27 Stylish Resume Templates

The resume is a critical tool for any job searcher. For those in a creative industry, the visual appearance of the resume also tends to get a little more attention. If you need to present your resume to potential employers and you need a great-looking resume but don’t have the time to design your own, there are plenty of quality templates available.

Here we’ll showcase more than 25 resume templates with a wide variety of different styles. You’ll find simple and clean designs as well as some more adventurous designs. The resumes come in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator format, and some come in multiple formats. Most are priced at less than $10, so it can be a very affordable way to step up you job search efforts.

Watercolor Resume  (Photoshop format)

Watercolor Resume

3 Piece Swiss Style Resume – $6 (InDesign, Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

3 Piece Swiss Style Resume

Clean Elegant Resume – $5 (InDesign format)

Clean Elegant Resume

Colorful Resume –  (Photoshop format)

Colorful Resume

3 Piece Elegant Resume Set – $6 (InDesign format)

3 Piece Elegant Resume Set

Clean and Bold Resume –  (Photoshop format)

Clean and Bold Resume

Professional Resume/CV – $12 (InDesign format, Photoshop format)

Professional Resume/CV

Simple Resume – $17 (InDesign format)

Simple Resume

Clean Infographic Resume – $7 (InDesign format)

Clean Infographic Resume

Clean Creative Resume with Vector Icons – $4 (Photoshop format)

Clean Creative Resume with Vector Icons

Modern Resume Template – $5 (Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

Modern Resume Template

3 Piece Modern Resume Set – $6 (InDesign format, Photoshop format)

3 Piece Modern Resume Set<

Stylish Resume Template Set – $5 (InDesign format)

Stylish Resume Template Set

Professional One-Page Resume – $5 (Photoshop format)


Graphic Designer Resume – $5 (InDesign format)

Graphic Designer Resume

Stylish Resume – $19 (InDesign format, Photoshop format)

Stylish Resume

Resume Set – $8 (InDesign format, Photoshop format)

Resume Set

Vintage Style Resume – $7 (Photoshop format)

Vintage Style Resume

Get Minimal – $5 (Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

Get Minimal

Minimalist Resume – $6 (Photoshop format)

Minimalist Resume

Black and White Resume – $7 (InDesign format, Illustrator format)

Black and White Resume

Pro Resume + Cover Letter – $7 (InDesign format, Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

Pro Resume + Cover Letter

Clean and Professional Resume – $5 (InDesign format)

Clean and Professional Resume

Resume Set – $6 (InDesign format, Photoshop format)

Resume Set

Resume + Cover Letter – $8 (Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

Resume + Cover Letter

Ready One Page Resume – $6 (InDesign format, Photoshop format, Illustrator format)

Ready One Page Resume

Simple Resume – (Illustrator format)

Simple Resume

Colorful Stripes Resume – (Illustrator format)

Colorful Stripes Resume

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