is used in Europe).

If you’ve looked at the bottom of a check, you’ve probably noticed the routing and account numbers printed in this unusual font. The MICR technology is used to validate the authenticity of checks, and these fonts make it possible.

Start Using These Money Fonts Today

While these currency fonts may not be the most commonly-used in your toolbox, they can be incredibly valuable and helpful in the right situation. If you’re working on a design with a financial theme, designing a certificate or official document, or creating anything to resemble banknotes or currency, the best money fonts showcased here will be just what you need. Make your ideas come to life!

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