5 Reasons Why Page Builders can do a Better Job than WordPress Themes and Website Builders

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In the website design world there are today two mainstream ways to build a website: 1) use a premium WordPress theme, or 2) use a website builder. Much can be said for either approach, but there is a third way – using a WordPress page builder. This article will discuss the essential PROs and CONs of each approach as well as some overlooked facts.

Website builders’ drawbacks and advantages


  • Build simple websites relatively fast


  • Limitations when building medium to complex websites; one example: some website builders don’t even have features such as search boxes, built-in blogs or ready-made social media widgets. At the same time, there is a WordPress plugin for almost any idea that you have.


The PROs and CONs of using a WordPress Theme


  • Highly customizable and frequent updates


  • Most WordPress themes are now overloaded with features you don’t need: unnecessary plugins and code, demos etc. That means in the end a slower website and a lower position in Google


WordPress Page Builder’s overlooked facts

WordPress page builders have several important advantages when compared against the alternatives:

  • page builders have more features and fewer limitations than website builders – you can build more complex websites.
  • page builders can produce the same result as a WordPress theme at half the cost – a Premium WordPress Theme costs $59-$75 on average, while a Premium page builder can be acquired for $34.
  • page builders are versatile; they can be used standalone, or used with low-priced themes, older themes, or free themes.


Why designing a websites with a popular page builder makes sense

Before viewing the video below and see how easy it is to create a beautiful one page website, let me tell you what we learned after using a popular page builder such as Visual Composer (VC).

Rapid Learning Curve – Even if you haven’t worked with Visual Composer before, you can become a good VC user in hours.

Intuitive – Using Visual Composer is intuitive, and learning the basics of drag and drop takes no time at all.

Try before you buy – Not many people know this, but you can take Visual Composer for a free trial run. You can request a free trial from here. By the end of your test, you’ll be well equipped to design a website.

Affordability – A Visual Composer license costs $34; half the price of a premium WordPress theme, up to three times less that the price of similar plugins.

Why use Visual Composer as a standalone design tool when it is found in most WordPress themes?

Visual Composer, with its more than 500,000 users, is the most popular WordPress plugin on the market. Most WordPress Themes use it as their primary design engine. Many however, have disabled certain VC features and do not automatically install updates. None provide VC user support.

To use VC’s full range of available features, receive instant updates, and take advantage of VC’s support, you must purchase a license. It makes sense to use a premium page builder like VC as a standalone tool since you will be given all the design and user support you need.

Summing up 

  • You have full access to valuable design features that theme developers elected to disable.
  • Your VC license guarantees that you will always receives the latest updates, and you have full access to product support.

Visual Composer’s key features


Visual Composer’s frontend page builder and backend editor combination makes creating a dynamic website easy, and generally easier than is the case with online website builders. This is due in part to the drag and drop editor that eliminates any need for programming.

Key VC features include a library of 40+ Content Elements designed to get you off to a fast start when building a layout.


It takes but a click to add an element to a layout, edit it, or remove it. The drag and drop interface also allows you to place an element precisely where you want it.

Visual Composer’s Skin Builder makes it easy to customize your website’s look, or emphasize your brand.

You’ll find VC’s Grid Builder indispensable for designing page layouts or setting up portfolio, post, or blog pages.

Taken together with a number of additional features, these key features add up to a standalone page building tool that enables you to create a page you can justifiably take pride in.

Free trial available

A standalone page builder offers a simpler, more affordable approach to website design. While many page builders on the market today have what is needed to get the job done, Visual Composer is the most popular one of all, and for good reason.

It has a fast learning curve, it is easy and intuitive to use, and you will gain access to useful features theme builders have elected to disable. Since with any website design tool the proof is in the pudding, we suggest you give this page builder a free trial spin.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Visual Composer

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