My Top 8 Online Business Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2017

Whether you’re penny pinching or have a decent budget to get the right tools for your business, this list of useful resources will help you balance the demands of running a business without breaking the bank.


ukituKit is the best small business website builder, the major mission of which is to expand online business popularity and attract new clients. The service is known for its advanced functionality and adherence to the requirements and preferences of business owners. It has everything you need to develop a full-featured business website. Responsive thematic templates, powerful web customization tools, excellent eCommerce functionality, abundance of special features. This is the incomplete list of characteristics that make uKit stand out from the crowd these days.

Regardless of its functionality and abundance of options, uKit is easy to use. It has intuitive interface and a useful drag-n-drop feature that make it possible for a user to create a website with no hassle and waste of time. uKit really deserves to rank first in the list of website builders today.



Money-savvy entrepreneurs will appreciate this tool not only for its simplicity and convenience, but also because it’s 100% free. As an open-source, cloud-based software, it adds an extra layer of ease to the fast-paced working environment of small business owners; you can access or send your invoices anywhere, at any time. The free version of the software, which is promised to stay free forever, allows users to add 100 clients and send an unlimited amount of invoices. The tool also benefits from 45+ payment gateway integrations, auto-billing and recurring invoices features, online payments feature, four professional invoice templates, and much more. If you choose to go with premium plans, there’s a ton of other life-saving features, like sending quotes, setting up vendors, importing expenses, tracking work time, and other.

Time-strapped online business owners, who don’t want to fiddle with expense tracking, invoice design or payment follow-ups, will quickly fall in love with InvoiceNinja and the peace of mind that comes with it.



Did you know that images constitute over 60% of page weight? While it is true that an image is worth a thousand words, it can seriously drag down a website’s performance if it’s handled carelessly. A decent web page weighs around 2MB (and should never be bigger than 3MB), while a picture taken with a new smartphone can easily reach up to 4MB. Now, think back to a time when you had to wait for a web page to load. Did that make a good impression on you? Exactly. A respectable, reliable business must maintain a high level of standard and deliver a smooth user experience. ShortPixel is a WordPress plugin that enables anyone to compress and optimize images without losing their quality. Optimizing visual content helps businesses improve their SEO ranking, the overall website performance, as well as meet their customer’s’  expectations. Make sure your images not only look good but also contribute to your website’s success.



The biggest challenge when juggling a number of projects or business is making sure that you are on top of everything. This handy online design tool is perfect for full-time hustlers, entrepreneurs and all round busy-bees. There’s an abundance of ready-made stunning templates and themes to speed up the design process without compromising the quality of the end result. The easy 3-step design process allows you to be the creator regardless of the skills you have. Simply pick one of the 29 design formats, one of the 6 000+ free ready-made templates and customize your project using any of the 60,000,000 images and vectors. Add text and personal content to the designs to truly make them the way you want.



What if I told you that there is a way to quickly turn your website or social media page into an online store and start selling digital products without much overheads? Sellfy is a beautiful storefront for selling digital products to an existing and well-established audience. Instead of having to build an online store from scratch and worry about getting the word out, you can use this product to get an attractive storefront up and running in just a few minutes. Sellfy also allows users to send targeted emails to generate more sales. If a storefront doesn’t really fit your business plan, you can always head to Sellfy to find anything from eBooks to fonts and WordPress themes.



With 60+ million files and new images added every week, Depositphotos is one of the best stock image libraries on the web. You can easily find high-quality, original images, vector files and videos to illustrate any project. Depositphotos stands out as one of the cheapest options too, with a free 7-day trial for buyers. The best thing about Depositphotos is that you can buy royalty-free stock photos, which means that buyers can choose how to use the photos after they purchase them without any restrictions.



If you are looking for a trusted online resource providing reliable info about the best website builders available in the market these days, SuperbWebsiteBuilders is a nice choice. The website is owned by Howard Steele, who personally tests and compares the website builders to write informative reviews users will value. Due to the resource, users don’t have to look for the web building services and test them on their own. Instead, they have to define what goals they pursue and look through the reviews available at the website to make the right choice. This notably saves their effort and time, increasing their chances for success.



If you’re considering upping the standards of your website forms and surveys, this is a very good time to do it. With online users growing more and more demanding, it’s becoming crucial to take web forms more seriously and make the user experience more relevant by using conditional logic and form branching. The plugin boasts a vast list of features, including multi-page forms, bespoke layout and styling, custom notifications and responders, PDF form submissions, pop-up publishing, and more. The combination of stellar customer support, the ability to create and publish beautiful WordPress forms in minutes, and an array of free templates to choose from, CaptainForm is an attractive option for entrepreneurs who like to keep abreast with the latest web trends.

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