The Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Any Type of Website

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WordPress has come a long way in recent years. Today, with 39% of websites being powered by WordPress, it’s obvious that this free content management system (CMS) is extremely versatile. Although WordPress started as a simple blogging engine, it’s evolved into a feature-rich CMS that is an excellent option for corporate websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites, forums, and much more.

Thankfully, WordPress users benefit from a massive selection of high-quality templates (WordPress calls them “themes”) that can be used to control the layout and design of the website. While there are WordPress themes for just about any type of website, there are also many multipurpose or all-purpose WordPress themes that provide incredible versatility. These themes can be used to create many different types of websites.

Here, we’ll highlight some of the best multipurpose WordPress themes that you can use for your own websites or client projects. It’s a good idea to choose a theme that you think you’ll use extensively because the more you use it, the more familiar you’ll become with all of the theme’s features.

The Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Here are the themes that we recognize as being the best in the industry.



Divi from Elegant Themes is our highest-recommended WordPress theme, and for good reason. This is possibly the most versatile and flexible theme you’ll find anywhere. You can use Divi to create just about any type of website from a portfolio, to a company site, to a non-profit or church website, to a personal blog, to an e-commerce site.

If you’re building an e-commerce site, the free WooCommerce WordPress plugin is incredibly popular, and Divi supports WooCommerce, so it will be a seamless integration.

Divi is loved by designers and end-users alike for these reasons:

  • The Divi Builder – Create completely custom designs and layouts with this drag-and-drop builder. No coding skills are needed to create stunning websites, thanks to the Divi Builder.
  • Huge Collection of Pre-Designed Templates – Divi comes with hundreds of pre-designed templates, and more are being added all the time. You’ll find templates for many different types of websites.
  • Continuous Improvement – The developers at Elegant Themes are constantly improving Divi, including adding new functionality. You can rest assured that if you use Divi, you’ll be able to take advantage of this constant improvement.
  • Excellent Support – As an Elegant Themes customer, you’ll get access to customer service and support. I’ve found the support from Elegant Themes to be the best from any theme shop out there.
  • Incredible Pricing – Elegant Themes sells its products through a membership model. For just $89 per year, or $249 for lifetime access, you’ll get access to their themes and plugins, including Divi.
  • Unlimited Websites – You’ll be allowed to use Divi on as many websites as you’d like, which includes your own sites as well as client websites.

I’ve personally been an Elegant Themes customer for several years and I consider the lifetime membership I purchased to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I use their themes for many of my own websites and I highly recommend Elegant Themes.

Divi allows you to build custom pages and layouts visually from the front end of your website. While there are a number of WordPress page builders out there, Divi is easily among the best, especially when you consider the pricing and the ability to use it on an unlimited number of websites.

The collection of pre-designed templates is simply amazing. Regardless of what type of website you’re looking to build, there’s probably a template for it. And the templates aren’t simply homepages. They include full site packs with templates for About pages, Service pages, Portfolios, Blogs, and more. You can very easily and quickly set up an entire website with the help of Divi. And of course, you can use the templates as a starting point by customizing the design to meet your needs or to suit your preferences.



Like Divi, Extra is also from Elegant Themes. Because Elegant Themes sells their products on a membership basis, members get access to both themes for just one price. This is another reason why Elegant Themes offers the best value in the industry.

While Divi is well-suited for corporate websites, portfolios, and non-profit websites, Extra is better for content-heavy websites like blogs and news sites. Of course, Divi can be used for these purposes as well, but Extra is a little more ideal for sites that include a lot of content.

Extra includes a Category Builder that gives you complete control over the category index pages. That means you can create fully-customized layouts for each category, and you can do it without the need to touch the code.

Extra also makes use of the Divi Builder, which means you’ll have full creative freedom over the design and layout of your pages and posts. You can do the same things with Extra that you can do with Divi, thanks to the Divi Builder. This includes the use of a huge selection of templates.

