Unique Mobile Designs: A Collection Of Mobile App Interface Patterns

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Every designer borrows ideas and remixes them to fit their project. This has been going on for centuries and it continues because it works.

The key to a stand-out interface for unique mobile designs is to study patterns and apply whatever works best.

In this post, I’d like to cover a handful of novel interface designs for mobile applications. These ideas are not always applied to real interfaces, but they represent the mockup stage for interactive experiences. Use these ideas to create your own projects with a pinch of ingenuity and flair.

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Showcase of Unique Mobile App Designs

Rent vs. Buy App

rent vs buy app ui

This financial comparison app by Rifayet looks at the price differences between renting and buying. Colors are used to differentiate columns with bright content for “loss” or “gain”.

The user experience could be immaculate if functional. But the interface in regards to content structure and typography is undoubtedly fantastic.


buddypass app ui layout

A mobile social network mockup for Buddypass created by Arnaud Chapelier exhibits a clean design with expected page elements.

A few aspects caught my attention right away, notably the oscillating switch between “posts” and “group invites”. This is a rather unique interface concept and it’s not applied very often.

The centered tab bar icon is also designed to stand out with a circular outline.

Job Posting UI

post a job app

This job posting app by James Alonso proffers a quality experience were it made into a real application. The details page has everything you need: job title, location, photos, everything.

There’s also a dark sliding menu which makes navigation a breeze. These techniques are not unique by themselves, but in context this is one truly creative mobile application.


tinyrx medicine app ui

Exploring a mobile pharmacy app idea has led to this design by Christian & Allegra Poschmann. From what I can tell this is a real platform but the mobile app may just be a design concept.

Either way the scheduled/unscheduled chart is brilliantly unique with check boxes denoting selected orders. The design remains flat and traditional for iOS users but also follows a newer interface guideline.

Store Interior Map

interior map store ui

Perhaps the most unique mobile app concept for any store is this interior design app by impekable agency.

Visitors in this theoretical store can browse inventory and find exactly what they need with a digital map of the interior. Everything is labeled and organized neatly including pins to drop locations for future reference.

Interactive UI

toop2 app ui design

The sliding interaction of Toop is well-suited to the iPhone experience. Created by Romanian designer Virgil Pana, this whole interaction defines the idea of “unique mobile experience”.

Take a look at the attached fullscreen shots to see how the app would look in real pixels.

Twitter App Profile

twitter profile redesign

A unique take on Twitter’s profile design by Shane Boyce leads to an app UI with some interesting features.

The profile view includes traditional statistics but it also has action icons for following and private messaging. Plus it displays the very last tweet sent by the person which can be intriguing on a first profile view.

iPhone Calendar

iphone calendar app ui

I’m a huge fan of calendar apps and this design takes the cake. Also created by Virgil Pana, you’ll notice the incredible attention to the little details.

Small colored dots represent events and appointments defined with footnotes lower in the app. A user can select parts of the calendar to see upcoming events or to set new events. The design feels intuitive and would be great to play with in a real-world scenario.

Caloric Intake

calorie health app counter

So many calorie tracking apps already exist but very few are efficient. This health tracking app by Anandu Sivan is by no means perfect, but it is unique.

Gradients and colorful graphs are used to chart progress over time. Users can tell at a glance how much they’ve consumed and how much progress they’ve made—a big motivator for anyone trying to stay fit.

Credit Cards

credit card visual app ui

This bank card app designed by Chinese artist Sam.Z is incredibly thoughtful. Users can visually flip through a digital pocket book of bank cards and select one to find vital information about expiration, release date, and the support number in case of emergencies.

Payment Reminder

dark payment reminder app

Mumbai designer Sunil brings us this payment reminder app sporting a dark yet colorful UI. The darker background sets a certain tone for the bright dots representing due payments.

Users can quickly determine which payments are coming up just by opening the application screen. Debts are organized by type like credit card and electricity bills, with color schemes for upcoming vs late payments.

Monthly To-Do List

todo mobile app ui

Designer K. Park brings this todo list app to life. Her mockup includes a simple to-do screen with tasks ordered by date, and a screen for setting a new task with options for repetition if needed.

What really draws me into this interface is the option to repeat tasks. The interface makes it super easy to set your preferences and to keep up with tasks as needed.

SplitWise App

splitwise app redesign

Here we’ve got a bill splitting management app redesign by Athul Athreya. I particularly enjoy the switch between signup/login on the homepage. It makes the UI view feel like one interaction with connected points.

But I also like the money management page which color-codes financial obligations. Red means you owe money to someone and green represents money owed to you. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in mere seconds.

Dark Tasks List App

dark tasks ui app

Tob Siripak designed this example UI for moving a task higher or lower in a tasks list. This is part of a larger task manager project with a handful of screenshots on Dribbble.

This particular screenshot catches my eye because it uses 3-D effects to simulate depth. Users really feel like they’re moving a tangible task in a touchable list, all from the beauty of well-crafted design techniques.

Design Your Own Ideas

Each of these designs covers traditional app interfaces with a more creative style. There’s a lot to learn from real interfaces but there’s just as much to learn from studying example projects too.

I hope these ideas help you design great projects with unique interface patterns. The more ideas we ingest the easier it is to create a solution that fits best for each project.