25 UI/UX Designers On Dribbble That You Have To Follow

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There’s a ton of great design inspiration to be found online. You just have to know where to look—or if you prefer social media, who to follow.

Dribbble is the most complex social network for designers out there with the largest userbase short of something like Behance. Since Dribbble is invite-only it tends to keep the quality much higher than other sites.

That’s why you can find a lot of talented designers on there and it’s why I put together this massive list from scratch. It has plenty of designers focused on UI and UX design, all with their own unique twist on designing interfaces.

UI/UX Designers on Dribbble

1. Aurélien Salomon

Aurélien Salomon

As a Montréal designer, Aurélien is one of the more unique UI/UX specialists in this list. He has a long list of client work for smaller companies and huge names like Apple & Google.

Just one look over this profile should prove his expertise.

You’ll find plenty of examples featuring mobile app designs, website layouts, and some brilliant user experience animations. Those are often my favorites because they’re so detailed yet so practical.

2. Mason Yarnell

Mason Yarnell

I’ve followed Mason Yarnell’s work for years and his designs always impress.

Most of his projects focus on full interface mockups whether they’re dashboards, homepages, landing pages, or anything similar. Mason has a great sense of color and all of his projects have a similar “vibe” that really stands out.

When you’re browsing through Dribbble for design inspiration you’ll undoubtedly find some of his work. And once you do you’ll see it every time you search.

3. Kavita Khati

Kavita Khati

Indian designer Kavita Khati has a strong focus on mobile UI along with icons and basic graphic/branding work.

Her designs are phenomenal and they show off what you can do with mobile apps. Many of these interfaces have been published for real projects, others are just samples of work done for clients.

But her exaggerated styles always grab my attention since they’re so darn unique.

4. Shahin Srowar

Shahin Srowar

Here’s a Bangladeshi designer with a similar focus on mobile app design. Shahin actually practices both web and mobile design but has a slight lean towards mobile in his portfolio.

These interfaces are superb and they all have a unique twist on typical mobile interface design. Bright hues litter his portfolio and really help these interfaces pop off the page.

And let me say, you will find a lot of great mobile app designs in this list.

5. Leo Leung

Leo Leung

Here’s an interesting take on web & app design with a focus more on practical UIs.

Hangzhou designer Leo Leung has a pretty balanced portfolio mixed with desktop site mockups and native mobile app designs.

Both are phenomenal and they both showcase his superb UX skills to a tee.

But if I had to pick one side I’d argue his mobile apps just stand out more. They look so usable that you’d almost want to tap your computer screen.

6. Tanveer Junayed

Tanveer Junayed

Houzz designer Tanveer Junayed has one impressive Dribbble portfolio. Unfortunately he does not update as often nowadays, I’m guessing the Houzz team keeps him busy.

Yet even his designs dating back to 2012/2013 are phenomenal. They show a true grasp of design principles and a prowess in icons, graphics, colors, textures, and overall usability.

I do recommend following him even just for support. But you can find a lot of inspiration by digging through his profile too.

7. Michael Wong

Michael Wong

Australian designer Michael Wong is a fantastic freelance designer with a lot of big clients under his belt.

He’s done work for Adobe, Microsoft, Envato, and many other big brands. Not to mention the incredible work he’s done for smaller clients.

While he doesn’t always update his Dribbble monthly you can find recent updates on his profile. Most of these come in batches with new projects or practice pieces.

8. Minh Pham

Minh Pham

Minh Pham has a superb motion design portfolio with a huge focus on animation.

Many of his shots revolve around motion graphics with key elements for logos, branded graphics, and similar features. But you’ll also find a lot of great interfaces with animations too.

Minh is a true-blue animator for interfaces and his quality shines through in every piece.

9. Johny Vino

Johny Vino

Minimalism and usability is the name of the game in Johny Vino’s Dribbble portfolio.

He adds tons of new shots each year with most months averaging 1-2 shots each. These come from various practice projects or client works, all of which feature minimalist interfaces.

The majority of his designs are mobile UIs and many of them include animation effects as GIFs too.

10. Anastasiia Andriichuk

Anastasiia Andriichuk

Ukrainian designer Anastasiia Andriichuk isn’t exactly “just” a UI/UX designer. Her work veers more into graphic design with logos, illustrations, and icons.

But you’ll find many of these graphics sprinkled into your interface work so the quality & level of detail really shines through. This is a portfolio where you can tell it’s high quality just from a quick glance.

Granted there are not too many UI shots in here but there are plenty of animations and icons to go with them.

11. Natalie Kirejczyk

Natalie Kirejczyk

Now if you are looking for more of a UI/UX designer then check out Natalie Kirejczyk on Dribbble.

Her work is simply incredible for a few reasons:

  • Beautiful designs
  • Practical interfaces
  • Superb attention to detail

Many of her shots come from real project work so you can see how the finished pieces look in action.

Really cool profile and well worth a follow in my book.

12. Gleb Kuznetsov

Gleb Kuznetsov

Product designer Gleb Kuznetsov has created some darn impressive mobile interfaces. These range from minimalist UIs to more complex animated interfaces with detailed graphics.

Most notably his specialties fall into web graphics, animation, art direction, and higher-level planning for design projects.

All of this shows in his portfolio and he’s one of the best designers for a wide variety of mobile inspiration.

13. Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Looking to follow a designer with incredible depth? Then have a look at Jason Wu.

