Beautiful Free Mountain Wallpaper and Mountain Backgrounds

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If you love nature, using a nature or landscape photo as your desktop or mobile background is a perfect way to enjoy nature’s beauty throughout the day. While there are plenty of different types of nature photos you could choose from, mountain wallpapers are a popular choice.

Here, you’ll find a showcase of outstanding mountain photos that work well as wallpapers and backgrounds. We’ll start by showcasing horizontal images for desktop backgrounds, and then we’ll feature a collection of vertical photos for mobile devices.

Free Mountain Wallpapers and Desktop Backgrounds

If you see a photo you want to use as your wallpaper, click on the image to go to the source of the photo. From there, you can download a high-res version of the image and set it as your wallpaper or background.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

This beautiful photo features snow-capped mountains behind a picturesque lake. There’s plenty of space in the sky for placing your desktop icons.

Lake Tekapo Wallpaper

Snow-Covered Mountains

This minimalist photo is ideal for use as wallpaper or desktop background. The mountains poking through the fog create a stunning scene.

Snow-Covered Mountains Wallpaper

Toblacher See, Italy

If you appreciate a good reflection photo, you’ll love this image of an Italian mountain lake.

Toblacher See, Italy Wallpaper

Mountain and Night Sky

The milky way can be seen with beautiful color in this night sky photo that features several mountain peaks.

Mountain and Night Sky Wallpaper

Plansee, Austria

Captured from a high vantage point, this Austrian lake is reminiscent of a fjord.

Plansee, Austria Wallpaper

Snow-Covered Mountain Range

This photo of snow-capped mountains in front of a colorful dawn sky is perfect for using as your wallpaper or background.

Snow-Covered Mountain Range Wallpaper

Moraine Lake, Canada

This photo of the epic lake in Banff National Park includes a crystal-clear mountain reflection.

Moraine Lake, Canada Wallpaper

Person Standing On the Mountain

The man is a red coat adds perspective and an attention-grabbing pop of color in this winter mountain photo.

Person Standing on the Mountain Wallpaper

Colorful Mountains

This mountain wallpaper features several layers of mountain silhouettes illuminated in stunning colors.

Colorful Mountain Wallpaper

Mountain Lake

Beautiful blue water, jagged mountain peaks, and beautiful golden-hour lighting. This wallpaper is a show-stopper.

Mountain Lake Wallpaper

Snow-Covered Mountains and Colorful Sky

This mountain wallpaper features an attention-grabbing orange sky. It works well as a desktop background because you can place all of your icons over the sky.

Snow-Covered Mountains and Colorful Sky Wallpaper

Mount Kanchenjunga, India

This landscape photo showcases a distant mountain range in remarkable golden light.

Mount Kanchenjunga, India Wallpaper

Snow-Capped Mountain in the Clouds

There’s plenty of contrast between the dark clouds and the snow-capped mountain peak. A colorful sky also adds to the beauty of this image.

Snow-Covered Mountain in the Clouds Wallpaper

Mountain Sunrise

The photo was captured just as the sun inched above the horizon, resulting in a gorgeous sunburst.

Mountain Sunrise Wallpaper

Mountain Valley

The water and rocks provide plenty of foreground interest in this photo that also captures a snow-covered mountain in the distance.

Mountain Valley Wallpaper

Blue Silhouette

This wallpaper features several blue silhouettes in front of each other, as the mountains seem to go on forever.

Blue Silhouette Wallpaper

Brown Mountain

This snow-covered mountain was captured in beautiful warm light, creating a unique and striking wallpaper image.

Brown Mountain Wallpaper

Sunlit Mountain Wallpaper

The snow-covered ridges of this mountain create plenty of visual interest, as well as some leading lines. The colorful sky also adds appeal to the image.

Sunlit Mountain Wallpaper Wallpaper

Colorful Sky

The bright colors of this sky create a beautiful set of silhouettes for the distant mountains.

Colorful Sky Wallpaper

Rugged Mountains

Here’s another excellent mountain lake photo that’s ideal for use as a wallpaper or desktop background.

Rugged Mountains Wallpaper

Glencoe, United Kingdom

This iconic scene from Scotland is outstanding for use as a wallpaper or background. You’ll have plenty of space for dropping your desktop icons over the sky.

Glencoe, United Kingdom Wallpaper

Epic Mountain Lake

The hiker provides an excellent sense of scale in this epic landscape photo.

