Best Websites For Pixel Art Inspiration

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The world of pixel art is vast and while it may seem small, there are many pixel artists dedicated to the craft. Most pixel art nowadays is created for fun or for practice. But there are exceptions for retro websites and indie game projects.

Anyone that wants to learn pixel art will have a long road ahead of them. Aside from practice, it’s also a good idea to study the work of other artists.

That’s why I curated all the best websites to find pixel art inspiration into one post. Below you’ll find all the best sites full of pixel art from talented artists all over the world.

Websites for Pixel Art Inspiration

Reddit /r/PixelArt

pixel art subreddit reddit

The first site I have to share is Reddit. This is mostly a social news aggregator powered by user voting, but it splinters into sub-communities called subreddits.

You can find subreddits on every topic imaginable including pixel art. The /r/PixelArt subreddit has over 35,000 subscribers and garners multiple posts per day. Users often submit their own work for critique. But you’ll find other professional submissions too.

It’s the best community for everything related to pixel art. You’re free to post your own work for critique or start a discussion thread if you have questions about the process.

A smaller alternative subreddit is TruePixelArt. This has a much smaller community and barely gets any posts(maybe 2-3 per month). I would recommend sticking with the main pixel art subreddit, but there’s no harm in subscribing to both.

Either way, Reddit offers a huge community of enthusiasts willing to share and help others. If you’re looking to create pixel art then you should definitely check it out.


pinterest board pixel artwork

The vast world of Pinterest seems dominated by DIY projects and cute Etsy things. But you’ll also find a lot of artwork shared on Pinterest, along with boards directly related to art.

Naturally this includes pixel art with multiple boards available online. You can browse literally dozens of custom pixel art boards to find pins shared by hundreds of pixel art fans.

You can also try searching Pinterest for related keywords. This allows you to limit contents based on what you’re looking for(pins, boards, users).

When I first found Pinterest it mostly seemed like a fashion/food/decoration website. But the amount of artwork on there is exquisite. It’s a great site to find quality inspiration for whatever pixel art you’re looking for.

Twitter @Pixel_Dailies

pixels dailies pixelart share twitter

Most artists know about the Sketch Dailies account which curated sketches and illustrations created by artists. Each day a new theme is announced and artwork is shared by fellow artists around the world.

This idea became so popular that spinoffs were created, one of which is Pixel Dailies. This follows the same concept where a new theme is announced each day. But instead of sketches, you get pixel artwork.

The account is very active and full of incredible artwork from newbies and experts. This is a great place to not only find inspiration but also to find other artists interested in pixel art.

Many users go above and beyond to create pixel art that’s animated too. This means you get to see a wide variety of artwork from characters to animals and landscapes.


flipboard pixel art concept

At first glance Flipboard may seem very similar to Pinterest. However Flipboard is more of a news/content curation service rather than a social sharing site.

Users can make collections called magazines and each Flipboard magazine has a different purpose for curating content.

The best one I’ve found is this pixel art magazine created by PixelArtM. The account has 18k followers and growing steadily.

New pixel art is added into the site every day. It’s a very impressive collection and there must be well over 1,000 different examples of pixel art. It’s undeniably one of the best resources for inspiration and I’d recommend signing up for Flipboard just to track this board.


pixel art instagram 8bitbitches

We all know about the incredible rise of Instagram over the past few years. This has lead to a surge of new content with thousands(or millions) of new photos posted every day.

Thankfully Instagram kept its explore feature open so you can browse pixel art tags. Anyone who tags a post with #pixelart will show up in that feed. New content is added daily so it’s easy to find stuff you like.

Unfortunately it’s tough to find individual accounts dedicated to pixel art. Instagram doesn’t have the best discovery features like Twitter. But here are some accounts you might consider following if you’re into pixel art:

Tumblr Blogs

pixel art search on tumblr

Last but not least there’s Tumblr. This is a self-hosted blogging platform that allows others to reblog content. It follows a similar concept as Pinterest, but there’s more room to publish actual blog content beyond just photos.

I’d recommend browsing the pixel art tag to see what comes up. Tumblr has a better search feature than Pinterest so it’ll be easier to find new or popular artwork.

But it’s also difficult to find unique bloggers related to a certain subject. Tumblr’s search is OK but it’s difficult to find recommendations for blogs.

Here are a few pixel art Tumblr blogs you might want to follow.

All the sites in this post are incredible and well worth bookmarking if you’re interested in pixel art. It seems like a dying art where very few people are willing to spend the time to make it.

But where there’s an audience there will always be creators.

This post covers the best sites that I know but there might be others. If you know of any others feel free to share in the comments and let us know your favorite sites for inspiring pixel artwork.

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