Interview with Tyler from Snobby Slice (PSD to HTML)

PSD to HTML services have become incredibly popular in the past few years and many designers use these services regularly. Personally, I was hesitant to try PSD to HTML providers for a few reasons, one of them being that I just wasn’t sure how it worked and what was involved. I assume that many other designers out there are curious about PSD to HTML services, so I asked Tyler from Snobby Slice to do this interview to help those designers.

(UPDATE: Snobby Slice is now Purlize)

Snobby Slice

Who Is Snobby Slice?

After trying a few different providers I came across Snobby Slice several months ago. Tyler and his team did a great job for me and they have established a reputation for being one of the highest quality providers in a crowded market. If you’re interested in working with a PSD to HTML provider who will produce quality code you can see more details in our review of Snobby Slice. And if you are just curious about the PSD to HTML process, I think you’ll find the information that Tyler shares in this brief interview to be a good starting point.

Why should designers hire a PSD to HTML service provider?

Why deal with code when you don’t have to? By choosing a PSD to HTML service provider, you can stick to your biggest profit center (design), and spend more time making sure the needs of your clients our met. We’ll do all the nasty coding work!

Most PSD to HTML companies primarily emphasize their price and turnaround time to potential clients. What would you advise designers to consider when choosing a provider?

I would suggest contacting them and making sure that it’s a provider that they trust. Look around their site, see where they’re based and get familiar with their service. Do they have relationships with others in the community? A little due diligence goes a long way. Making sure they’ll treat your client work with respect and secrecy is extremely important before putting your reputation at risk.

What type of research (if any) do you think a designer should do before hiring a PSD to HTML provider?

I’d start by talking with other designers, seeing if they have any experience with a few of the firms out there, and also read some of the blogs/forums on the topic to see if anyone can provide you with a solid recommendation.

What are some of the most common issues experienced by your coders that slow down the process or require them to go back to the designer?

Sometimes the designer isn’t always clear with exactly what they want. An added “comments” layer in the PSD (specifying texts, images, etc.) can really speed up turn around time.

What tips do you have for organizing layers in Photoshop to make it easier on the coder?

Just keeping things nice and neat in folders is helpful. However, a comments layer is really the most important thing.

What should designers expect to be included in the base price and what is likely to cost extra?

Unfortunately, many providers are skimping out on key features to lower their prices. Make sure your design would be compatible with a healthy variety of browsers, and that you’re not getting sold a “sub par” coding package.

What makes Snobby Slice different from other PSD to HTML providers?

We care about our clients! Our base pricing includes everything our clients could want or need. We don’t charge for every little drop down or javascript implementation. Since we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, we’ve designed our business model around keeping our customers happy – NOT just collecting their cash.

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