Epic Mountain Lake Wallpaper

Beautiful Mountain Lake

This photo from above showcases a beautiful blue mountain lake surrounded by tree-covered peaks.

Beautiful Mountain Lake Wallpaper

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The golden light in this mountain wallpaper creates a beautiful scene of silhouettes.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wallpaper

Sunnegga, Zermatt, Switzerland

This impressive peak is lit up, creating a stunning image that works well as wallpaper.

Sunnegga, Zermatt, Switzerland Wallpaper

Moon Over the Mountain

The moon makes an appearance in this image, hovering above a snow-capped mountain range.

Moon Over the Mountain Wallpaper

Mountain Mobile Wallpapers and Backgrounds

While the images above are all excellent options for desktop backgrounds, you may be looking for a vertical image you use with your mobile device. Here are some images that are excellent for iPhone or Android mountain wallpaper.

Fronalpstock, Switzerland

You’ll love seeing this colorful image whenever you pick up your phone.

Fronalpstock, Switzerland Wallpaper

Mountain Covered in Fog

This mobile wallpaper features a minimalist image of snow-covered mountain peaks that are extending out of the fog and clouds.

Mountain Covered in Fog Wallpaper

Colorful Silhouette

This colorful silhouette photo is perfect for use as iPhone wallpaper.

Colorful Silhouette Wallpaper

Orange Sky

The orange sky in this photo will grab your attention instantly, but the rugged snow-covered mountains are also quite striking.

Orange Sky Wallpaper

Riffelsee, Zermatt, Switzerland

Here is a vertical wallpaper image that features a mountain lake and a distinct peak that is lit up at golden hour.

Riffelsee, Zermatt, Switzerland Wallpaper

Summit View

This simple photo works well as mobile wallpaper. A single peak extends into a colorful sky.

Summit View Wallpaper

Munkebu, Norway

This rugged scene from Norway is an excellent choice for your mobile wallpaper.

Monkebu, Norway Wallpaper

Snow-Covered Mountain

The snow-covered mountains in this photo stand in front of a beautiful and colorful sky.

Snow-Covered Mountain Wallpaper

Great Smoky Mountains

The vantage point from this image taken in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is perfect for capture amazing silhouettes that extend as far as you can see.

Great Smoky Mountains Wallpaper

Mountain Village

This mountain wallpaper features beautiful layers of silhouettes that extend into the distance under an orange sky.

Mountain Village Wallpaper

Mountains and Clouds

Here’s a minimalist photo with mountain peaks that break through the clouds and a stunning pink sky.

Mountains and Clouds Wallpaper

Taking in the View

This unique image features a beautiful mountain and a dramatic sky. But what really stands out is the man (and his reflection) enjoying the scene.

Taking in the View Wallpaper

Gray Mountain

This photo works well as a mobile background. The jagged mountain peak can be seen in the reflection on the water.

Gray Mountain Wallpaper

Mountains Under Cloudy Sky

Looking for a monochromatic image to use for your mobile background? This one showcases gorgeous mountain peaks and clouds.

Mountains Under Cloudy Sky Wallpaper

Mountain Lake

This picturesque mountain lake works well as a mobile wallpaper. The rocks and small pool in the foreground add plenty of interest to the photo’s composition.

Mountain Lake Wallpaper

Black & White Mountain

This black and white photo showcases a jagged snow-covered mountain peak.

Black and White Mountain Wallpaper


Volcanic mountains, fog, and a beautiful starry sky. This photo has plenty of appealing features.

Volcano Wallpaper

Snow-Capped Mountain

This photo includes very little color, which really makes the sunlit trees near the center of the composition stand out.

Snow-Capped Mountain Wallpaper

Stars Over the Mountain

The sky in this photo is absolutely packed with bright stars. The mountain below is rugged and has a remote feel.

Stars Over the Mountain Wallpaper

Mountain Road

This dessert mountain scene features a road leading straight through the composition, with an RV heading toward the viewer.

Mountain Road Wallpaper

Download Mountain Wallpapers

If you love nature, putting mountain wallpaper on your desktop or mobile phone is the perfect way to get a glimpse of nature throughout the day. We hope you’ve found something here that helps you to truly appreciate the natural beauty of our world.

It’s easy to download any of these backgrounds. When you find one you like, click on the image to go to the source. From there, download a high-resolution version of the photos and set it as your wallpaper.

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