100 Invaluable Resources for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

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Resources for Remote Workers

A 2017 study showed that 36% of Americans are freelancing, and if the current growth continues, the majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelancing by 2027 (source).

Working from home is a desirable situation for many people, and with good reason. The flexibility and extra time (thanks to no time spent on commuting) are ideal, but that’s not all. A study showed that 82% of remote workers reported lower stress levels, as compared to traditional office workers (source).

Aside from just an increase in numbers of freelancers and remote workers, the digital nomad lifestyle is also becoming more popular (a digital nomad is simply someone who works and travels at the same time without the need to be tied down to one location).

If you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or digital nomad, you know that although your work comes with many perks, it also introduces some challenges as well.

This page includes links to 100 different resources that can help in different ways. Whether you are currently location independent or simply trying to get to that point.

Finding Jobs

These job boards and websites are some of the best resources for finding flexible work that can be done from anywhere.

We Work Remotely
  • We Work Remotely – One of the best job boards for work-from-home and remote jobs. Find jobs in categories like design, programming, copywriting, finance & legal, sales & marketing, business & management, and more.
  • FlexJobs – Large databse of remote job opportunities (part-time and full-time). There is a cost of $14.99 per month to get access. Discounted plans are available for longer terms.
  • Remote | OK – Another popular job board with lots of openings in design, development, marketing, customer support, and even non-tech jobs.
  • Remotive – Active job board with hundreds of listings for jobs in design, development, customer service, marketing, and more.
  • Working Nomads – Job board with opportunities in categories like design, development, sales, marketing, management, writing, consulting, legal, and more.
  • Remote.co – Jobs listed in categories like accounting, customer service, data entry, design, marketing, sales, writing, and more.
  • Jobspresso – Job listings from categories like design, development, marketing, sales, customer service, project management, writing, and more. This site also allows you to post your resume for others to find you.
  • JustRemote – Job board that specializes in design, development, marketing, and management.
  • Freelancer Map – Find companies who are looking for freelancers, as well as job openings. You can also create your own profile to allow hiring managers to find you.
  • Outsourcely – Long-term remote jobs in many different industries. You must create an account to see most of the opportunities.
  • SkipTheDrive – Curated collection of remote job opportunities.
  • Pangian – Job board for remote jobs, but you must create an account to see the available jobs.
  • Remote Companies Listed on NODESK – A list of 450 companies that are hiring remote workers, with links to job openings.
  • Workaline – Remote jobs in categories like design, technical, marketing, content, support, and more.
  • Authentic Jobs – Job board for creatives, with most opportunities being related to design and development. The toggle at the top allows you to filter so only remote jobs are shown.
  • Smashing Jobs – Leading job board for web designers and developers. Filter the opportunities so you can see only those that are for remoter workers.
  • Folyo – Get access to the best contracts, RFPs, and freelance jobs for creatives. The cost is $79 per month (satisfaction guarantee).
  • Freelance Writing Jobs – Excellent resource for finding new writing gigs.
  • ProBlogger Job Board – The best place to find freelance blogging gigs.
  • Toptal – An exclusive network of top freelancers (in certain fields). You can apply, and if you get in, it can lead to some quality jobs.

Finding a Place to Work

These websites allow you to find a desk, office, or co-working space.

  • Coworker – Find a coworking space near you (11,000+ coworking spaces in 165+ countries).
  • ShareDesk – Find a coworking space or business center and rent it by the hour, day, or month.
  • WorkFrom – Helps you find coworking spaces near you. Create a profile and add locations to help others as well.
  • WeWork – Find a desk, a flexible office space, or a custom work space in a growing number of cities.
  • Copass – Get access to more than 1,000 different coworking spaces around the world (great for digital nomads) with a Copass membership.
  • Share Your Office – Find a meeting room, office, or desk that you can rent.
  • LiquidSpace – Find a desk or office and rent by the day or by month.

Communities for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Connect with other remote workers and digital nomads through these online communities.

  • Remotive – A community of more than 1,000 remote workers with exclusive content and priority access to job listings (one-time $99 fee).
  • Remoters – Resources for digital nomads and remote workers, including interviews, job listings, and more.
  • Nomad Pass – Find the best places to work remotely and connect with other nomads and remote workers.
  • WebWorkTravel – Connecting digital nomads and remote workers through experiences (cruises), travel guides, and a network of more than 30,000 remote workers.
  • Nomad House – Connect with other creative minds for 30 days to help launch your idea.
  • Nomad Together – Includes a podcast, Facebook Group, and more.
  • r/digitalnomad – Active community on Reddit.

Productivity and Communication Tools

These tools, software, and apps help with overcoming some of the challenging aspects of working remotely.

