40+ of the Best Poster Fonts for Your Designs

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The effectiveness of a good poster comes from many things, including the arrangement of the objects to color. However, one of the most critical factors comes down to typography and font choice. A good font can be an iconic element of branding and tie a poster together.

Finding the right font, however, takes experimentation. That’s where this list comes in.

Here are over 40 different fonts for posters that can help sell your brand, project, or portfolio. These are some of the best poster fonts around for your next project.

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The Best Poster Fonts

Poster fonts need to draw the eye and create interest in the text. They also need to be thematically appropriate to the nature and details of their respective projects. After all, you wouldn’t use a science fiction-style font for a 17th-century pirate-themed project.

Thankfully, designers can use many fantastic typefaces for poster designs across any project or theme. Here are 40+ poster typefaces to consider for your design projects.

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Faktor – Bold Headline Typeface

Faktor is a bold, modern all capital typeface that evokes the Window’s standard ‘Impact’ but looks a lot cooler. This is a display and headline typeface where text should be huge and dominate the focus, such as titles for posters. It’s a single-weight font with four styles and includes OTF and TTF desktop fonts and optional web fonts.

Best Poster Fonts - Faktor

Hochland – Condensed Urban Poster Font

Hochland is a condensed-style font that seems to cross the boundary of time, suitably modern, but embellished enough to serve as a retro throwback. This font is condensed and feels very vertical, offering exciting design choices. It’s perfect for any number of headings and creative poster designs and serves as an inspiring sans-serif font. It works for many types of posters.


Nuraga – Creative Poster Font

Nuraga is a flourished sans-serif typeface that offers a retro edge, evoking poster designs of the 1960s. The font itself comes with OpenType alternative characters that put the flourish on different letters, creating a stand-out retro font for any commercial project.


Lanekcut – Display Font with Character

Lanekcut is a heavy-style, all-caps display font that features ligature fonts and allows you to overlap various characters in interesting ways. It’s very modern with variations in letter width. This is great for headlines, logos, and any large type your project may require.


Chloe – Classic Typeface

Chloe is a lovely, two-case font with a clean, retro appearance. The font is what you might envision for the title of a romantic comedy or sitcom featuring a woman-lead (see more feminine fonts). This classic-appearing typeface screams vintage and includes discretionary ligatures to get the right effect you need for your poster project. It’s a bold choice for poster design.


Christopher Wells – Elegant Serif Font

Christopher Wells is a premium font with bold and elegant serif flourishes. The font is suitable for many purposes and lends a touch of class to a design for titles of posters. The font features several formats with all standard glyphs, ligatures, and international characters.

Christopher Wells

Bornspeed – Bold Display Font

Bornspeed is a modern, tech-oriented font that befits projects with a thrilling and exciting feel. This is a bold display font. If you seek a sans-seif font that creates solid appeal and fits for physical, rough-and-tumble commercial projects, Bornspeed is an excellent choice.

Poster Fonts - Bornspeed

Roaring Jungle – Retro Poster Font

Roaring Jungle is a specialized retro typeface that evokes old jungle and adventure stories straight out of the pulps. The font looks simultaneously carved from stone or wood and features vintage flair, such as a “rough” version with distortion and distress.

Roaring Jungle

Brand – Elegant Poster Font

Brand is a typeface that’s pretty much summarized by the name. It is an elegant, classy font that is perfect for branding any project. This font includes all uppercase letters and multilingual characters, including a ligatures collection.


Rhinegold – Handmade Display Font

Rhinegold is a font that has a hand-lettered quality. It can certainly be qualified as retro with multiple variations on various characters that add different stylistic flourishes. The more Celtic influence of this font can provide a novel approach to a poster design project.

Poster fonts - Rhinegold

Poster Compressed – Bold Display Font

Poster Compressed is a highly condensed font offering thick, tall letters with minimal spacing. This font was designed specifically with tight kerning, allowing for tighter headlines and copy for your poster project. When space is at a premium, Poster Compressed shines.

Poster Compressed Font

Artis – Unique Display Font

Artis is a multi-use typeface that can grab the attention of just about anyone. Distinctly modern with bold shapes and decorative lines, this font has a sci-fi edge that can prove incredibly useful. The package comes with a single-weight typeface in OTF, TTF, and web fonts.

