11 Photography Courses To Skyrocket Your Career

As the photography industry continues to grow, more resources are becoming available all the time. Blogs, YouTube, and photography courses (virtual or in the classroom) are just a few of the many resources available to assist you in skyrocketing your photography career. You may have even seen our post in May, where we revealed the secrets of DIY photography.

In this piece, we’ll dive into Udemy, Creative Live, and Skillshare. With simple and clear video content, these workshop resources are perfect for those looking to learn from home. (If you’re a designer who’s looking for more, be sure to check out our other post, here. You’ll learn why designers should also be professional photographers.)

Below are photography courses available to help you advance your career and skyrocket into success.

Beginner photography courses:

Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide


This straightforward guide consists of long-form articles, detailed imagery, and suggested resources on getting started. Adam Dachis effectively describes how to implement basic DSLR camera techniques in his simple image breakdowns. This free resource is recommended for those learning terminologies of photography equipment and methods. Broken into five manageable sections, you’ll breeze through the provided information with a stronger understanding of cameras.

Lens Choice: A Beginner’s Guide


This course provides information on choosing the right lens—invaluable knowledge for a new photographer. In taking this class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about lenses, focal lengths, compression and distortion, basic camera operation, and suggested tips for personal photography.

Indeana Underhill, your coach in this course, is a Canadian-born photographer and travel-enthusiast spending a lot of time in Europe, South America, and Iceland.

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography


This “Photography Masterclass” is one of the most popular features Udemy offers. With over 15 hours of video content and more than 30,000 students, this is a great starting point for photographers. Additionally, this masterclass doesn’t disappoint, boasting a high 4.4/5.0 rating from over 1,500 students. The course breaks down everything from understanding how cameras work and what gear you’ll need, all the way to setting up a photography business and selling photos online. This photography course is priced at £200/$260, and according to feedback, is well worth the price. Udemy’s “Photography Masterclass” has been widely received as one of the best photography education packages available.

Beginner Guides to Photography


Although rough around the edges, this website proves to be an insightful source for beginners, catering specifically to beginner challenges. Written by Neil Speers, a landscape photographer, this resource pairs wonderfully with Lifehacker guides to create a guide for photography basics. There are 12 basic lessons, which include tips and resources. The course serves as a bookmark for a new photographer, assisting in developing core skills. Each lesson is designed to push you forward with specialized learning.

Creative Live: Fundamentals


Video courses can often be one of the most successful methods of teaching, and Creative Live offers photography students a detailed set of lessons. While many lessons require payment, the education comes from high-quality teachers sharing unique content. The fundamentals section of photography offers an array of classes, ranging from Basics 101 to lighting courses. All lessons are available digitally and can be taken as needed.

Intermediate photography courses:

Photoshop & Lightroom for Photographers


Knowing Photoshop and Lightroom can be endlessly helpful for a photographer. Photo manipulation through tools like Photoshop, InDesign, or Lightroom can often strengthen a photograph.

This Udemy course offers 6.5 hours of free lessons, all detailing how to start up Photoshop and Lightroom on your PC/Mac. The course has also had over 60,000 students, with a high 4.4 rating to support their content. This is an excellent way to push your photography skills to an intermediate level. As you improve your Lightroom and Photoshop skills, remember these resources too.

Full Professional Photography course


This professional course allows you to go deep with your photography, and you’ll even have the opportunity to earn an official diploma after completing the lessons. Photography Institute was created by George Seper, famous for his food-centric photography. He has provided professional photography for publications such as Vogue Italia, Martha Stewart Living, Madame Figaro Paris, and many more.

This course has been widely endorsed and accredited, and the content developed for these lessons comes from top photographers and influencers in the space. The course costs £599.00/$786.59 for the entire experience. In the lessons provided, you’ll be given 12 modules and 12 interactive assignments, with a suggested time of 24 weeks for completion.

Instagram Next Level Amazing: Inspiration, Tools and Tricks


There’s no doubt Instagram has become a key channel in showcasing artist growth. In this course, lead by Tyler Wheatley, we see how valuable Instagram can be to photographers and businesses. We see that Instagram can be used as both a media outlet and portfolio. This course will cover how to do just that, and what’s more, how to do it efficiently and resourcefully.

Tyler has been working as a commercial photographer for many years, and in the process, he’s amassed a following of over 600K on his personal Instagram. The more high-quality imagery he offers, the more his following continues to grow. If you’re looking to grow your social media following, you can’t miss this course!

Advanced photography courses:

Creative Live: Advanced lessons


As new photographers hone their skills and become comfortable with a camera, many look to creating businesses or going freelance. This Creative Live topic list is perfect for advanced learners, with information on capturing sports, food, and more.

The courses within Creative Live allow for an intermediate photographer to go even more niche, all while learning about photography as a whole. With 14,000 students already, this lesson goes into detail about food photography, storytelling, and styling in general. The lessons are enriched with valuable assignments, resources, and video content.

Adventure Photography


As you begin to master the intermediate and advanced courses in photography, you may want to consider an excursion of some kind: courses that push your comfort zone. These courses both challenge and educate you through real-life experiences abroad. Alex Buisse offers an experience like no other with his adventure photography workshops.

Through this unique opportunity, you can visit beautiful locations, such as the French Alps, Argentinian mountains, and Canadian waters. Adventure Photography promises a course that offers full engagement and nature-based learning. (Keep in mind, however, these are intensive days; as its namesake suggests, this program is tailored toward adventure-hunters.)

Portraits and Places: Photographing People in Their Spaces


Some of the most compelling photography has captured the people and places of the world, at times even bringing about change. Photography has the power to change attitudes and opinions; by revealing a truth, photography can spark emotion in its audiences.

In this way, photography requires skill. A photographer must know how to capture his or her subject, be it a person or a place. This Skillshare course details just how to capture those moments. This course encourages photographers to tell a story in their imagery. If a story is good enough, it can capture the attention of others, create a feeling, even skyrocket a career.


If you are looking to take your photography to the next level, these courses can assist you in doing just that. Advancement is difficult for a newbie, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of opportunities to turn your photography into a career.

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