Like Divi, Extra is also built to integrate with WooCommerce for e-commerce websites. Extra also has features that allow you to create review websites or review posts. If you’d like, you can also allow visitors to rate your posts and have the rating displayed with each post.

Extra is the theme I use more than any others on my own websites. While I would recommend Divi higher for corporate sites, Extra would be my top recommendation for content-heavy sites.



Astra is the most popular WordPress theme after the Twenty Twenty series that comes preloaded with WordPress. It has been downloaded over 2.4 million times and has over 5,600 five-star reviews.

Astra is a multipurpose theme built from the ground up to be fast, perform well in speed tests, and provide the SEO benefits you expect and the compatibility you need.

The theme is fully compatible with leading page builders, WooCommerce, SureCart, learning management systems, and most WordPress plugins. It also supports rich media, video, audio, store products, memberships, drip content, and a huge range of other features you might include in your website.

Astra comes with over 240 readymade Starter Templates that cover any conceivable use, from business to eCommerce, agency to blogs. Whatever design you’re looking for, you’ll find something suitable.

Templates install in seconds and can be customized any way you like using the WordPress block editor or page builders such as Spectra, Elementor, or Beaver Builder.

The Astra theme is regularly updated to optimize code, add new features and keep it compatible with new versions of WordPress. There’s also a dedicated support team and a lively user community to help you get the best out of the theme.



Avada is one of the most popular WordPress themes and its extreme flexibility allows you to build just about any type of site. With more than 650,000 customers, it’s impossible to deny that Avada is a theme worth considering.

A true multipurpose theme, Avada can be used in many different ways and it comes with 76 different pre-built websites that you can use. These templates could be used to get your site up and running in a hurry, or you could use them as starting points and customize the design as needed.

Avada comes with the Avada Builder, which gives you unparalleled control over the design and layout of your site. You’ll have full control, including the ability to create custom headers and footers.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce WordPress theme, Avada is an outstanding choice. You can use the WooCommerce Builder to create custom product page layouts and get your site looking perfect, without the need to code. Tweak the design and layout of any product page, so you won’t need to use the same layout for every single product.



Monstroid2 is another popular and highly versatile theme that allows you to create whatever type of website you need. Monstroid2 uses the Elementor page builder to make customization, design, and layout changes easily.

You’ll be able to choose from a large selection of skins and pre-designed elements to create your site quickly. You can also use these templates as a starting point and customize them to suit your own needs.

Like the other themes that we’ve covered so far, Monstroid2 is an option for building amazing e-commerce websites that are powered by WooCommerce. Create custom product page layouts to showcase each product in the best way possible.



If you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme that has strong e-commerce capabilities, Porto would be an excellent option. While it can be used to create almost any type of website, there are a lot of features and templates specifically for e-commerce sites.

It comes with 79 multi-purpose demos and 42 online shop demos. These e-commerce designs are among the best that you’ll find from any theme, and the variety is outstanding. There are templates with many different design styles and for all purposes. You easily could use Porto to create websites over-and-over again and get a different look each time.

Of course, like the other top themes, Porto gives you the option to customize the design and layout as needed. It uses the Visual Composer plugin for drag-and-drop functionality. Even if you want to design something on your own, you’ll love the Porto Library that includes a nice selection of pre-designed elements that you can pull into your layouts as needed.



Ekko comes with more than 50 pre-designed websites that you can deploy quickly and easily. It also features a powerful page builder with more than 250 different template blocks that can be used. The theme options panel also gives you further control over all the details of your site.

If you’re building an e-commerce website, Ekko offers 8 different pre-built shop page layouts, as well as 8 different product page layouts.

Ekko also works well for portfolio sites, with 12 different portfolio layouts.



Salient includes a page builder that allows you to make use of 330+ section templates, which are the building blocks of your pages. You can easily implement the section templates wherever you’d like and then customize them as needed. With this approach, you’ll be able to design custom websites in almost no time.

