Pre-made Layouts – a Time-Saving Alternative to Wireframes

No matter how experienced you may be with using wireframe techniques, it is still a time consuming activity, as is researching a conceptual design as a first step in getting a new project off the ground. While wireframes provide basic frameworks for website pages, pre-made layouts have become an increasingly popular alternative.

  • Conceptual designs need to be developed before wireframing can commence. Conceptual designs are an integral part of a pre-made layout.
  • Initial sketches have to be transferred to a grid in to initiate a wireframe process. This step is not required when using pre-made layouts.
  • Incremental enhancement of a wireframe design takes time. Editing a layout is an extremely rapid process.

With a pre-made layout, you can build a website in a small fraction of the time it would take when using a wireframe approach. You can literally hit the ground running.

Some pre-made layouts examples:







Pre-Made Layouts Boost Productivity

When you can build a webpage in 30 minutes to present to the client, as opposed the hours or even days it might otherwise take to do so, your productivity will naturally increase; perhaps by one or two orders of magnitude. Since the necessary but time-consuming steps involved in creating a conceptual design and building a wireframe model, are already “embedded” in a pre-made layout, you can skip these steps entirely. If you switch over to using a layout on your next project, your client will be pleasantly surprised, when you deliver the end product in a fraction of the usual time.

Install one of Be Theme’s 130+ Pre-made Layouts with a Single Click


Since they can be edited, you can literally pick a Be Theme pre-made layout at random, and create web pages that fit in perfectly with the theme of your website, and do so in a remarkably short time. If you take a little extra time to find a layout that matches the theme of your website – and it won’t take long – your project will get off to an even faster start.

Take a minute to watch this video, and discover just how quick and easy it is to build a web page that will exhibit the user experience you are looking for. The video only shows the initial steps, but the remaining tasks are every bit as easy to perform, and just as quick. It only takes a single click to install one of these layouts, and with another couple of clicks you are off and running.

The reason these layouts are so effective, and why the quality of your finished product can easily meet or exceed what can be achieved through wireframing, is that each layout is in itself a conceptual design, and all of the features and functionality you will find in a completed wireframe are either embedded in, or can quickly be added to, any one of these layouts. In addition, layouts include color, topographic style, and graphics; features typically absent in wireframes. The bottom line is this: you can do with a pre-made layout what you can do with a wireframe approach in a fraction of the time, and you will most likely do it better. You can afford to take a little extra time to get something “just right”, because you will now have time to spare.

Customer Support Comes in Many Flavors

Be Theme is delightfully easy to use, but as intuitive as its page building processes are, there is always the inevitable question that can pop up, especially when you have just made the switch to building a website using pre-made layouts. Most of the information you might need to help you get started will be found in the User Manuals and/or the Video Tutorials. You can also learn from the experiences of others in the forums, which cover more than a dozen different categories. As far as the support team itself is concerned, expert problem solvers are there around the clock to provide prompt responses to your questions, and a helping hand should you need one.




Be Theme’s Core Features

The list of Be’s core features isn’t endless, but a full two dozen are currently listed, not including the pre-made layouts. The majority of these features will not be found in any wireframe toolkit, one reason being that Be Theme and its pre-made layouts will take you far beyond where any wireframe model could hope to do.

There is for example the previously mentioned one-click demo (layout) import. Be is responsive and retina ready, loaded with colors, graphics, advanced typography features, widgets, sidebars, and on and on.


Muffin Builder does an excellent job of building very complex pages, the type you are likely to require in an eCommerce site. Visual Composer is an alternate choice. It is a popular page builder with a huge user base. The Muffin Options Panel makes custom page building particularly easy, and keeps your creative processes under control. If you are planning on building a large website, the Layouts Configurator makes it possible to build custom layouts for different pages. Your web pages won’t look as if they came off an assembly line

A shortcode generator, parallax effect and video and custom backgrounds take you far beyond what you can accomplish with wireframing, and do so with a few simple clicks. Visit Be Theme’s website, and browse the full range of Be’s core features and the creative possibilities they offer.






Why Be Theme is Worth a Look

When it comes to describing what Be Theme can do for you, we’ve barely scratched the surface. It should be apparent that those who use pre-made layouts as the basis for creating a website, have a distinct advantage over those using wireframe techniques. Be’s users are rewarded by a significant amount of time saved, which translates into increased productivity. Web pages of the highest quality in terms of appearance and functionality can be created fastly rather than hours or days. Browse through the 130+ pre-made layouts on Be’s website. See what the two dozen core features can do for you. Be Theme definitely deserves a close look.



This is a sponsored post on behalf of Be Theme.

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