20 Free Samsung Galaxy S9 PSDs & Device Mockups For Designers

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Device PSDs are great for all types of design projects. They’re powerful templates that any designer can work into presentations or landing pages.

Showing off your designs, testing templates, pretty much anything. And phones are some of the best to use as templates.

Specifically, the Galaxy phones are interesting because they have so many different styles. You can get different layouts with the S9 templates, and so many different angles, they should be easy to edit and present anything you like.

All of these device mockups are easy to edit in Photoshop or Sketch, and they’re all totally free to download.

These are my personal favorite mockups covering just the S9 and S9+ devices. Great library of resources for every designer, especially if you’re frequently presenting mobile design work.

S9 Vector PSDs

Vector PSD of Samsung Galaxy S9

Here’s a simply incredible vector pack focused on the S9 design. You can grab the download right here including custom flat UIs and some other features.

The vectors are all made in a PSD file so you can edit this with any version of Photoshop. The layers are easy to move around and to include a screenshot into the design.

I wouldn’t say this is exactly a realistic mockup, so if that’s what you need keep browsing.

However these vector designs are superb and could blend anywhere. Even into the layout of a website you’re building.

Free S9 and S9+

Free S9 and S9+ Mockups

The Galaxy S9 has a great shape and it’s pretty distinct. So these device mockups are pretty clear-cut and easy to recognize.

That’s one big reason why I like these S9 mockups including both an S9 and an S9+.

Dribbble Graphics is the release team which publishes a ton of quality freebies on their account. And this is one of the best for S9 graphics, specifically phones, and it’s a fantastic design resource for every purpose.

I haven’t found a ton of device mockups featuring S9+ models so this is also great for that.

Basic Front View

Basic Front View Mockup

Clear front view shots are some of the most common device mockups out there. And it’s one of the better options because you can use this in any kind of presentation, plus your UI won’t be skewed when you add it into the screen.

Have a look at this freebie if you want a really basic S9 template.

It’s got a smooth design and offers both a white + black version.

The entire screen is totally transparent so you can quickly add UI elements into the mockup. This is pretty common amongst most templates but I really like the layering used here.

Definitely have a look around this list to see if there are other front view templates too. Compare and combine, see what you like best!

Galaxy In Hand

Galaxy In Hand Mockup

Mudasir Nazar created this S9 template and released it online for free. And yeah, it’s awesome.

I like the handheld photo device mockups because they give a little bit more life into the design. Again this is a PSD template so you can easily swap out the front view and it’ll automatically skew the design. Pretty cool!

This is also one of the best reasons to use a device mockup: auto-skewed UIs.

Your design will automatically blend into the hand and look appropriate in perspective. Awesome use of a device mockup for a crystal clear design.

In Hand Front View

Samsung Galaxy S9 In Hand Front View Mockup

Want another hand view with a front facing screen? Well here ya go.

Totally free and really sleek. This S9 template is incredibly easy to integrate with any project, plus I like the actual dimensions of this template. It gives you so much room to fit in your UI with ease.

This is just the bee’s knees for device mockups for S9 designs.

Whether you’re promoting an Android app, or your mobile responsive site, this mockup has you covered.

Free Vector Mockups

Free vector mockups

Moving back to vector designs we have this awesome freebie released by KK UI Store.

It’s a fantastic freebie with some awesome vector design assets to work through. What I like about the vector phone shapes is that they can be rearranged into any style.

You can resize the image to any size, or you can position this in any rotation you like. Easy to add onto a page or make any kind of design style with it.

I think this works best as a graphic design asset but see what you can do with it.

Black Style

Black phone style mockup

For a sleek black S9 phone mockup then check out this page. It’s obviously a free download, and it’s got a clean glossy streak over the screen.

You can tell it’s got a purple outline which looks pretty nice too. That gives this a cleaner outline with emphasis so it really jumps off the page.

Yes, this is pretty simple. It’s just a black S9 device mockup.

But the glossy screen is really attractive and it’s one of the main reasons why I like this PSD.

Isometric Phones

Isometric phone view

Skewed phone mockups just look nice. They come with an oddly slanted angle which really catches the eye.

And you can tell these iso phone mockups certainly grab the eye.

I often prefer skewed phones being held in a hand, but these designs work just as well.

If you’re looking for a super smooth PSD to organize your UIs in a weird way then definitely try this freebie. It’s a cool setup that truly feels unique among all the other mockups.

Minimal S9 in Sketch

Minimal S9 in Sketch

So far I’ve only been mentioning PSD files. And those are great!

Most designers do rely on Photoshop for day-to-day tasks.

However Sketch has been picking up steam in recent years and it’s a new favorite for designers with tons of resources.

This Sketch freebie has a classic S9 design. It’s minimalist enough to grab attention and certainly unique enough to feel like it belongs on any page.

If you want to add minimalist elements into your design then this mockup is totally worth downloading.

Dark and Light

Dark and Light S9 Mockups

The Samsung S9 comes in a few colors but the white and black styles are quite popular.

And that’s exactly what you get in this freebie designed exclusively for Sketch App. Totally free, awesome minimalist style, and it comes with two clear colors that should remind you of an Oreo.

These minimalist designs are easy to edit in Sketch so you can swap in UIs with ease. Highly recommend messing around with this if you’re a Sketch fan, or if you just want to play with minimalist phone mockups.

