50+ Procreate Tutorials for Illustrations, Drawings, and Paintings

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Procreate is an incredible resource for artists and designers. The app is available for both the iPad and iPhone, although you’ll need an iPad and an Apple Pencil to get the most out of it.

Although Procreate is user-friendly and relatively easy for beginners to pick up, it’s also incredibly powerful. Procreate has been made to replicate the experience of drawing with traditional tools, but with all of the perks and benefits of working digitally, and artists love it.

If you’re new to Procreate or if you’ve been using it for a while and you want to take your skills to the next level, this collection of Procreate tutorials will prove to be an excellent resource.

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Procreate Tutorials

Here you’ll find more than 50 video tutorials that will teach you a wide variety of skills and techniques that you can start using today. We’ve chosen to focus on video tutorials because we feel the video format is much more effective (as compared to text) when you’re trying to master these skills. It’s helpful to see exactly what the artist is doing and follow along.

Intro to Procreate: Learning to Draw on the iPad

This is a great starting point and a video that you should watch if you are new to Procreate. The basics that are covered in this video will help you to become more familiar with the app and will prepare you for the other tutorials provided below.

Procreate Tutorial for Beginners

This is another introductory or beginner-level tutorial that also serves as an excellent starting point.

The Plant (Easy Tutorial for Beginners)

Although this tutorial is aimed at beginners, the end result is quite beautiful. You don’t need a lot of experience to create some amazing art with Procreate, and this tutorial is proof.

Plant Illustration Step-by-Step

The illustrated plants that you’ll create by following this tutorial could be used in a lot of different ways.

3 Flowers Anyone Can Draw in Procreate

This is another tutorial that proves you do not need a lot of experience to create awesome art with Procreate. These plants are the types of illustrations that you’ll see commonly in graphic design, so you’ll definitely be able to put this to good use in your own work.

Cute Cactus Illustration with Flower Animation

These illustrated cacti work well as cartoons or within fun designs.

How to Make a Colorful Mandala

Mandalas can be used in a lot of different designs, so this is a great tutorial because you’ll be able to put it to good use. Creating a mandala can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, but this tutorial breaks it down really well.

Procreate Lettering for Beginners

So far we’ve featured a number of drawing and illustration tutorials, but this one focuses on lettering. Creating custom lettering is one of the common ways that you can use Procreate and this beginner-friendly tutorial shows how it’s done.

Minimal Landscape Illustration for Beginners

Even beginners will be able to create beautiful landscape illustrations with the help of this tutorial. You can use the techniques covered in this article to design your own creations after following along with the sample created in the video.

iPad Painting Tutorial

James Julier has an incredible collection of tutorials that show you how to create amazing landscape and nature paintings in Procreate, and we’ve included several of them on this page. This one shows you how to create an amazing mountain lake scene that could be the subject of an iconic landscape photo.

Pastel Dreamy Landscape Drawing

While this is another landscape tutorial, the result has a completely different feel. Instead of a realistic painting, you’ll be creating a fun illustration.

Beach Drawing

Here’s another fun tutorial that shows you how to create an awesome beach scene in Procreate.

Mountain Sunset Landscape

James Julier shows you how to create an epic landscape image in this detailed tutorial. You’ll love the end result.

Sunset Painting Tutorial

Through this tutorial, you’ll paint a sunset scene that features the silhouettes of palm trees and birds. The beautiful colors make this one really stand out.

Moonlight Mountain Landscape Art

If you like landscapes, how about creating a night scene that features a glowing full moon?

Autumn Waterfall Landscape

While autumn colors only last for a limited period of time if you’re taking photographs, you can create amazing autumn scenes at any time with Procreate. This waterfall scene is fairly complicated with a lot of rocks, trees, and a busy background, but the tutorial explains the process very well.

African Tree Sunset Landscape

This is another tutorial from James Julier that shows you how to create stunning landscape art. This scene involves a cloudy sky at sunset.

Draw a Night Scene Landscape

Learn how to create this illustrated landscape scene that features mountain silhouettes, a full moon, and a starry sky.

How to Paint a Galaxy

By following along with this tutorial, you’ll create an amazing galaxy image that looks very realistic.

Glass Bubble House Drawing

Follow along with these steps to create a nice illustrated look of a glass bubble house.

