Need Customized Shirts? The Best Brands for Designers

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T-shirts are extremely versatile; you can dress them up, and you can dress them down. Most importantly, they’re one of the simplest ways to express yourself. A graphic tee can speak volumes about your personality, so if you’re going to wear one, it’s important to choose one that’s high quality with vibrant images. You don’t want to look sloppy!

If you can’t find one out in the wild that fits your needs, however, you can simply create your own with one of the many T-shirt printing services available. But with so many options, which one should you choose? Look no further—we’ve got suggestions ranked below for the 10 best online T-shirt designers. Whether you’re looking to make some extra pocket cash or just want to customize shirts, you’re certain to find what you need.

10. Print Aura


The Good

If you’re looking for a way to create a mass number of T-shirts to give away or sell in a shop or something to that effect, Print Aura is a quick and effective solution for your needs. You can request samples, create anything from phone cases to embroidered hats, and the products range in quality from cheaper to more lavish items, (allowing Print Aura to cater to various audiences).

The Bad

This printing service is more localized to creating products specifically to sell, and if you want to get single creations you won’t really be able to without buying multiple pieces at a time. It also lacks many of the tools that other services have, including a storefront to peruse other designs individuals have uploaded. It’s a lot more difficult to manage product sales with this service as well.

9. Blue Cotton


The Good

There’s a wide selection of items on which you can place your designs, and if you need help you can always count on Blue Cotton’s templates to get you started. The T-shirt creation editor is simple to use, and there’s even a selection of business wear you can customize to your liking. Some orders get free shipping as well. You can also choose from some quick-start templates, add your own text, and quickly get on your way. You can also create special campaigns for fundraising if you so desire, like for students or school events.

The Bad

The service is very light and streamlined, and thus it’s missing several of the tools its contemporaries have. It’s also a smaller company than others, but again, there is no storefront on which you can sell or browse other designs. Additionally, some of the available clothing options are lower quality than other providers. You also need to buy in bulk, usually at a minimum of six shirts. If you only need one, you may want to look elsewhere.

8. Snaptee


The Good

Snaptee is a very svelte, interesting twist on the T-shirt design tool, and it takes place completely within an app. It claims to have 1,000,000 designs in its “Snaptee Locker,” so if you decide you want to purchase a shirt after creating some designs of your own, you’re welcome to do so. You can create, edit, and change your ideas, all within the app. In the same way you might edit a photo before uploading it to Instagram, Snaptee allows you to change your designs before making them available for purchase. What’s more, there are plenty of products to choose from.

The Bad

While this can be viewed as both a good and bad thing, Snaptee is self-contained as a mobile app, meaning you cannot edit your products via browser. You’re also limited to what sorts of designs you can create and upload. Some designs via the “locker” aren’t for sale.

7. Jakprints


The Good

Jakprints is a relatively new company with a singular vision: allowing consumers to create their own personable prints with sublimation and other processes. In other words, Jakprints allows its users to make one-of-a-kind shirts. It’s also a hip, clean storefront that’s easy to navigate. There are several products you can choose from other than T-shirts as well.

The Bad

Jakprints’ products can be much more expensive than other competitors. Additionally, potential issues with sublimation printing may cause you to receive a subpar product (which wouldn’t be the fault of the company). Nevertheless, if you’re looking for clean prints without issues, this might not be the way to go.

6. CafePress


The Good

When talking about custom tee shirt printing solutions online, CafePress is often a staple of conversation. It’s been around for quite some time, and it offers several templates for creations, various items on which you can print your designs, and several ways for creators to monetize their art. There’s a whole host of simplistic design options for newbies to whip up quick and dirty ideas, and it couldn’t be simpler to upload artwork for use on each shirt or custom item.

The Bad

It can take quite some time to receive your CafePress design from start to finish, up to 10 days for delivery in some cases. The shirt quality itself is also quite subpar, with blurry text and muddy images, especially with the 100% cotton Hanes T-shirt. The cost to quality ratio is also quite low when compared to other T-shirt design services.

5. Threadless


The Good

Threadless is an established name throughout the T-shirt community for buyers and creators, and you can buy several different items there in addition to creating them. It’s a bit different from the regular print shops, such as the ones seen on this list, in that you create your own “artist shops,” but it’s still fully featured. Viewers can vote to bring your designs to the masses as well.

The Bad

Due to the communal nature of Threadless, you’re better served creating your designs elsewhere if you’re not interested in sharing them or having visitors vote on them. If your only interest is in creating and selling your designs, you will definitely make a profit. However, there’s a little more to Threadless creations and uploads than with other providers. Thus, its learning curve is a little higher than the rest.

4. CustomInk


The Good

CustomInk is a full-featured service that allows you to create your own T-shirts. It’s also fairly well-known throughout the country, thanks to a pretty effective marketing campaign (including TV commercials). The company offers helpful customer service (chat and hotline services), and plenty of items on which to print designs.

The Bad

Unfortunately, it can take some time to receive your products with free delivery: two weeks, to be exact. Rush shipping takes a week, but you’ll have to pay extra for a 3-day super rush option.

3. Zazzle


The Good

Even if you don’t typically create shirts online or use similar services, you’ve probably heard of Zazzle. There are various items on which you can print your designs, and several ways for creators to monetize their art as well. There are also several options for holiday and home decor. (Consider checking out Zazzle’s interesting wood wall art!)

The Bad

Because of the brands that partner with Zazzle, it can be a bit more expensive to use than other services, and it can sometimes take a while to receive your items. You’ll also need to be careful if you’re working with designs that deal with copyrighted material.

2. Spreadshirt


The Good

Spreadshirt has an attractive layout, helpful customer service agents, and a wide variety of tools you can utilize to create your own customized products. There are over 100 items for you to choose from if T-shirts aren’t your thing, and you’ve got the comfort of knowing you’re working with an established brand.

The Bad

Some of the community designs are uninspired and lack the same creativity you might see elsewhere.

1. RedBubble


The Good:

RedBubble offers a wide variety of items, including cosmetic bags, scarves, leggings, and more. It’s more than just a T-shirt business. There are also thousands of premade designs you can choose from, ranging from nearly any topic. Prices are quite reasonable, and the shirt quality is very high, even when it comes to printing on darker fabrics. Purchase to delivery generally takes a week or so, but the end result is fantastic.

The Bad:

Some of the items can be pricey to purchase, and there’s not much policing when it comes to copyrighted materials. Other than that, this is a pretty reliable service with a whole lot going for it!

You should be able to make some sort of decision on which T-shirt printing service is right for you by now. But if you’re looking for additional advice when it comes to your design business and needs, don’t forget to check out these related articles:

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