5 Pre-built Portfolios Examples You Shouldn’t Miss

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More and more businesses that advertise online are discovering the important role portfolios play in meeting their marketing objectives. The question is, what types of information, and what functionalities are important for creating an effective portfolio?

Finding the right answer to this question can be especially crucial for businesses, agencies, and creative industries, for whom image is of extreme importance.

A successful portfolio is one that tells a story. It is well-structured, and it presents a business’s products or services in a way that gets a viewer’s attention, and engages that viewer. A successful portfolio instills trust in, and confirms the legitimacy of the company it represents.

Showing how Brilliant Pre-Built Portfolios can be Tremendous Assets


Be Digital Pre-built Portfolio

If you are a professional web or UX designer, or if you are a creative agency, building a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and accomplishments is not only a wise choice; it is, for all intents and purposes, mandatory. In fact, almost any online business, or a business with an online presence, will profit by having an impressive portfolio.

To make that happen, you have to have the right tools to build one; what rules should you follow, in building a great portfolio?

  • A good portfolio is “rock-solid”. Rock-solid means a portfolio that offers a clear and complete picture of your accomplishments, your skills, and your business practices.
  • A good portfolio puts on display your best, and only your best efforts. A mediocre entry can receive far more attention than you would like. When in doubt, filter it out.
  • Easy navigation is important. Help the viewer find what he or she is most likely to look for, and be able to do so easily. This is a feature that, when done right, can make you look good.
  • Include your best, and most informative testimonials. “Nice work” can be a double-edged sword.
  • Keep the layout simple. If your portfolio is poorly organized, the viewer may suspect that you, or your business, is poorly organized as well.

Simple, yet elegantly-built portfolio layouts do the best job of selling.

Be Freelancer


Be Web Design


This Be Theme pre-built website typifies elegant design through the proper allocation of space and the design elements. It definitely demonstrates creativity on the part of the designer and also shows how text can be used effectively in a modern, clean layout.

What Do Customer, Clients, or Recruiters Look for in Your Portfolio?

  • They look for a story. As impressive as your accomplishments may appear, a viewer is also interested in your career background, or the process you followed in achieving your accomplishments.
  • They look for specific product or service types. You need to know your prospective audience, so you can highlight items in your portfolio you suspect will be of the greatest interest.
  • They look for attention to detail. Small mistakes or omissions tend to become outsized to the viewer, and make you appear to be somewhat less than a real professional.

Be Parallax


In addition to being a real attention-getter, parallax can be fun to work with. When applied effectively, parallax can engage, as well as relax, a viewer.

The concept is quite straightforward. When the background imagery is made to move at a slower pace than the foreground, the relative motion between background and foreground produces a three-dimensional effect as a viewer scrolls down a page. The right use of parallax can also promote a higher level of interactivity that text on a flat, motionless background is capable of producing.

Be Portfolio


This is a good example of a page that contains a wealth of information; yet it is not cluttered. It could serve as an excellent introduction to a slideshow, or eight slideshows for that matter. This pre-built portfolio website provides an excellent example of how easy it can be to tell a story.

Which brings up two questions: Where do you find the right tool to build a portfolio, and where can you gain access to these, and similar pre-built websites?

The answer to both questions:

Be Theme – A Powerful WordPress Theme with Pre-Built Websites People Love


This has only been a tiny sampling of what you will find in Be Theme’s extensive library of pre-built websites. There are in fact more than 180 to select from, more are added every month, and many of them are multi-page websites. You’ll want to see the entire selection for yourself to understand how these websites offer a virtually unlimited number of design possibilities for creating stunning, attention-getting portfolios.

Visit Be Theme’s website, browse through the pre-built website library, and explore the many page-building options and the other core features that make Be Theme the biggest WordPress theme of all.

Check out Wraps, Muffin Builder 3, the grid options and header styles, and how shortcodes speed up the page-building process.

Be Theme is very easy to use, and its authors offer terrific support. You will begin to understand why more than 30,000 copies of this premier WordPress theme have been sold to date.

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