Watercolor Tutorial for Procreate

Mimicking the look of watercolors with Procreate is a great way to create art that will be noticed. With the right technique, you can get very life-like watercolor effects, and this tutorial shows how it’s done.

Pumpkin Watercolor Tutorial

Another watercolor tutorial, this one involves an ideal fall creation.

How to Draw a Kiwi and Realistic Water Drops

This kiwi drawing is not all that difficult thanks to the help of this tutorial.

Drawing an Avocado

Learn how to draw an avocado that has been sliced in half. This tutorial is pretty easy, but the result looks very professional.

How to Draw Faces – Front View

Learning how to draw people and faces is something you’ll need to do if you want to create the best characters and cartoons. This is the first in a series of videos that explain the basics and techniques that you can use in your own work.

How to Draw Face – 3/4 View

The previous tutorial is really helpful, but you’re not always going to be drawing people that are looking straight ahead.

How to Draw Faces – Side View

The last of three tutorials that teach you how to draw faces, this one specifically focuses on profiles or side views.

How to Draw Eyes

Eyes can be a tricky element to draw, and there are several different styles of eyes that you might want to use. This video explains how to draw different types of eyes.

How to Draw Noses

Noses are another body part that can be tricky to draw, and a bad nose can ruin an otherwise good drawing. This video shows the basics that make it easy to draw noses properly.

How to Draw Ears

Ears can be drawn in several different styles depending on the type of drawing that you’re creating. With this video, you’ll learn about a few different types of ears and how to draw them.

How to Draw Mouths

Draw cartoon mouths, open or closed, with the help of this video tutorial.

How to Draw Hair for Men & Boys

Hari can be tricky to draw well, but this tutorial shows a few different techniques that you can use to complete your cartoons.

How to Draw Hair for Women & Girls

And this is the second video on drawing hair. This one specifically focuses on hair for women and girl cartoons.

How to Draw Bodies

Learn the right proportions that you should use in your drawings to create bodies that look great.

How to Draw Feet & Shoes

Do you avoid drawing feet because you don’t know how to do it well? If so, this tutorial will help.

How to Cartoon Yourself

This is a fun tutorial that explains how you can create a cartoon self-portrait in Procreate.

How to Cartoon Yourself in Procreate

This video also shows how to create a cartoon version of your picture, but takes a slightly different approach.

Instagram Pop Cartoon

Learn how to create this fun cartoon of yourself.

How to Draw Portraits

Drawing portraits can be a challenge, but this tutorial breaks down the process very well. Learn how to draw a portrait of yourself or someone else.

Skin Shading for Beginners

Knowing how to shade or color skin is one of the harder parts of learning how to draw or illustrate people. This video explains the process effectively in a beginner-friendly way.

Doodle Bubble Illustration

Learn how to create this fun, colorful illustration by following along with the tutorial.

Draw a Dreamy Whale

This video tutorial will show you how to create a nice blue whale illustration and you’ll learn techniques that can be applied to other types of drawings as well.

Drawing a Koi Fish on the iPad Pro

Learn how to draw nice Koi fish by following along with the process shown in this detailed video.

How to Draw a Ghost with Procreate

The ghost that you’ll create by completing this tutorial is more fun than scary.

Realistic Cocktail Drawing in Procreate

Interested in learning how to draw realistically rather than cartoon-like illustrations? This tutorial shows the process of drawing a realistic cocktail, which is a challenging task for beginners.

Wine Illustration Tutorial

This is another tutorial that shows how to create a realistic-looking glass and drink.

How to Design a Tattoo from Start to Finish in Procreate

You can also use Procreate to design amazing tattoos and this video is a good introduction to the process.

Outlining with Procreate

Learn how to create cute outlines very easily by following along with this video.

Neon Sign in Procreate

Colorful, glowing neon letters can be used in your designs to replicate the look of neon lights and signs.

How to Create a Better Typography on Procreate

You’ll learn some awesome typography effects and techniques with the help of this tutorial. You’re sure to put this into practice in your own design soon.

Draw a Paint Brush in Less Than Six Minutes

Looking for a quick tutorial? This one shows how to illustrate a paintbrush very quickly, but still with great results.

This collection of Procreate tutorials should help you to become familiar with this awesome drawing app. You can learn the basics pretty quickly and start creating awesome digital art. We’re sure that you’ll love experimenting and continuing to learn new things that will take your art to the next level.

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