You’ll also love the pre-designed demos that can be installed with just a click of the mouse. And as you’re editing the design and layout of your pages, you can use the visual front-end editor for quick and convenient work.

The adaptive images features will detect the user’s screen size and automatically load appropriately-sized images. This is great for fast page loads and also reduces the strain on your server.

Salient offers so many features that it’s impossible to cover them all, but here are just a few:

  • Massive icon collection
  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Smooth animations
  • Shape dividers
  • Megamenu



The7 is an extremely versatile theme that can be used to create just about any type of website. It comes with 48 different pre-built websites that can be deployed instantly, and you’ll find options for a very wide variety of businesses and organizations.

When you purchase the theme, you’ll get access to several premium WordPress plugins, including the WPBakery Page Builder. You can use this page builder plugin to create custom designs and layouts, and The7 is also fully compatible with the popular Elementor plugin for creating custom designs without coding.

Want to create an e-commerce website? The7 includes some beautiful pre-designed sites for WooCommerce, and of course, you can also create your own designs and take advantage of the full WooCommerce compatibility.

The7 is a very solid theme that could be the foundation of just about any site that you need to build.



Ultra, from Themify, is a very flexible multipurpose WordPress theme that features a beautiful design. Ultra comes with 60 different pre-designed layouts that can be set up with a single click, making it very fast and easy to set up live websites. There are demos for all different types of businesses and organizations.

With Ultra, you’ll get 17 different header layouts, 5 different post layouts, 6 header background options, 6 archive layouts, customizable typography, and more. You’ll also benefit from features for portfolio websites and e-commerce websites.



Is there a name that’s more appropriate for an all-purpose theme than Total? With that name, it’s clear that this theme aims to be one that can be used to create any website.

Total comes with the WPBakery Page Builder, which makes it easy to create your own designs and layouts using the front-end drag-and-drop builder. Plus, Total includes more than 50 custom modules to improve your page building experience.

Like several of the other themes that have been mentioned already, Total includes a selection of pre-designed templates or demos that you can use to speed up your site creation. There are more than 40 demos for a variety of different types of businesses and purposes.



X has been one of the most popular themes for years and it remains a top choice if you’re looking for an all-purpose WordPress theme today.

With X, you’ll have control over the layout with a point-and-click Cornerstone editor. You can also take advantage of live  text editing with the inline editor.

X also includes:

  • Role manager
  • Dynamic content
  • Custom workspace
  • Global blocks
  • And more



Oshine could be used to build a website of just about any type. It comes with more than 50 demos and hundreds of pre-designed sample pages that are ready to be used. Oshine is an option for portfolios, company websites, shops, and more.

As you would expect, Oshine comes with a page builder. The Tatsu page builder features a sleek design and allows you to edit the design and content visually.

In addition to the pre-built pages, Oshine also features sections that you can use as the building blocks to create your own pages. You’ll also love the header and menu styles that you’re able to choose from.



Kalium comes with a nice selection of pre-designed demo websites for various purposes and types of businesses. The theme comes with the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin, so you’ll be able to control the layout and design of your pages and posts. Kalium also has a header editor that provides endless possibilities for the header of your site.

While Kalium is a multipurpose theme that could be used for just about any website, it’s especially well-suited for portfolios.



Bridge is a very impressive multipurpose theme that comes with an amazing 500+ pre-built websites that you can use. There are pre-built sites for businesses of all types, and best of all, the designs are beautiful.

Of course, the designs of these pre-built sites can be customized to suit your needs, and you can also create your own layouts and designs. Bridge is compatible with both Elementor and WP Bakery, so you’ll have your choice of page builders.

Whether you want to create a blog, corporate website, e-commerce website, or non-profit website, Bridge is an outstanding option.


