25+ Fantastic Redesign Concepts for IMDb

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With over 160 million visitors per month, IMDb (which stands for Internet Movie Database) can easily claim the title of the most popular movie database on the web. However, many would agree that the website is in dire need of an update. The app, while much better organized than the website, could use some changes as well. And really both the site and app should have a similar appearance instead of the current problem of neither looking much alike.

Many designers have taken it upon themselves to update the IMDb design. In fact, there are a lot of IMDb redesign concepts out there, but not all are any better than the current design. The following list, though, include some really fantastic redesign concepts for IMDb. Some of the designs below would be excellent as is. Others have some great ideas but are a bit incomplete. All, however, are worth taking a closer look at on the designer’s portfolio, so be sure to click on your favorites to see more of the designer’s explanation for different design elements. Enjoy!

Redesigning IMDb by Rémi Fayolle and Gilles Bertaux

Probably one of the best IMDb redesigns online currently, this one of the homepage focuses on the most popular features on the site: trailers, coming soon movies and shows, and most popular lists. Featured trailers remain at the top of the fold in beautiful full screen display.

The detailed page includes a background screen shot of the movie, which adds a lot to the appeal of the page. The information is rearranged nicely, too, with the most important information immediately available. Make sure to visit the Medium article to see more of this incredible redesign, such as the search page, and see Fayolle and Bertaux’s reasoning for the concept.

Based on more of an app design than a website design, this IMDb redesign concept makes it easy to browse through the site on any device. Users can choose to use the keyboard, mouse, or touch to scroll through the site. The columns scroll together horizontally or vertically separately. The entire design is very modern and fresh in its look and feel.

IMDb Redesign Concept by andrei19190

Neat and clean are what come to mind at first glance of the IMDb redesign by Andrei. The header include two navigation menus for better organization, with the second category menu including thumbnail images of items within the selected category.

IMDb Redesign Concept by Gerben Geeraerts

The idea for this redesign was to make it fresher without changing up the look too much. Geeraeerts created a fixed position sidebar for user options, a Hot Trends slider at the top of the homepage, a more visible Quiz section, a Facebook-inspired layout for the details page, and among other awesome changes.

Prototype IMDb Webflow by JP Teixeira

This IMDb concept uses a graphics cards layout for the homepage. It seems that cards are clickable for more information, including a play button for viewing trailers. The navigation menu remains on the left side of the page and uses awesome, flat icons for buttons. The details page layout is much cleaner than the current design.

IMDb Redesign by Raphael Ferraz

This redesign includes a new logo design as well as website layout. The font of the logo is much more retro as is the details page design. A full screen display for actors looks incredible and the different fonts add lots of contrast to the page.

IMDb by Jesper Bentzen

Bentzen created this redesign concept to appeal to both hardcore and casual users of the site. The left side of the page includes filters so that users can customize which information they want to see. As such, the details page can be as simple or as intensive as a user desires.

IMDb Flat Redesign by tavi004

The flat redesign in this concept give IMDb a much more modern look and feel. The information is organized much more cleanly, making the homepage much easier to digest.

IMDb Filmpage Concept by Vladimir Kudinov

This is an interesting redesign of the IMDb filmpages that places information in a collage design with facts and links scattered among screenshots from the movie. The top menus are much more organized than the current design and include some very nice design details such as a textured background.

Clicking on the trailer keeps the rest of the page in view but out of focus for a very sophisticated look and feel.

IMDb: The New iOS 7 App by Stanislav Hristov

Hristov of DtailStudio created this IMDb iOS 7 App concept to include a full screen landing page for featured movies, easy navigation, showtimes, and more. The design is very modern and sleek with a dark background and the IMDb yellow highlight color.

IMDb Redesign Concept by Hamid Abshari

The homepage of this redesign keeps the page focused on featured films using image cards. The header does away with a navigation menu and includes only the search bar and a login/register link.

On the details page, the rating of the movie immediately catches the eye in its bold font and yellow box. The rest of the layout is very neat yet includes excellent design aesthetics.

