9 Simple Steps to Make Your App the Michael Jordan of Apps

With new apps being developed daily (over 1000 per day on the App Store alone), it’s difficult to make yours unique.

Finding the right app is difficult enough, but it’s nothing compared to the struggle developers face. Designers work to create successful apps, like Angry Birds, Snapchat or Instagram. Success depends not only on quality development, but also on an original marketing strategy.

If you have an app—or even an app idea (don’t we all?), it’s worth your time to consider a strategy. How would you make your idea stand out? Creating a marketable and successful app experience is no easy task, but we’ve listed some tips below to help you along the way.

Be Detailed


When describing your app, try to be as detailed and accurate as possible. Your description should immediately familiarize users with the main functions. You should also include additional information for anyone interested in learning more.

Your first sentence alone should be powerful and convincing. (Remember, “powerful” doesn’t mean you need to wow them with technical jargon, but rather create appeal for your app.)

For instance, if you’ve already developed a popular app, don’t be modest! Include that information in your new app’s description. People will download something new based on a successful reputation.

People want to learn about your app? Good! Be as detailed as possible. Divide important content, and introduce brief points to ensure organized and concise information. Emphasize beneficial features, device compatibility, and online support.


Lastly, focus on the difference between the app and its prior versions, or similar apps across the web. Remember to include all information that favors your brand (especially positive feedback from blogs and news portals). Give users reason to choose your app over another.

Research Your Target Audience


Like anything else, mobile apps will differ depending on the core demographic of users. Let’s say you are designing a game/social media app, similar to Pokémon GO.

First, you need to know you’re mostly designing for young people.  (Think millenials! 25 – 34 years.)

Secondly, the group is highly diverse—you may have young professionals on the go, parents, and even teens. Some download apps for fun, while others may wish to connect socially. Whatever the purpose of your app, we recommend using age guidelines for design and function.

Implement Cross-Border Distribution


In app design, it’s important to remember we live in a globalized society, where news spreads internationally in mere minutes. Assuming you’ve created a unique application, consider “exporting” it worldwide.

For instance, a US app should also be enabled in Australia or Canada, as there are few language and cultural barriers. Some designers may even design a universal app initially, with the intention of global use (horizontal distribution method).

If your app is successful, it will inevitably require more versions, suitable for different markets and purposes.

Keep in mind, however, ranking will be divided for each of the app versions—the main drawback of this strategy. As your app gains success, simply consider what may be right for you and your brand.

Use Keywords and Cues

Keywords, not unlike descriptions, are big sellers for your app—a way to advertise why your app is the best and brightest. Therefore, you have an obligation to choose the best keywords for your product.

Make sure you gather numerous opinions and explore different possibilities. Avoid basic company info, too, as this type of information can easily be found.

Make sure your keywords are slightly uncommonsearch app stores and look for potential matches. You want to avoid using the same keywords as your main competitors.

If your app is available in different languages, make sure the keywords are translated in all available languages.

Ensure Visibility on the Market


Users should know about your app even before its official launch. There should be at least one user showering your app with positive feedback. Keep this in mind as you prepare to go live.

Consider doing this through the use of App Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, or other methods that are connected to keyword usage.

You can also count on screenshots or rely on publicity to attract online attention. In terms of design, create a unique theme with recognizable tones, shapes, and taglines.

Take Full Advantage of App Bundling


App bundling is a successful tactic introduced by Apple. According to the company, the success of a new app depends on the number of bundles in which the app is included.

What are the advantages of app bundling? Well, to start with, bundles are included in various sections of the app’s pages, and they are easy to find. Revenue is also likely to increase, as bundled apps are more affordable and attractive for users.

You’re probably wondering how likely customers are to use an app bundled with nine others. You may be surprised to know the download is more important than the use of your app. With excellent rankings, the app will attract more users.

Utilize Outstanding Graphics


Functionality may be priority number one in the app world, but appearance is a close second. The way something looks often correlates with how users feel. Long story short, try your best to attract customers with beautiful designs.

Use colors affiliated with positivity (or the specific mood you want to inspire).

Use original graphics and organize your content; let your images speak for your work. If you’re building an energizing app, make sure your graphics show that. If your goal is serenity, use blue or green. Consult quality designers, and never be afraid to ask for advice.

Be Unique


Remember your purpose: to create an attractive app. Your creation needs to “buy” the user with its name, looks, content, and feedback. Using the tips and marketing tactics suggested above, you’re likely to enhance the performance of your app and guarantee its success.

Highlight Intriguing and Detailed Screenshots


App descriptions should always come with exciting screenshots. Show users the most captivating parts of your app; guide them through visuals. The better your visuals, the more enticing your app will be.

So, if you have a great app idea, what are you waiting for? Consult professionals, and start brainstorming your amazing app! Make sure your content is inspiring, functional and beautiful. Once you have your content, organize it; launch it; gain your success!

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