The Gem

TheGem is another theme that offers ridiculous value. It comes with more than 400 pre-built sites for all different types of businesses and organizations. Regardless of what type of site you’re creating, TheGem probably already has a template for it.

You’ll be able to use either the WPBakery Page Builder or Elementor to customize the design and layout. Plus, it comes with TheGem Blocks plugin, which gives you 300+ pre-designed page sections so you can build your own pages in a matter of minutes.

The pre-designed sites are extremely well-designed. Between the quality of the designs and the fact that you have 400 to choose from, you may never need to start a design from scratch again.



Scape is an all-purpose theme that comes with 20 pre-built demos that you can use to create your own site. While that collection isn’t as big as some of the other themes listed here, the designs included with Scape are very high quality.

This is a flexible theme that integrates with The WPBakery Page Builder to allow you the freedom to customize your designs. Scape offers a visual header builder and footer builder so you’ll have control over those important parts of your website without needing to touch any code.

You’ll also get 250 pre-built sections that can be used as building blocks to create your own designs quickly. If you need to have complete control over typography, no problem! Scape allows you to add any font from Google Fonts, Typekit, FontSquirrel, or your own fonts.



Shapeshift is a theme that comes with the Thrive Theme Builder. You may be familiar with Thrive Themes since they are the creators of several popular plugins. The Thrive Theme Builder allows you to create your own theme from scratch with a visual builder. This is a full theme builder, not just a page builder that only impacts the content area of the page or post.

Shapeshift is a pre-built theme that uses Thrive Theme Builder. It’s a versatile theme that that could be used for anything from a blog to a company website. And as you might expect, the design and layout are fully customizable. Simply use the Thrive Theme Builder to customize it according to your needs.

You can purchase the Thrive Theme Builder on its own, or get a membership that gives you access to all of the Thrive Themes plugins as well.



Neve is a lightweight versatile theme from ThemeIsle. There are more than 80 starter sites included that you can import easily to create the type of site that you need. Use the header and footer builder to customize those areas of your site, and also take advantage of the drag-and-drop editor that provides plenty of creative control.



H-Code is a well-designed theme that comes with 190 pre-designed layouts. Many different types of businesses and websites are represented by the templates, so you’ll have many options.

The WPBakery Page Builder plugin is used to give you creative control over the design and layout. H-Code also offers a number of shortcodes that can be used to save a lot of time and create the perfect website.

If you’re creating an e-commerce site, H-Code is fully compatible with WooCommerce.



Enfold comes with about 25 different demos that you can set up on your site almost immediately. The demos can be installed with the content as well as the design, so all you’ll need to do is go through it and change the necessary details. The theme also includes its own drag-and-drop builder that allows you to customize page layout and design as you desire.

You’ll also appreciate many other features like:

  • WooCommerce support
  • Integrated form builder
  • Shortcode editor
  • Sidebar manager
  • Translation ready

With this collection of amazing themes, you’re sure to find one that will meet your needs. The beauty of using an all-purpose theme is that you can use the same theme for many different projects, whether it is for your own websites or client websites (you may need to purchase multiple licenses or a multi-site license, depending on the theme).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multipurpose Theme?

Multipurpose or all-purpose themes are highly flexible and can be used for a variety of different types of businesses or websites. You might be able to use the same theme for a corporate website, e-commerce website, online portfolio, and blog.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Multipurpose Theme?

The most significant advantage is that you’ll become extremely familiar with a theme if you use it over and over again. You’ll be able to create new websites faster because of that familiarity. Also, some themes offer multi-site licensing, so you may save money by using the same theme on several different websites.

Can I Design My Site Without Coding?

All of the themes covered here provide some sort of layout and design customization, although the details vary from one theme to the next. Please refer to our descriptions of each theme.

Which is the Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

All of the themes featured on this page are quality options, but Divi is our favorite. You’ll get a huge selection of pre-design templates and sections, plus the pricing and licensing is amazing (allowing use on unlimited websites).

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