25 Photo Editing Tutorials for Photoshop

Most professional digital photos are touched up in some way or another. Photoshop is, of course, one of the leading programs for photo editing, so learning the basics of the possible photo editing techniques can have a positive impact on the end result of your photography. For designers, many photos that are provided by clients will need some touch ups to get the best look possible.

In this post we’ll link to 25 helpful tutorials that teach different aspects of photo editing in Photoshop.

How to Reduce Digital Noise in a Photograph

Recovering Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Recover Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Create Hipstamatic and Instagram Style Effects with Photoshop and Retrographer

Professional Sharpening Techniques in Photoshop

Realistic Portrait Retouching with Photoshop

Apply a Color Effect to a Photo

Color Correcting Photographs Using the Curves Adjustment

Giving Your Photograph an Antique Look

How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop Using Unsharp Mask

How to Sharpen in Photoshop

How to Intensify Your Landscape Photos in Photoshop

Photo Color Correction for the Amateur Photographer

Editing Shortcuts in Photoshop

How to Create a Haze Effect in Photoshop

Haze Effect in Photoshop

How to Manually Blend and Stitch Panoramic Photos


Glamor Retouch Tutorial

Create a Retro Film Roll Camera Effect with Bokeh

How to Create a Dramatic Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Dramatic Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Quick Tutorial for Perfectly Toning a Picture in Photoshop

Control Tonality with Photoshop’s Black and White Filter

Radial Zoom Enhanced Eyes Effect in Photoshop

How to Retouch Areas of Gradient Skies in Photoshop

Gradient Skies in Photoshop

How to Blend Textures with Photos in Photoshop

Simulate Film Grain in an Image with Photoshop

Realistic Cast Shadow Effect with Photoshop

Colorizing Images with Gradients in Photoshop

Add a Lens Flare Effect Non-Destructively with Blend Modes

Action Zoom Blurring Effect in Photoshop

How to Create a Faded Cross Processed Effect in Photoshop


How to make a vintage Toy camera effect in Photoshop Tutorial


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