The PostPost Plugin

I recently came across a very useful WordPress plugin, PostPost. It’s not one that you’ll see on most people’s list of top plugins, including my own (I hadn’t come across PostPost at the time of writing that article, or it would have been on the list).

PostPost gives you the ability to include content in your RSS feed that you do not want to appear on your blog, and vice versa. After downloading PostPost, from your dashboard you can go to “Options” and “PostPost.” From there you will be able to designate which content you want to appear before your post, after your post, before your feed, or after your feed.

If you advertise on your blog or feed, PostPost will allow you greater control as you can show different ads on your blog and in your RSS feed. Additionally, if you want to advertise in your feed but not on your blog, you can easily use PostPost to place the ad at the beginning or end of your feed.

Aside from advertsing, another use of PostPost is to provide exclusive content that you want your feed subscribers to see without placing it on your blog. This makes it easy to offer special bonuses to subscribers in effort to increase your subscriber base.

If you’re a WordPress user you can download PostPost at

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