Safari 9.1 Now Supports HTML Picture Element

While a lot of attention has been paid to the release of iOS 9.3, not much has been talked about the Safari web browser, which has received several new features meant especially for web designers and developers.

To begin with, Safari 9.1 now supports HTML picture element. Yes, you no longer need to worry about Safari users when serving images on the basis of the user’s device size and resolution. 

More importantly, CSS variables are a possibility in Safari 9.1, allowing you to maintain large and complex stylesheets without having to rely on preprocessors such as LESS or SASS. Web developers can now simply predefine values and then refer to that definition through the rest of the document. In CSS, Safari 9.1 also supports the filter property without the -webkit- prefix.


Plus, Safari 9.1 also comes with improvements to Web Inspector Timelines tab, and the ability to navigate away from or close tabs even if a JavaScript dialog is being displayed.

To learn more about what’s new in Safari 9.1 for designers and developers, check out the release notes.

What do you think of these new changes in Safari 9.1? Share your views in the comments below!

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