  • Asana – Team and project management for better organization.
  • Slack – Efficient teamwork, communication, and collaboration through customizable groups and chat functionality.
  • Front – An inbox for teams. Organize conversations and collaborate easily.
  • Trello – Organization for teams with boards, lists, and cards.
  • Basecamp – Project management and team communication software.
  • Freedcamp – Project management including task lists, Gantt charts, and other collaboration tools.
  • Fleep – Easy team communication through file sharing, tasks, and conversations.
  • Flowdock – Organization for remote teams with collaboration tools, messaging, and more.
  • Teamwork – Project management software, as well as chat software for communication, and document management.
  • Float – Team planning tool that includes scheduling/planning for each team member, time-off tracking, overtime alerts, utilization reports, and more.
  • Teeming – Collaborate with teammates easily for interactive work sessions and problem solving.
  • KanbanFlow – Lean project management that allows you to create visual boards to organize your tasks.
  • Skype – Hold calls and video calls with people around the world.
  • Zoom – Easy video conferencing, web conferencing, and screen sharing.
  • UberConference – Conferences and meetings with screen sharing and more.
  • Workplace by Facebook – The free plan includes instant messaging, video chat, and groups & project collaboration. The paid plan ($3 per month, per user) integrates with other tools and includes additional admin tools.
  • Join.me – Host a virtual meeting and use easy one-click screen sharing and grant access to your computer.
  • Loom – Record videos that can be shared instantly. Record your screen as well as yourself.
  • TeamViewer – Secure remote desktop access.
  • Harvest – Time tracking software that also tracks expenses, allows you to collaborate with others on a team, manage projects, and create invoices.
  • Toggl – Simple time tracking that includes reporting, timesheet management, and more.
  • Clockify – Time tracking specifically created for teams. Includes reporting and timesheets.
  • Timely – Fully automatic time tracking. Includes product time management and team time management capabilities.
  • RescueTime – See how you are using your time so you can improve productivity. You can set goals, create alarms, and get detailed reports of your activity.
  • Todoit – To-do list app that will keep you organized and on task.
  • I Done This – A simple tool for teams to do daily check-ins and progress reports.
  • Take a Break, Please – Mac app that will remind you when it is time for a break. You can set the interval between breaks as well as the length of the breaks.
  • ActiveInbox – A Chrome extension that turns Gmail into a task manager.
  • Google Calendar – Not only will you be able to keep track of your own meetings and appointments, but you can also create team calendars.
  • Doodle – Easily schedule meetings with people around the world. Suggest times, invite participants, and see when everyone is available.
  • Coffitivity – Background noise from a cafe to help you work more productively (if that’s what helps you).

File Sharing

Use these resources to easily share files with colleagues and clients, or to access your own files from anywhere.

  • Dropbox – Easily access your files from anywhere, and share them with teams or make them accessible to anyone.
  • Box – Secure file sharing, storage, and collaboration.
  • WeTransfer – Send large files (up to 2 GB) easily and for free.
  • Send Anywhere – A file transfer service that is similar to WeTransfer.
  • Google Docs – Create files (word precessor, spreadsheets, slideshows, and forms) that you can easily access from anywhere.
  • Google Drive – Keep all of your files (including Google Docs and others) safe and backed up. Access your files from anywhere, and sync them on multiple computers.


Listen to these podcasts for inspiration and to learn more about how you can improve your own work.

Location Research for Digital Nomads

These resources can be extremely helpful for finding ideal places to live or visit while traveling.

Nomad List
  • Nomad List – Provides information on thousands of cities around the world, to help you find the best places to go. See ratings on things like cost, internet access, fun, and safety. Join a community of 100,000+ digital nomads ($4.99 per month).
  • Nomad List Map – A handy map with information on cities around the world. Use filters like “fast internet, “warm”, and “near beach” to narrow down the list and find the best cities for you.
  • Numbeo – Database with information about cities and countries in regards to cost of living, healthcare, traffic, crime, pollution, and more.
  • Teleport – Compare cities based on quality of life, cost of living, and other factors. Find suggestions of cities that may be a great place for you to live and work.

Digital Nomad and Remote Work Trips

Take a trip with other digital nomads to connect and have fun while still working.

  • Crowdworkations – Database of digital nomad retreats that combine travel and remote working.
  • Hacker Paradise – Remote work trips around the world.
  • Remote Year – Live and work in different cities for 4 months or 12 months.
  • Unsettled – One-week, two-week, and one-month trips for remote workers.

Other Resources

These resources don’t fit into any other category, but they all have the potential to help in some important way.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work – Comprehensive free ebook from Zapier that covers lessons from more than 200 remote workers.
  • LastPass – Store all of your passwords securely.
  • 1Password – Another option for managing your passwords.
  • World Time Buddy – World clock and time zone converter that will help with scheduling calls and appointments.
  • Timezone.io – A simple tool to help plan meetings between teams that are in different timezones.
  • Focus@will – A music service ($9.95 per month) that is designed to help your concentration and reduce distractions. The music has been scientifically tested to help with performance.
  • NordVPN – Protect yourself while traveling with secure and private internet access.
  • ExpressVPN – Another popular option for a VPN.
  • DocuSign – Manage agreements and signatures digitally, and from anywhere.
  • HelloSign – Another option for managing electronic signatures.
  • How to Ace a Remote Interview – Infographic with tips that can help you to succeed in a remote interview.
  • The Best Bank Accounts for International Travelers and Nomads – A detailed article with information that can help you to find the right bank account.
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