New Version of Git Has Been Released

There is a new version of Git in town, as the Git community recently released Git 2.7.0

Released right at the start of 2016, Git 2.7.0 comes with a long list of features, some of which are as follows:

  1. The appearance of gitk has been improved for high DPI monitors.
  2. Better support for local timezones and many new translations have been added.
  3. The worktree now has many new commands and subcommands.
  4. The debugging infrastructure for pkt-line based communication has been revised.
  5. Support for line-encoding conversions has been revised.
  6. UI and workflow improvements
  7. Bug fixes, obviously.


However, the biggest change that Git 2.7.0 brings is that it now has a more flexible naming structure for git bisect. So far, git bisect was mostly used for locating regressions and errors within your code. But starting Git 2.7.0, you can now use git bisect to locate both good and bad changes — “what caused the given bug?” or “what fixed the given bug?” — both of these questions can be answered using git bisect.

To learn more about Git 2.7.0, head over to the blog post announcing its release. You can find the detailed changelog and release notes on this page.

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