Removing the NoFollow Tags

Update: This post is no longer accurate. Links in comments are now nofollow. 

The DoFollow plugin is now installed and active on this blog, which means comments no longer include the NoFollow tag in links! If you’re not familiar with NoFollow tags, they are a way of preventing search engines from following and indexing links.

Almost all blogs by default include NoFollow tags on any links left by readers in the comments. Removing the NoFollow tags means that readers who actively participate by leaving comments are rewarding with a link to their website that search engines will follow and recognize.

Part of the reason NoFollow tags are used by default is an attempt to prevent spam comments. If you have a blog you know that this is not the case, and spammers leave comments regardless of NoFollow or DoFollow.

If you’re interested in removing NoFollow tags from your blog, check out the DoFollow plugin (for WordPress users). Andy Beard started a DoFollow community at BUMPzee that has grown quickly and includes a lot of great blogs.

We’ll also be adding links to those who leave the most comments by installing the Show Top Commentators plugin in upcoming days. Hopefully readers will benefit from these changes.

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