35 Photoshop Tutorials for Realistic Results

Sometimes it’s amazing how realistic a Photoshop creation can look. In this post we’ll feature 35 tutorials for creating realistic effects in Photoshop. Some will show you how to illustrate an object from scratch, while others teach how to edit photos with realistic elements, such as water or snow.

Create a Realistic Blackberry Style Mobile Phone from Scratch

Blackberry Mobile

Create a Realistic Blueprint Image from a 3D Object


MP3 Player Design

MP3 Player Design

Design a Shiny Photorealistic Apple Remote

Apple remote

Photorealistic Puddles

Real Puddles

Designing Loox Pocket PC

Pocket PC

Create a CD PLayer in Photoshop

CD Player

Design a Shiny Bass Guitar Illustration Using Photoshop

Bass Guitar

Make a Realistic LCD HDTV


Create A Brilliant Vector Lighter

Vector Lighter

Creating a Vinyl Record in Photoshop

Vinyl Record

How to Create a Detailed Audio Player in Photoshop

Audio Player

Photoshop Snow Effect

Snow Effect

How to Illustrate a Wooden Frame on a Wall Scene

Wooden Frame

Create a Realistic Outer Space Scene in Photoshop

Realistic Space Scene

How to Make a Realistic Compact Disc

Realictic CD

Learn How to Draw a Realistic Cell Phone

Realistic Cell Phone

How to Render a Dramatic 3D Wood Cup in Photoshop

Wood Cup

Rendering a Striking Matchbox in Photoshop


Craft a Vintage Fifties Letter

Vintage Letter

Realistic Shadow

Realistic Shadow

Create a Mobile Phone Styled Like the HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond
Awesome Photorealistic Coloring Techniques

Coloring Techniques


Rain in Photoshop

Create an iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle

Realistic Film

Realistic Film

Realistic Fog

Realistic Fog

Add a Realistic Water Reflection

Realistic Water

Make it Rain with Photoshop Brushes

Realistic Rain

Design a Realistic Sandwich Bag

Realistic Sandwich Bag

Use the Displace Filter and Displacement Maps to Make a Realistc Flag

Realistic Flag

Create a Realistic Wine Bottle Illusration from Scratch

Wine Bottle

Realistic Decorated Wine Bottle Illustration

Wine Bottle

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