Best Poster Fonts - Artis

Northden – Industrial Poster Typeface

Northden is an excellent modern poster font with a straightforward, readable design and scales well. The font is also available with a distressed alternate font that gives the font further character and ruggedness. Complete with 15+ ligatures, the font offers plenty of design inspiration for any designer.


Blackpast – Futuristic Poster Font

Blackpast is a modern, stylish font that would be perfect for a modern poster for a thriller. The futuristic font also features dramatically extended line alternates that create genuine visual interest. The upper case and lowercase letters are identical except for stylistic flourish and notches that give this font a distinct sci-fi edge.


Wolfgang Krauss – Modern Fraktur Typeface

Wolfgang Krauss is an embellished typeface suitable for posters and band merch. This font is a simple blackletter type but still feels modern. It features uppercase and lowercase letters in addition to TTF and OTF files.

Wolfgang Krauss

Everyrose – Brush Font

Everyrose is a font with a handwritten quality that features faded ink and paint characteristics. Dramatic and very legible, this typeface has many uses but could make for a beautiful horror or thriller poster font. This sans-serif font features regular and slant characters. Brush-style typography can really garner attention.


Bright – Modern Retro Typeface

Bright is a typeface that looks like its designer pulled it from the 1960s or 1970s print advertising the latest fashion trends. This font has a retro edge for sure but can also serve as a centerpiece to a modern design. This font features over 50 unique alternate characters and ligatures that allow you to customize the look as you see fit.


Quite Word – Modern Blackletter

Quite Word is a modern blackletter font with a dark and occult edge. Very dramatic, this gothic-style design has a myriad of uses. This is a robust central font for a design, especially when supplemented with contrasting fonts that are less stylized. A perfectly creepy design for titles for posters.

Poster Fonts - Quite Word

Headline – Ultrabold Poster Font

Headline is a font that is titled accurately. This ultra-bold sans-serif font dominates the space of any poster or design where viewers can find it. The font has three file formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF. The font is comprised of uppercase letters and also offers outline characters. The clean form of this font is a solid choice for titles for posters.


Tommy – Sans Serif Font Family

Tommy is a clean sans-serif typeface that has an international appeal. Offering 14 different variations to suit any design project, the Tommy font family is perfect for print and the web. The font has multilingual support and features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Perfect for a modern poster. This evokes the typography of some favorite film posters.


Brith Brush – Poster Font

Brith Brush is a handcrafted brush letters font that can lend a perfect poster design a quirky and indie edge. The font feels equally adult and childish with a textured appearance. Featuring familiar characters in uppercase and lowercase, this font might be just what you need for the promotional poster for the next big indie romance film.

Brith Brush

Rompies – Modern Condensed Poster Font

Rompies is a sans-serif font that evokes the cover designs to 1970s science fiction novels. It is a condensed, modern typeface designed for display. Utilizing tight spacing and unique letter-shape combinations, the font can seamlessly combine uppercase and lowercase characters for unique combinations. It also includes ligatures and alternate characters! This can make for a fun futuristic event poster.


Davish – Poster Font Family

Davish is a bold sans-serif font that is minimalist but effective. It is also designed with consistent height and weight across multiple styles. Designers can use these numerous styles for different projects such as headlines, bodies, posters, and brochure designs. This highly unique pack can cover just about any design challenge, especially an indie poster.

Poster Fonts - Davish

BRAZIE – Adventurous Poster Font

Brazie is an exciting and off-kilter typeface that features a fun, adventurous feel. This serif font features a bouncy baseline and works for any adventurous or outdoor poster you can think of. Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats for any design flow.


Margin – Retro Serif

Margin is another font featuring retro elements. Described as a chubby serif font, the design includes thick curves and serifs to harken back to the 1970s. This font is vintage and consists of an OTF and web font version.


Bogem – Layered Typeface

Bogem is a bold display typeface that features thick letters that layers incredibly well. It is an all-caps font but offers an eye-catching style perfect for informational posters, titles, and more. It includes a web font version as well. It could even work well for a party poster.


Hubstone Brush

Hubstone Brush is a typeface featuring a hand-drawn quality with brushstroke characteristics. Perfect for a wide range of headlines, displays, or logotypes, the font features upper and lowercase letters in addition to alternates and ligatures. The font is designed specifically for software that supports OpenType and glyphs panels.

Hubstone Brush

Aerosal – Vintage Display Font

Aerosal is a fun, modern, and elegant typeface that looks as though it would work for the logo of a trendy fashion label or store. This sans-serif monospace font also includes a web font variation for websites. This vintage typeface would look fantastic on a label.


