20 Handy Online Presentation Tools

There may be times when you need to present ideas to clients or co-workers and could benefit from one of the many resources for creating online presentations. In this post we’ll introduce plenty of different presentation tools to get the job done. Some are free to use while others will come with a cost.

Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck believes that making presentations should be fun and easy. If you check out their website, you’ll quickly notice the simple design and be drawn in by the idea that you’re able to create a presentation using one of their beautiful templates as well as exporting the presentations as a .pdf or .pptx. You can display your presentation on your mobile device as well. There are a couple of pricing options for professionals, discounts for students/educators, and even a free option for personal use.



Slides is an awesome option for creating a presentation as it offers you the ability to edit the HTML presentation markup and even use a CSS editor to customize your theme.  You can present live with live streaming from anywhere in the world, or export your presentation to send along to your clients. You can sign up for free, but your decks will be public. There are two paid options for private decks – $6 a month or $12 a month for a team.

iWork for iCloud (beta) 


Keynote is Apple’s presentation software, and now it is also being offered entirely online through the cloud if you are interested in using the software for building a presentation. You’re able to share documents with others as you collaborate on a project. It’s important to note that since this service is technically in ‘beta’ that Apple can discontinue it at any time.



Present.me is lets you add video and audio to presentations that you can’t be present for. So, it lets your clients see the whole picture, without you even being in the room to explain it.  You can upload your PowerPoint, Google Docs, PDF, or Prezi presentations to Present.me and insert your audio and video content from there. It’s a really nice tool to help ensure that your mission and goals aren’t lost in translation once they reach the client. You can sign up for a free 14 day trial followed by a $17.95/month charge.



Emaze is a newer platform that is definitely growing in popularity. The site offers many template options including options with gorgeous 3D animation. There’s also a handy translation tool that will help you translate your presentation if you need to translate to another language for your client. You can view other presentations for inspiration, which is a nice touch when you aren’t sure what direction you are wanting to go. There’s a free account with limited access, as well as three paid options starting at $9 a month.



PowToon’s slogan says it “brings awesomeness to your presentations.” Their slogan rings true as their platform creates animated presentations for you that are perfect for product demos, pitches or client concept videos.  They provide the animation tools as you just select what you are looking for through their simple step-by-step process. PowToon encourages you to follow these three steps: write the script, record the voiceover, and add visuals using their platform. They have a free membership option with limited access and two other paid options – Pro for $19 a month or Business for $59 a month.



authorSTREAM allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations and share them with others online. The presentations can be shared via a URL, email, or they can be embedded. Presentations can be downloaded as a video and shared on YouTube. With authorSTREAM there is a free option as well as 3 paid options starting at $4.20 a month.

Google Slides


With Google Slides you can upload your own images and video, add text, and create presentations quickly. You can allow anyone to view or edit your presentation. Existing PowerPoint files can also be uploaded for sharing. Google Slides is free.



VCASMO is a free tool for online presentations. You can upload your images, video, audio, PDFs, or PowerPoint files to create presentations with VCASMO. Permission control puts you in charge of who sees your presentation, and they can be embedded in blogs or websites.

Zoho Show


Zoho Show includes pre-built themes that can make it faster to create presentations. Presentations can be shared with others and they can be embedded in blogs and websites. Zoho Show is free for personal use.



Prezi is an online presentation tool with both free and paid plans. With any plan you can easily create your own presentations and share them online or download them for offline viewing. With paid plans (starting at $4.92 per month) you get additional features like making presentations private and the ability to work offline.



SlideShare is now owned by LinkedIn and is another online presentation tool that is free to use. You can upload your presentations here and share them, just as the site’s title would suggest.



Mindflash is geared towards training materials and working with your existing presentations and training files (PowerPoint, video, Word, or PDFs). Mindflash converts them into an online course that you can share with anyone that you are training.  Paid plans start at $149 per month.



Slidebank is a “presentation management solution for companies with thousands of PowerPoint slides that nobody can find.” It includes a lot of features for sharing presentations as well as storing and searching. With SlideBank you can also create new presentations in addition to just working with existing ones. A hosted version of SlideBank can be purchased, or it can be hosted on your own server. Contact SlideBank for a quote.

Here are a few more options:


Upload your own PowerPoint presentations and publish them for free. Or, you can sign up for a Pro account and share the presentations privately with your clients.


Use Timeglider to create timelines that are interactive. It’s a fun way to showcase a project’s lifecycle.


This site allows you to narrate your PowerPoint slides and also record your screen or video for your presentation. It uses YouTube’s API to upload and host the videos once completed.


You can use Wideo to create custom video presentations that include your own images and audio. The site allows you to share and download the videos in high-definition as well.


SlideDog lets you combine most presentation formats into one seamless presentation. You can merge web pages, video clips, and other presentation formats into one experience to share with your clients.


Voiceboard allows you to include 3D models, maps, webs pages and other web based apps into your existing presentations.  They also allow you to control your presentation with a swipe or gesture using your mobile device.

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