17 Neutral Color Palettes (with Hex Codes)

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Neutral Color Palettes

Are you looking for a way to add elegance and class to your design projects? Then consider the beauty of neutral color palettes. These harmonious hues can beautify any design scheme while keeping it understated and timeless.

Neutral palettes contain incredibly versatile colors — they look great in any season and feel just as special for corporate designs as they do for more relaxed designs like café logos or special projects like wedding invitations.

Neutral Color Palettes

We’ve curated 17 of the best neutral color palettes, including all the Hex Codes, so you can easily integrate when choosing colors for your projects. Whether you’re working on a corporate project like a business website or a law firm logo or something more relaxed like a beach café menu or party invitations, one of these neutral color palettes is sure to do the trick.

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Muted Mirage

Muted Mirage Color Palette

Colors: #656d4f, #9b9b84, #fbeddb, #e1d0bc, #c9a88d

This stunning combination of green, gray, sand, and beige tones will give your designs a subtle yet modern vibe. This neutral palette is perfect for any corporate project, giving off a professional yet timeless feel with its soft colors.

Earthy Elegance

Earthy Elegance Color Palette

Colors: #282827, #3f4043, #fae8c8, #d7bda3, #909193

This beautiful color palette will give your designs just the right amount of sophistication and class. A combination of dark neutrals like black, plus sand, tan, and gray creates a classic yet contemporary feel that works especially well with corporate projects like logo designs.

Rustic Retreat

Rustic Retreat Color Palette

Colors: #273813, #5f692e, #f4e8d6, #ddb678, #b76b3e

This is a perfect color scheme for those looking to add some earthy vibes to their designs. With bold shades of dark olive, sand, tan, and rust colors all working in harmony, Rustic Retreat is great for any project that needs a little bit of nature-inspired vibes, such as a rustic café menu or eco-friendly boutique logo.

Minimalist Moods

Minimalist Moods Color Palette

Colors: #acbb90, #d6dcc5, #aa7c57, #fdf0d0, #eee1c7

This is a great palette for those who want to keep their designs minimal yet interesting. Lighter shades like pale greens, brown, sand, and tan all combine perfectly to give your project an understated yet modern aesthetic with an airy vibe. Try this soothing palette for projects like yoga retreat logo designs or spa websites.

Soft Sand

Soft Sand Color Palette

Colors: #69442e, #9d8461, #f8ead6, #cfdba6, #ceb68b

This is a perfect monochromatic color scheme for projects that require an extra dose of warmth and comfort. With earth tones of brown, sand, and warm tones of tan all combined, Soft Sand will give your project the feeling of a comfy, cozy sweater. Try this all-neutral color palette for beachy wedding invitations or cozy café menus.

Timeless Tones

Timeless Tones Color Palette

Colors: #656464, #9a9998, #dfdede, #d3c7b9, #b09473

This classic color palette consists of gray shades and light brown neutrals, giving your designs a timeless look. This palette is perfect for any project that requires an elegant yet subdued aesthetic, such as law firm logos or luxurious spa websites.

Earthy Oasis

Earthy Oasis Color Palette

Colors: #274625, #828b7d, #e4e1d0, #bcc5b8, #ada79d

This lush combination of dark green and gray creates a beautiful palette perfect for any nature-inspired project. Try this palette for projects like eco-friendly packaging, health & beauty brands, or organic restaurant menus.

Neutral Nirvana

Neutral Nirvana Color Palette

Colors: #000000, #3d3d3d, #f0efef, #cbcac8, #bca98c

This neutral scheme will give your projects a modern feel with its mix of darker colors like black, shades of gray, and tan. This would be an ideal palette for corporate designs such as tech company logos or financial websites.

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm Color Palette

Colors: #93703f, #d3b484, #dbdbdc, #8c8778, #2d4772 

The power and beauty of a stormy sky inspire this palette. With warm shades of tan, gray, and navy all coming together, Quiet Storm will give your designs a subtle yet powerful edge. Try this one for projects like travel magazine covers or fashion branding packages.

Stone Serenity

Stone Serenity Color Palette

Colors: #1d2022, #494c4e, #dfe1e2, #cecfd0, #787a7b

Shades of dark to light grey create a soothing neutral color scheme that is perfect for creating a modern and high-tech vibe. This would be an ideal palette for tech-focused designs such as a logo for a start-up or a website or mobile app design.

Subtle Chic

Subtle Chic Color Palette

Colors: #40342f, #706e6d, #f3ebe7, #bcb1ab, #c09683

This combination of dark brown, gray, sand, and tan will give your projects a classy yet edgy feel. The neutral tones are fabulous for more upscale designs like luxury fashion brand logos or high-end hotel websites.

Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon Spice Color Palette

Colors: #7d6f66, #c5b6ab, #fbece0, #e4cebc, #bc5f53

Grays, tans, and a pop of color with cinnamon come together in this palette to create a perfect combination of warmth and sophistication. Try this neutral scheme for projects that call for a warm feeling, like cozy bakery logos or rustic wedding invitations.

Desert Fog

Desert Fog Color Palette

 Colors: #685848, #b9a693, #d5d1cb, #97999d, #121a2b

Brown tones, tan, gray, and deep navy make up this unique color palette to give your designs a warm yet mysterious feel. This would be an ideal palette for projects like desert-inspired jewelry packaging or travel websites.

Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor Color Palette

Colors: #110c01, #3e3e3e, #f1f0ee, #dbd6cd, #c0bfbb

Black, medium gray, white, and light gray combine in this monochromatic scheme that’s perfect for any palette that needs to feel sophisticated yet minimalist. Try this one for logo designs for luxury corporate projects or sleek boutique websites.

Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage Color Palette

Colors: #203241, #b1a99d, #e7d8cb, #786a64, #a37263

This palette’s deep navy, gray, soft shades of sand, and wood tones come together to create a cozy and inviting feel that’s perfect for projects such as farmhouse-style furniture websites or home decor shop logos.

Sleek Slate

Sleek Slate Color Palette

Colors: #7e7d78, #b4b2af, #f4efec, #cbd1d2, #414040

Muted shades of grey, white, and black make up this modern color palette, ideal for projects requiring a minimalist yet stylish aesthetic. Try this palette for projects such as modern product packaging or contemporary art gallery websites.

Driftwood Dreams

Driftwood Dreams Color Palette

Colors: #3c2717, #7e6a3e, #ded5cf, #dec6ac, #81420f

The warm, natural colors of this brown, tan, and rust color palette will give your designs an earthy feel that’s perfect for any project that needs a little bit of nature-inspired vibes. Try this palette for projects like outdoor adventure company logos or eco-friendly product packaging.

Final Thoughts on Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes are a timeless design staple that can bring richness and life to any project. Whether you’re designing corporate logos, special projects like wedding invitations, café menus, or something else — these neutral hues are the foundation for the perfect color palette. Try out one of these 17 curated palettes. With our easy-to-use hex codes, it has never been simpler to integrate neutral color schemes into your designs.

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