IMDb Conceptual Redesign by Luis Morales

This phone redesign concept does an excellent job of fitting lots of information onto a small screen. The design looks sleek and includes plenty of white space so as to avoid clutter.

IMDb Gone Flat by katrina radic

Radic does an amazing job with this flat redesign of IMDb. From the app icon and logo to the website and app, the design is very hip and organized.

Using boxes, icons, and a neat box layout, the screen both online and in the app is easy to browse and find exactly what users need.

IMDb App Concept by Jason Rapert

A very slick and simple design keeps this app concept for IMDb easy to navigate. The grey and yellow colors are in keeping with the current brand look, but the grey background gives the app a bit more modern design than the current one.

IMDb Redesign Concept by Roy Soetantio

This app redesign for IMDb is much easier to digest and browse compared to the current one. The design uses mostly images throughout the screen with very little text.

IMDb iOS Redesign by Ann Bomar

Cute icons help keep this app redesign uncluttered. Boxes and a neat grid also help the design to look organized and easy to browse.

IMDb Homepage Redesign by Jaroslov Getman

This homepage redesign places the trailer as a full width player at the very top of the page, making it much more noticeable than in the current design. The navigation in this design is very slick, too, with a more noticeable search bar and easier to see menu items.

IMDb Movie Page Redesign by Marc Horgues

This redesign covers individual movie pages, dividing the information into a column layout. Users can scroll down to find out more about the movie in each columnar category for quick browsing.

IMDb Redesign Concept by Sinziana Craciun

The top of the page in this redesign includes a full screen view of the featured video plus a thumbnail slider for choosing a different video to view. Below this slider are different sections of information with bold headers for easy browsing.

Responsive Web Redesign by Candice Oates

True to a responsive design, this IMDb redesign concept organizes content into a strict grid layout. Arrows and slider buttons help guide users throughout the screens. The sun burst design in the header is a nice, theatric touch.

IMDb Redesign by Jess Anderson

Anderson points out that conclusions from usability testing for IMDb have shown that users most often go to the search bar to find the information they need. As such, she made this feature much more prominent and easy to locate.

Her design for the movie details page includes the ability to hide or show the different sections of information, keeping the page much less cluttered.

App Redesign by Jamaica Dyer

The home screen for this IMDb app redesign concept makes items easier to find quickly. Even more convenient, when users complete a search, results are based on previous results. For instance, if a user often goes to the cast list for movies, search results will show cast lists first.

IMDb Website Concept Redesign by Rachel (Babiak) Krause

The header in which the search bar resides is stunningly clean, making it very easy to quickly enter a search query. The rest of the page is very neatly organized into a grid layout.

The details page design in this concept is very similar so as to keep the look consistent throughout the site.

IMDb Frontpage Concept by Bart Ebbekink

This redesign concept for the IMDb homepage includes a very eye-catching hero section above the fold. The search bar is large and stretches across the top of the hero section. More featured trailers are available for viewing at the click of a button.

If a user clicks on one of the featured trailers, the video plays right there in the hero section, so the search bar remains visible and accessible.

IMDb Redesign – Movie Page by Jens Nielsen

Using a still image as the background on the movie page really adds huge appeal to this redesign. Even better, the most commonly sought out information remains at the very top of the page, including the trailer, brief descriptions, rating, and cast. The rest of the page keeps lesser information to the left side column with most important content in the larger right column.

IMDb Redesign by Jasper den Ouden

This homepage redesign for IMDb removes a lot of the confusing clutter found in the current design. The large images used for recommendations and recently viewed keep text to minimum. The header is also quite simple with the search bar front and center and featured items kept in neat, small boxes.

What are Your Ideas?

The design of IMDb is clearly a bit on the cluttered side. Granted, some people use IMDb for more than I do, but I really only use the search function to look up trailers or facts about a movie or actor. Every once in awhile I use the upcoming releases section. So, if I were to do a redesign, both the IMDb app and website would have a stand out search bar and make trailers more accessible.

What would you do if you had the task of redesigning the IMDb website or app? Or are there any redesign concepts above that you think cleaned up the design really well? Let the rest of us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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