The True Costs of Designing Your Own Website

MoneyHaving a website designed for your business can be expensive. After looking at the prices of getting a website professionally designed, some business owners consider creating their own website to save money. However, there are a few costs to consider if you are thinking of designing your own website.

1 – The Cost of Lost Time

Time is money, and as a business owner you probably have a very high value on your time. Any time that you spend developing your website (and learning about design) is time that could be spent doing something else. If web design is not what you do best, your time will be more productive when you focus on your strengths and hire others to do the rest.

2 – The Cost of Lost Quality

If you are not a professional designer, the website you create for your business will most likely not be of the same quality as a website that you would have received from a professional. That loss in quality may result in decreased effectiveness and profitability.

3 – The Cost of Software and Tools

Designing a website requires specific tools. Most designers use a program like Dreamweaver and a graphic editor like Photoshop.

4 – The Increased Cost of Maintenance

Most professional designers will also give you the option to hire them for your website’s maintenance and updates. When the designer is the one doing the updating they are already familiar with the design of the site and the amount of time required is less. If you have to hire a designer that is not familiar with your website to do updates, you may pay more as they will need to take time to become familiar with your site.

Designing your own site may or may not be the best option for you, but be sure to consider all of the costs before making a decision.

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