How to Organize Your Desktop

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Organize Your Desktop

Clutter follows us everywhere: on the streets, at home and even in the digital world. Whether it is vast expanses of Internet or a small apparatus, called an iPhone, I bet you stumble upon stuff that can be easily related to a complete mess.

Much like in real life where the garbage needs to be consistently disposed of, virtual litter that contaminates our devices should be treated seriously as well. And this is not a matter of taste or way of living; it is an issue of high productivity.

Recent studies show that the more organized person you are, the more chances you will have to meet the deadlines and as a result earn more money. Creative chaos is a huge obstacle on your path to achieving goals and reaching great heights.

You know how we have always been taught that details make the whole difference, so that these tiny worthless objects like text files, exe files, photos, etc. that overpopulate our PC’s, Mac’s, smart devices, and even such applications like Gmail or Dropbox can dramatically deteriorate and set back the workflow. And you know how this can affect business.

To avoid such an unfortunate outcome, you should keep your workplace in order. While modern workplace implies lots of stuff, including a desk with a bulk of stationery, numerous gizmos, laptop or computer, it seems that the first thing that calls for some ‘trimming’ is your desktop; and today we are going to give you some helpful tips how to organize your desktop.

First things first.

Take a look at your home screen, does it feel fresh and crisp? If not, then you should start to create order out of chaos. To successfully run this ‘campaign’ you should remember two important things: honesty and uncompromising stand.

Minimize folders and icons.

Ask yourself: are these folders vital for you or your job? If your gut keeps silent, then they probably can be put away or deleted for good.

The same goes for shortcuts, do these programs are relevant and sought-after? If not, then again they should be removed.

Use smart wallpapers

Here you are blessed with two options. The first one is to use sectioned wallpapers or organizational wallpapers that visually delineate all the graphics on your monitor and place them into blocks.

The second option brings emotions into play. You can set an image of beloved people or pets as a background that you will hardly risk to encumber or opt in favor of picture with inspiring phrases or spectacular landscapes that will motivate you on following your dream.

Empty trash bin.

While you may believe that when you press a ‘delete’ button and the icon or folder disappear from your sight, your work here is done, in fact, you should hold your horses since you are just in a middle of a process. In order to actually free the space you need to empty a trash bin; so that make constant revisions to this repository.

Take care of cache and browser.

Cache and browsers require regular cleaning. They are one of the dirtiest places on the computer. So that shakes them up in order to speed up the system.

Move Deeper

To put all the information hidden in your disks in order takes up plenty of time and a great deal of effort, however, it is worth it. There are so many ways of organizing this mass of data, but we are going to enlighten just several ones that are viable and time-proven.

  • Adopt 10-folder system, for example break the multimedia into images, videos, illustrations and etc.;
  • Categorize and sort all the stuff, for example by date, preferences, occupations etc.
  • Establish hierarchy;
  • Be reasonable – choose understandable names.
  • Use color for setting focal points and highlighting importance;
  • Archive all the stuff that you think is irrelevant but you still can’t get rid of it;
  • Delete all the duplicates.

Of course, this is general advice. Depending on your situation you may come up with more effective solutions.

For now, that’s all. We hope we have given you assistance in this matter, and remember ‘stay calm and before carrying on – organize your desktop’.

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