He does not update very often but his portfolio does include a few dozens shots already. These range a lot in color schemes, textures, styles, and interfaces from mobile to desktop web layouts.

All-in-all Jason is a superb example of quality interface design that’s practical and usable in real-world projects.

14. Isil Uzum

Isil Uzum

Isil Uzum is a very talented product designer from Italy with a focus on mobile apps.

If you dig through her portfolio you can find a few website layouts too. But most of the projects that’ll grab your attention are mobile mockups and custom UX animations for mobile apps.

From 3D web graphics to custom keyboard animations, Isil has a little bit of everything with plenty more to share in the future.

15. Jona Dinges

Jona Dinges

I always love to find designers who overlap between UI/UX work and illustration work. Their designs are phenomenal and take on a new life of their own.

German designer Jona Dinges works with animations, illustrations, and custom UI/UX designs specifically for games. You’ll find lots of beautiful landscapes along with some mobile interfaces mixed in.

A fun follow with lots of variety in this portfolio.

16. Christian Vizcarra

Christian Vizcarra

Digital UI/UX designer Christian Vizcarra works out of Peru and really knows how to focus on his strong areas.

Most of his interface mockups revolve around desktop websites but you’ll find some mobile app UIs mixed in too. Overall his design work is killer and it’s proof that you can master both disciplines with hard work.

He also updates frequently with his most recent posts being just a few days ago. This makes Christian one of the few Dribbble users that offers a ton of weekly inspiration.

17. Jakub Antalík

Jakub Antalík

Jakub Antalík really stands out for his use of colors, styles, and minimalist design techniques in his work.

The majority of his interfaces follow minimalist techniques with soft gradients and big beautiful CTA buttons. Granted his projects may not be the most enticing or filled with jaw-dropping graphics.

But they’re usable, and in the UI world that’s mostly all that matters.

18. Dmitri Litvinov

Dmitri Litvinov

For an icon designer I have to say Dmitri Litvinov is quite a versatile creative.

He does focus primarily on icon design but his works often include interfaces too. You’ll find plenty of mobile mockups and custom web layouts that all utilize his icons.

I’m a big proponent of web designers learning icon design so you can pick up a lot by studying his shots.

19. Martin Strba

Martin Strba

Here’s an awesome designer from the Czech Republic with a mixed media portfolio to rock your socks off.

Martin Strba does focus a lot on websites but many of his mockups are mobile responsive too.

This means you’ll find lots of cool mobile-focused designs along with larger desktop-oriented layouts.

Martin does killer mobile interface work but the majority of his portfolio is web. So if you’re looking for some good old web design inspiration then Martin is worth following.

20. Eduardo Santos

Eduardo Santos

All the way from western Europe is Portuguese designer Eduardo Santos. He describes himself as a general user interface designer but does have a small focus on mobile over desktop.

One thing I really like is the style of his shots. For most pictures he’ll create a demo shot with angled perspectives like this one, then attach a full view in the Dribbble post.

This isn’t something you’ll find with every designer but it’s a publishing style that I really appreciate.

21. Virgil Pana

Virgil Pana

Interaction design is a complex topic and there’s a lot that goes into real project work.

Romanian designer Virgil Pana demonstrates a keen eye for quality design in his Dribbble portfolio of IxD work. Most of these projects do focus on interaction design where you’ll find some really cool animation effects coupled with usable layouts.

Granted there’s a good variety here so not all of them will be useful to your work. But I recommend following Virgil if just for some different creative ideas.

22. Dann Petty

Dann Petty

SF-based designer Dann Petty has a pretty cool portfolio with lots of work grounded in reality. His designs are detailed, easy to look at, and most of all easy to build.

His work screams “practical” and these are the kind of websites you’d want to launch for your company.

Most of his portfolio work does focus on the web so you’ll wanna follow Dann if you primarily do web work over mobile. But there’s a lot of cool stuff in here from hero headers to custom graphics so there’s a lot you can learn from his Dribbble shots.

23. Sajal Jahan

Sajal Jahan

Sajal Jahan has a very recognizable design style with a focus on gradients and spacious elements.

Most of his shots rely on mobile interfaces but you can find a good 50/50 split between those and his website layouts. Many of his projects appear to be practice work but you’ll find some bigger projects mixed in too.

Sajal’s best value is his speed and frequent updates. He shares a lot of work so if you follow him you’re bound to find plenty of cool ideas.

24. Fabio Basile

Fabio Basile

London-based designer Fabio Basile has a strong focus on all forms of digital product design. He does a lot of smartphone apps, tablet apps, and website layouts, all with their own unique styles.

He’s also worked for some big companies like Riot Games and Sony Music among many other clients.

But his years of experience shine through in his work across dozens of shots on his profile. With 200+ shots(and counting) you can expect Fabio to update frequently enough for some great design ideas.

25. Tiberiu Neamu

Tiberiu Neamu

Last but certainly not least is a Bucharest-based designer Tiberiu Neamu. This portfolio is a real mix of crazy UX work from desktop apps to websites and mobile designs.

Tiberiu does not update as frequently as other designers so I can’t say you’ll find lots of fresh new inspiration here. But there is plenty in this portfolio to grab the eye so it’s something you can revisit time & time again.

Not to mention this is merely my list of designers based on people I’ve seen & enjoyed recently. You can dig through other designers on Dribbble to find plenty of other awesome people to follow for design ideas.

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