15 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Product Advertisements

The look and message of an advertisement will obviously have a huge impact on the success of the marketing campaign. Here is a list of 15 tutorials that will help you to create more attractive and eye-catching advertisements with Photoshop.

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Design a Professional Laptop Advert – PSDFAN

PSDFAN is a new tutorial blog, but there’s already some high-quality work there, including this one.

Laptop Ad

Create an Energy Drink Ad Design – PSDTUTS

Of course a few from PSDTUTS have to be on any Photoshop tutorial list.

Energy Drink Ad

Sleek Phone Advertisement Flyer – Tutzor

This tutorial shows you how to create an attractive and creative advertisement.

Sleek Phone Ad

Add a Fresh Splash to Your Design (for a beverage ad) – Tutorial9

Tutorial9 also has it’s own tutorial for creating a drink ad.

Fresh Splash to Your Design

Design an Awesome Cell Phone Ad – Tutorial9

They also have a different style of cell phone ad.

Cell Phone Ad

Designing a Stylish Fashion Advert – PhotoshopStar

This tutorial from Photoship start will show you how to easily create an attractive advertisement, and how you can easily change the color.

Fashion Advert

Video Tutorial: Create an iPod Ad – YouTube

This is a nice video tutorial thrown into the mix.

iPod Ad Video Tut

Create a Mobile Phone Ad Design – PSDTUTS

Cell phone ads must be popular. The third one on our list takes a much different approach than the first two.

Mobile Phone Ad

Make an Apple Coldplay Style Ad in Photoshop – PSDTUTS

A dark and sparkly ad tutorial from Fabio Sasso.

Coldplay Apple Ad

Stunning Print Advertisement for Cell Phone – Tutorial Notebook

This tutorial focuses solely on design for a printed publication.

Print Ad for Cell

MP3 Download Advertisement – Imgry.com

There are many MP3 sites and services out there. Here is an ad that can be used for one of them.

MP3 Download Ad

Create a Vibrant Drink Ad – PSDFAN

Another nice tutorial from PSDFAN.

Vibrant Drink Ad

Water Drops – PS Hero

This tutorial focuses on creating the water drops you see in the ad below, but the author combined it with a previous tutorial to get this end result.

iPod Ad

Make a Perfume Ad – PS Wish

A different style than many of the ads on this list.

Perfume Ad

Designing a 3D Software Box – Tutorial9

Software boxes are not completely product ads, but they are used as a part of many ads for software.

3D Software Box

Create a Software Box – Tutorial Blog

Another helpful tutorial for a software box.

Software Box

For more design resources, see:

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