Tilted Mockup

Galaxy psd mockup tilted

This fancy-shmancy tilted mockup is designed with that lovable angle for phone mockups.

I do prefer device mockups at an angle so this one is great for presenting content on the web, or as a graphic on a site. Or just sharing your UIs on Dribbble.

In this PSD file you’ll get a custom shadow at the bottom along with a swappable interface screen. Pretty easy to work with and super clean.

I’m always a fan of unique mockups like this so if you like the design definitely give it a shot on your next project.

S9 Plus

S9+ in holder

The S9 Plus doesn’t get a ton of love in this list. Yet it’s definitely a device that deserves more attention.

The design team from PSD Zone released this great S9 mockup focused just on an S9 Plus device seated properly in a holster.

You’ll notice a slight skew, and when you edit the PSD to fit in the interface it’ll automatically skew on the phone.

One issue I have here is that the back ledge looks a little off, but in general it’s a nice design. Certainly worth it if you like the photo and could use this somewhere.

Samsung S9 for Adobe XD

Galaxy S9 for XD

Here’s a pretty sleek transparent S9 design created for one of the newest UI/UX programs on the web: Adobe XD!

Grab the freebie right here on Dribbble released by designer Varun. This is one of the only device mockups I’ve ever found for Adobe’s newest Experience Design program.

And for the quality this is easily one of the best out there. If you search the web you’ll find a lot of XD freebies for iPhones, but this is one of the only S9 device mockups for free.

If you’re a big XD user then certainly grab a copy.

Galaxy Front & Back

Galaxy front device

A Galaxy phone with a galaxy background. Sounds pretty dreamy.

The folks at Creative Taco released this awesome freebie of an S9 Galaxy device. It comes as a fully layered PSD designed specifically for Photoshop CS3+ all the way up to CC. That’s plenty of room for basically everyone.

For a couple front and back views it’s a really nice design. Creator Mohammed Shariq released this totally free for personal and commercial use, basically for anyone.

Great device mockup if you’re looking for a front and back style.

Sketch Freebie

Sketch freebie

Let’s move to Sketch again and take a look at this free device mockup.

It’s released right on Sketch App Sources as a direct download so there’s no nonsense with “click to download” or “like to download” lockouts.

And the device is definitely nice. It’s one of the nicer device mockups you’ll find for Sketch, although it’s also not a full photo mockup.

Still this is a brilliant graphic and it should work with any UI that can fit an S9 design. I like the flat style myself, and it’s great for Sketch users, so feel free to use this in any flat project work.

Flat S9 Phones in Sketch

Bright flat devices in sketch

Want another Sketch freebie with a few color variations?

Then have a look at this flat S9 phone as a Sketch App freebie.

You can download the whole thing and quickly swap out the screens, all within Sketch, and merge your graphics fast.

You could even take UIs from Photoshop, export them, and merge right in Sketch to add into these mockups.

Awesome design and very clean for web graphics too. If you like these designs then see what you can do with ‘em.

Floating Galaxy

Floating galaxy phone mockup

Here’s one more creative released by PSD Zone, and just as high quality as everything else in this list.

Take a look at this floating S9 device to see how it could work in your setup. It’s a really clean design that can fit with almost any project, and it has a very slight tilt that isn’t too obnoxious.

I always prefer PSDs like this where the skewed angle is built into the screen.

And it’s very similar to the other PSD Zone mockup so you could even combine both into one design project.

Basic Device Mockup (PSD)

S9 on white flat

Designer Micha? Mareczko released this S9 freebie on Dribbble as a custom PSD file.

It’s a great design and comes totally free for all commercial use. The phone isn’t quite a flat design, although it is a front facing design so it can look like that.

Notice the edges and the buttons on the device, and how they clearly pop away from the screen interface. This means the design looks crazy awesome when you add a custom interface into the phone.

I would absolutely use this to present my projects if I were doing Android apps.

So if you’re doing anything related to mobile UI/UX with Galaxy phones this template would be a solid choice.

Vectors in 3 Colors

Vector devices in 3 colors

You don’t find too many vector elements with device mockups because they just aren’t as common. However this is one of the few that I really like.

And I’d say this post on Design Bolts has to be one of the cleanest vector styles of all the devices out there.

Many PSD files do come as vectors but they are not as easy to change compared to Illustrator. The programs are just very different.

Now if you are looking for a custom vector device mockup I would totally recommend this pack. Design Bolts releases some great stuff and I highly recommend their content to all designers, web designers and otherwise.

App Screen Mockup

App screen mockup

Lastly we come to this custom app screen mockup centered around the Galaxy S9+ with a handful of custom app templates.

This is a really fantastic design because the device is so easy to customize, and it comes with quite a few device screens.

Is it perfect? Certainly not. But I think it’s one of the better S9 Plus device mockups that we have to work with.

And just to clarify: this structure lets you showcase 5 different device screens all on the same graphic. Kinda crazy.

Easily edit the smart objects to swap in your screens and show off your awesome Android app. This is the perfect template for app designers presenting to a client, or just showing off their skills in a portfolio.

But take another look over this list and see if anything else catches your eye. The S9 is not as popular for device mockups compared to the iPhones but there are still plenty out there to work with.

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