Fiver – Multiline Display Font

Fiver is a display font utilizing a unique multiline style. It proves to be equally at home in modern and retro poster designs. This sans-serif typeface uses uppercase letters and includes OTF and TTF files. It also pairs well with other fonts, allowing you to put the emphasis where it is needed most.

Best Poster Fonts - Fiver

Helena Display – Layered Poster Font

Helena Display is a sans-serif typeface designed for display and poster projects. The font also works in layers, creating a classic, three-dimensional look. Helena Display is an excellent choice if you want a bold, blocky headline or logotype for your next project.

Helena Display

Scary Things – Creepy Serif

Scary Things is a horror typeface that features a clean and sharp serif style. The font evokes a specific popular Netflix series and would be a great fit for any horror-centric design project. It feels retro, and those sharp points create a sense of threat that can be a powerful tool in any designer’s arsenal.

Scary Things

Rockids – Bold Poster Font

Rockids is a display typeface that comes in several styles. This sans-serif font is bold and all caps but features sharp, soft, and italic variants. The font works particularly well with shape-driven posted designs and has a no-nonsense look. Consider it for a scientific poster.


Rutheride – Condensed Serif

Rutheride is a condensed-style serif typeface that has a modern appeal. It is inspired by the auto and motorcycle poster designs of the 1980s. It can work wonders for vintage flyers and apparel lettering. It also features multilingual support!


Butchery – Bold Script Font

Butchery is a script-style font that has a bold style. The font is inspired by food posters, menus, and packaging full of curves and embellished serifs. The font also features multilingual accent characters, perfect for traditional Spanish food names.

Best Poster Fonts - Butchery

Bronxos – Collage Punk Poster Font

Bronxos is the punk-style typeface you’ve been looking for. This collage-evoking font features irregular letters and an alternative that appears like the designer cut it from paper. This mishmash of style is suitably chaotic and energetic.


Poster Cut Neue Font Family

Poster Cut Neue is a hand-drawn rough display font, akin to calligraphy-style. This retro sans-serif font has an informal and energetic feel, perfectly casual but still legible. Plus, switching between uppercase and lowercase letters results in a unique feel. It also includes stylistic alternates and arrow glyphs.

Poster Cut Neue


Punchline is a bold and comedic font that evokes comic books. Punchline can make an excellent typeface for a comic book movie or a comedy movie poster by combining off-center lettering with a unique exaggerated serif style. The font also features multilingual support and a ton of glyphs. This comic cartoon style typeface can be very helpful.


Free Poster Fonts

Here are some of the best poster fonts that are available for free. Be sure that you confirm the licensing details with each one, however. Different licenses allow for varying usage levels, so if you have a commercial project, you may not be able to rely on the assembly of free fonts here.

However, most of these are clear for personal project use, so they are great for design practice.

Gravitas One

Gravitas One is a very classy serif font that might fit a cover to a book as much as a logo for a high-stakes political drama. With all of these essential glyphs, this is an all-in-one poster font. Even better, this TrueType font has a SIL Open Font License.

Free Poster Font - Gravitas One

Quintal Script

Quintal Script has a funky 1960s and 1970s flair to it. It is rounded, bold, and chunky. This serif font catches the eye completely without sacrificing legibility. The set comes in two fonts with over 1000 glyphs in a standard and bold style. Note that the font is for personal use only.

Quintal Script

Dirty Headline

This font is free for personal project use. The heavy black, all capital style makes a bold and gritty statement. The fading on the font, as though the type is low on ink, also creates some drama for your next poster project.

Dirty Headline


Blombanc’s signature-style cursive text has a lot to offer, but that is only one-half of the alternate duo font provided in this set. While only allowed for personal use, it is well with a download as a placeholder in your next design project until you find the right font of a similar style. One fascinating element of the font is the feeding on the letters, almost as if the designer scribbled the type with a fading ballpoint pen.



Tondu is the perfect choice sans serif font that has a retro look. The big, blocky letters make for a strong focal point in any design. Consider this font for your next poster project, but keep in mind it has a licensing agreement for personal use.


Final Thoughts on the Best Poster Fonts

This list of over 40 of the best poster fonts online should prove inspiring enough for your next project. The key is to be willing to experiment constantly ad try new directions. Sometimes it all comes down to a change in a typeface, such as switching from a serif font to a sans serif font.

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