Design Brief Print and Web Template

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This file is extremely helpful for communicating with new clients to learn more about their company and their project. The download includes a print-ready template (InDesign file for CS4 and CS5) for situations when you want to have clients complete a design brief by hand. You can easily add your own logo and company details, and tweak the questions to suit your needs.

Alternatively, the download also includes a web template with a PHP form to make it super simple to have clients complete the design brief online. All you need to do is open the data.php file and enter your own details (like your email address and a URL for your logo), upload the files to your site, and send a link to clients when they need to complete the design brief. After they complete the form you’ll receive their data by email. You also have the ability to change the questions as needed. It includes validation to make sure that all required fields are completed. Documentation is included.

Check out the previews of each version here: Print version, online version.

The print version was designed by Julio Ramos and the PHP form was developed by Abhin Sharma.

Design Brief Print and Web Template