5,000+ Free Photoshop Gradients for Designers

What are Photoshop Gradients?

A Photoshop gradient is an effect in which one color, shade, or level of brightness fades into another. Gradients are commonly used in web and graphic design. The following post contains 25 free sets of gradients available for download.

Gradients are commonly used in web and graphic design. Having a large collection of gradients already prepared will allow you to try new gradients quickly, speeding up your design process. Of course, there will be times when you want to create your own gradients, but for other situations, a library of presets can be an effective tool. Different gradient colors applied in different directions will help you to customize all the colors included in the image and enhance those colors as well.

Gradients refer to the color effects that modify each color of the picture according to fixed pattern and customizations. Gradients consist of different densities of colors spread in different directions. Different color effects can be combined together and the different gradient colors can be applied in different directions. Finally, you can apply it to a photo and see the drastic change in the overall color effects and other aspects of the picture.

How to create a gradient in photoshop?

Gradients may be used to indicate the weather patterns, cast a virtual shadow and they can save plenty of your time. Gradient tool in the photoshop allows you to create a gradient directed towards any particular direction such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, left to right or any irregular direction. You can do this by selecting the gradient tool, combining the different colors, putting them in the right sequence, sketching a line in the direction of the gradient and making few other customizations to achieve the right kind of contrast throughout the whole picture.

Web 2.0 Gradients (156 gradients)

These gradients exist with rough patches and no regular style of designing.

Web 2.0 Gradients

Vintage Gradients (20 gradients)

Soft-textured gradients to be used by the photographers during post-production.

Vintage Gradients

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1 (110 gradients)

The dark color gradients that may help you to introduce the old vintage effect, nightfall effect or any other similar effect. These effects can also be used to create the metallic or chrome effect.

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #2 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #2

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #3 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #3

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #4 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #4

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #5 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #5

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #6 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #6

iPhone Gradation Set (22 gradients)

Amazing gradient presets to be used for making different iOS themes, apps, wallpapers or can be used in any other such digital product.

iPhone Gradation Set

Modern Photoshop Gradients (75 gradients)

Modern Photoshop Gradients

Dooffy Gradients Set 001 (15 gradients)

Doofy Gradients Set 001

Dooffy Gradients Set 002 (30 gradients)

Doofy Gradients Set 002

Apple Gradients (54 gradients)

The gradients composed of light colors will help you to customize text forms, touch buttons on the web page and other tools.

Apple Gradients

Landscape Gradients (100 gradients)

Landscape gradients are used to introduce amazing backgrounds in the picture.

Landscape Gradients

Ocean Breeze Gradients (140 gradients)

Ocean Breeze Gradients

Skin Tones Gradients (126 gradients)

Skin Tones Gradients

Sky Gradients (37 gradients)

The gradient used to make a perfect sky and similar effects.

Sky Gradients

51 Gradients

51 Gradients

88 Gradients

88 Gradients

66 Gradients

66 Gradients

43 Gradients

43 Gradients

Nature’s Beauty Gradient (81 gradients)

Nature's Beauty Gradient

400 Gradients

Cool set of gradients to change the colors slightly or sharpen the contrast.

400 Gradients

98 Gradients

98 gradients with dark colors and wonderful composition.

98 Gradients

208 Gradients

The simple pack of gradients that you would need for learning or customizing the photo from scratch.

208 Gradients

Sky Gradients (11 gradients)

Amazing gradient colors with light to very dark in the single spectrum of the light wave. You may use these sky gradients according to the weather and particular time of the day.

Sky Gradients


Gradients can help you achieve the vintage effect, cozy, sunrise or sunset effect or any other particular effect in a just small lapse of time. You can also achieve the particular time of day by applying a suitable gradient effect. The customizations are done after applying a gradient to ensure realism.

Variety of gradients can be created using different color schemes, different regular and irregular patterns and trying almost everything different that is possible. All of these gradients are really fun and you can get best out of them by practicing different options and methods.

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