25 Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Creative Product Advertisements

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Advertisements often display a lot of creativity in design. After all, they have to grab the attention of viewers. Photoshop is an excellent tool for designing advertisements and thankfully, there are a number of tutorials that show how to create amazing advertisement designs.

In this post we’ll feature 25 different tutorials that can help you in your own advertisement design. The collection includes video tutorials as well as text-based tutorials. You’ll find some that are intended to be used for designing print advertisements and others for digital or online ads.

Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Ads

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Energy Drink Advertisement Design Tutorial

This video tutorial shows the exact process you can use to create a bright and colorful ad for an energy drink. There are also some photo manipulation techniques involved.

Professional Product Ad in Photoshop

This watch advertisement design is simple, elegant, and beautiful. It’s the perfect approach for a luxury product like an expensive watch.

Learn how to create a colorful banner ad that’s sure to stand out by following along with this video tutorial. You’ll actually see how to create a group of banners in different sizes and dimensions (all with the same style) to be used in various places.

Make a Soft Grunge Product Ad Design in Photoshop

This text-based tutorial walks you through the process of creating a shoe advertisement that incorporates a splatter effect.

Sneak Ad Tutorial

Create a Shoe Advertisement Poster Using Floral Elements

Here is another shoe ad design with a completely different style than the previous one.

Shoe Ad

Design a Stunning Sneaker Advert

This sneaker ad uses glowing light effects to stand out.

How to Design a Sneaker Advert

Create an Amazing Ad in Photoshop

Here’s a similar ad that really looks professional. Learn how to duplicate the design be following along step-by-step.

Nike Ad Tutorial

Simple Social Media Ad Design Tutorial

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the best places to advertise for high ROI. This tutorial shows how to create a simple but beautiful social media ad.

Simple Social Media Ad Tutorial

Here is another social media ad tutorial. It shows an approach you can easily follow and adapt to create your own unique designs.

Design a Sleek Diamond Poster Advert

This diamond poster ad is elegant and easy, by following along with this tutorial. Be sure to see our collection of Photoshop poster design tutorials for more ideas.

Diamond Ad Photoshop Tutorial

How to Make a Car Advertisement Poster

This design uses a nice dispersion effect that is a perfect choice for a car advertisement. Of course, you can use the same technique to create ads for other types of products as well.

Create a Freshly Baked Cafe Ad

Here’s an elegant, professional-looking cafe ad that’s made by using some pre-designed elements.

Ice Cream Ad Design Tutorial

This colorful ice cream ad looks just like something you’d see on social media or in your email inbox.

Instagram Pizza Ad Tutorial

Learn how to design an advert for a pizza restaurant by following along with this video.

How to Design a Web Banner Ad

Here you can learn how to create a series of banner ads with matching themes and styles. The example is for a sports accessories company, but you could use the same approach for other purposes.

How to Make Animated GIF Banner Ads

Animated banners can be extremely effective for grabbing attention and this tutorial shows you exactly how to do it.

Design a Frosty Beverage Advertisement

This ice-cold beverage design looks like something you’d find in a magazine.

Cold Beverage

Strawberry Juice Advertising Poster Design

Create a bright, colorful drink design by working along with this Photoshop advertisement design tutorial.

How to Design Instagram Ads Using a Gradient Effect

Gradients are often used with advertisements. This video teaches how to create a beautiful ad with a gradient background. The process is pretty straightforward, but the end result is a high-quality social ad.

Create an Animated GIF Banner Ad

This is another tutorial for learning how to create an animated banner in Photoshop. Use this type of banner online and you’re sure to get more visibility and more clicks.

Orange Juice Advertising Poster Design

Here’s another colorful juice poster tutorial that shows how to create a professional-caliber advertisement design.

Create a Smartphone Ad

Create an ad for a smartphone by following this approach. You can use the same techniques to create designs that resemble other types of mobile phones.

Smartphone Ad

Create a Shampoo Advertisement in Photoshop

This is a simple advertisement that shows the product with other containers blurred in the background. Add your own text to your design if you’d like.

Shampoo Ad

This cologne ad is fairly simple, but the high contrast definitely helps to ensure that it’s noticed.

High Contrast Black & White Ad

High Contrast Black & White Ad

How to Create an Anti-Smoking Ad Concept with Photoshop

Learn how to design an ad with a good cause. Encourage others to quit smoking with your own design.


Final Thoughts

Many graphic designers use Photoshop to create ads for their products and services, or for clients. These tutorials represent a wide range of approaches and types of ads. Follow along with a few of them and you’re sure to learn some techniques that can be useful in your own projects.

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