Restaurant Websites: Inspiration and Options

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Restaurants that use their websites effectively are able to have a significant impact on their business. Whether it is allowing customers to view menus and specials, find a location, make reservations, sign up for a mailing list, or place an order online, there are a lot of ways that restaurants can benefit from a website.

National chains and small, local restaurants both have the potential for impact with their website, and in this post we’ll showcase some of our favorite well-designed websites for your inspiration. You’ll see a lot of sites that make use of vibrant colors, and of course photos of temping food. At the end of the post we’ll also list a few options for creating a restaurant website, including some of the best templates and themes.

Pei Wei


Farinella Italian Bakery

Farinella Italian Bakery



Dilly Deli


Nature’s Table


Taco Bell


The Crooked Well



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.53.08 AM

Le 28Thiers




La Vista

La Vista



Easy Bistro


Options for Restaurant Websites:

For restaurants that don’t have the budget for a custom website there are still some other options. Here are some useful resources that may help with creating a website for your restaurant (or for a client).



The Restaurant WordPress Theme

The Restaurant WordPress Theme

Delicious Restaurant WordPress Theme

Delicious Restaurant WordPress Theme

MyCuisine WordPress Theme

MyCuisine WordPress Theme

Happy Tables

Happy Tables uses a very customized version of WordPress to power the websites, and many of the features are similar to Restaurant Engine. You’ll choose from their selection of templates, and hosting is included. You can create your menu, add photos, accept reservations and online orders, integrate with social media, and more. All websites on Happy Tables are also optimized for mobile users.


Pocket Diner

Pocket Diner focuses on mobile websites for those who already have a primary desktop version. Pocket Diner mobiles sites have an app-like look and feel. Features include automatic smartphone detection, a CMS that allows for management of menus and other content, custom branding, statistics, social media integration, and more. Pocket Diner also integrates with Livebookings online reservation software so you can take reservations from customers who are on the go.

Pocket Diner



Let’s Eat!