The Freelance Starter Kit

The Freelance Starter Kit provides a set of invaluable resources that will help with a wide variety of aspects of running a design business. For most freelance designers, the business aspect is much more of a challenge than doing the actual design work. We’ve carefully compiled these resources to help you run a more efficient and profitable business, so you can focus on the work that you love instead of the frustrating details.

By purchasing the Freelance Starter Kit you’ll get contract templates to use on client projects, identity sets (letterhead, invoices, proposals, business cards), documents and spreadsheets for running your business, marketing materials like brochures and email newsletter templates, print templates for portfolio books, and more. See a preview of the resources below.

Identity Sets, Portfolio Books and Resumé Templates:

Present a consistent and professional image with any of the 3 identity sets included in the Freelance Starter Kit. Each identity set includes a business card template, letterhead template, envelope template, folder template, invoice template, proposal template, and a tri-fold brochure template. Each identity set also has a matching portfolio book template and resume template. The identity sets, portfolio book templates, and resume templates all come in Photoshop format (CMYK color mode, 300 dpi). The HTML invoice templates come with HTML and PSD files.

Marketing & Client Communications:

You’ll also get a variety of other resources that help with marketing your services and communicating with clients. The Design Brief is great for getting info from new clients, and the Portfolio PDF is handy for distributing to showcase your work. The Design Brief Print Template and Portfolio PDF template require InDesign CS4+. The newsletter templates come in HTML format, and the brochures come in Photoshop format.


One of the biggest challenges for many new freelancers is finding quality contracts that can be re-used. Hiring an attorney to draft a contract specifically for each client is not a realistic option for most designers, but having a set of quality templates can meet the needs of most of your client projects. Here you’ll get templates for web design, graphic design, logo design, SEO, and social media marketing services. You’ll also get other documents like a copyright authorization, outsourcing agreement, non-disclouse agreement, and more. Most customers find the contract templates alone to be worth far more than the cost of the Freelance Starter Kit. Each template comes in Word and Open Office formats.

Document Templates:

You’ll also get helpful templates for letters or emails for things like follow up after a proposal, payment overdue notice, fee increase notice, thank you letters, and more. You’ll also get some basic spreadsheets for a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and an expense register.

Info Products:

With this collection of interviews and brief e-books you’ll get plenty of information and knowledge to help with building your own successful freelance business. There are interviews with several different designers covering specific areas of expertise.


Freelance designers need quality icons for just about every web design project. You’ll get a complete set of 278 icons ready to be used in your own projects. The icons come in .png format, and the source vector .ai files are included as well.