10 Photo Editing Apps to Beautify Your Instagram

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Photo Editing Apps

Want to impress followers with high-quality content every time you post on Instagram?

If so, you may need to use resources outside of the native Instagram features to gain a following. Many brands, big and small, are finding new ways to set their instas apart.

Best Photo Editing Apps

Below are a few of our favorite photo editing apps to help you crush it on Instagram:



Google-owned Snapseed has become hugely popular among iPhone/iPad users looking to edit on the go. After a recent Snapseed 2.0 update, Snapseeders are now able to quickly edit photos using a variety of features. The app allows you to tune, crop, rotate, filter, adjust, brush, spot repair, and more. Micro features allow for some of the best images and most powerful editing software available on smartphones.

Download on iOS and Android here. (Available for free.)



After much publicity from Apple on the App Store, VSCO Cam has been a popular app amongst Instagrammers looking to enhance imagery. Not unlike Snapseed, you can edit an image with great detail. The added value in VSCO Cam is its following: a community of photography fans who use VSCO Cam daily to create powerful art. VSCO Cam users can post work publicly or store images in their “journal.” Use this app to support your Instagram and inspiration development.

Download on iOS and Android. (Available for free.)



This iOS app serves Instagram lovers and indie photographers alike, with a classic, retro experience. All features are designed to mimic an old camera, from the first shoot to the last edit. Hipstamatic has very similar features to both VSCO Cam and Snapseed, with additional benefits, such as the ability to apply filters to videos. As we watch Instagram’s video market grow, Hipstamatic could become a tremendous asset to Instagrammers looking to experiment with video content. Hipstamatic also offers a darkroom editing suite, as well an instant filter that can be used while shooting.

Download on iOS. (Available for $2.99.)


camera Plus

Camera+ is a longtime-running camera app, and with over 10,000,000 downloads, it has become one of the most popular, too. In addition to its range of darkroom editing features, Camera+ allows users to enhance imagery through continuous flash, touch exposure, zoom, (up to 6x) and advanced shooting mode. Camera+ doesn’t lack in filter options with over 30 in their collection.

Download on iOS(Available for $2.99.) 



Does your Instagram game revolve around selfies? If so, then Facetune might be your perfect app. Facetune offers a healthy variety of services to enhance your selfie photography. Even blemishes are no match for Facetune, with editing tools ranging from teeth-whitening to skin-clearing technology. You can even apply filters to give yourself that ideal glow.

Download for iOS and Android(Available for $3.99.) 



If you haven’t got this sister app from Instagram, we recommend it. Using Layout allows you to take images from your camera roll and mix them into a collage. This customization option allows the creation of impressive pieces of artwork using existing photos. It works with Instagram, so dimensions aren’t a problem. After you save the new collages you’ve made, you’re ready to show off!

Download for iOS and Android(Available for free). 



Instagram’s other sister app, Boomerang, allows you to master Insta stories with simple mini clips. These mini clips play perfectly inside Instagram. Boomerang allows you to capture short videos by stitching together ten separate images. Once you’ve chosen your images, download then re-upload to Instagram for your one-of-a-kind shot.

Download on iOS and Android(Available for free). 


If Instagram is feeling a little too predictable, consider standing out with a bit of handwriting or stamping. SnapPen is just one of the many available apps to set your images apart. SnapPen allows personalized customization; you can add pen markings to any of your images. Perfect for artists and designers looking to get noticed.

Download on iOS. (Available for $0.99.)

PicsArt: Photo Studio


PicsArt is currently one of the most downloaded iOS and Android photo editing apps. With over 250M downloads across the board, it offers an easy-to-use and simple photo editing experience. With over 1,000 available features, you can easily edit and share your images. If you’re looking for psychedelic images, PicsArt has a set of illusion features, such as walking on water, becoming a mermaid, and even transforming eyes into galaxies.

Download on iOS and Android. (Available for free.)



Canva has been one of the most popular websites for designers across the world. This graphic design tool has been made available for both iPhone and iPod touch in the last few months. Canva offers extensive photo editing services but allows you to add text, shapes, elements, and more. Canva offers numerous templates with post-perfect dimensions, ideal for any social media manager or Instagrammer. The start-up is now worth $345M in a recent valuation, and Apple continues to promote it in the App Store as a recommended photo editing tool.

Download on iOS. (Available for free.)

From selfies to videos, these apps for Android and iOS can liven your Insta persona. Give a few of them a try this week and see how your results improve.

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